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Most Expensive Keywords

Most Profitable Google Keywords & Adsense Niches

The next time you are trying to come up with a topic or idea for your site, it’s always good to consider all of your options while also looking at what some of the most profitable keywords and niches in the industry

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Domain Names

Choosing the Right Domain Name for Your Blog

The most important part of any web site or blog is to make sure you have a great domain name. The domain name of your site is what your content is going to be all about. For example, my other

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The Steps of Affiliate Marketing

Make Money Blogging without Using Banner Ads

Your readers are your most valuable asset. You appreciate them visiting your blog from time to time. But most of the time, they get upset with banner ads because it keeps them from enjoying your blog content and experience. These

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Matt Cutts Blog Commenting

How to Write High Quality Blog Comments

Being that I run multiple high traffic and authority blogs, it’s always a job for me to moderate the comments that come through on the sites. It’s always annoying to see the spammy comments and garbage that people will post,

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Wordpress Plugins

What WordPress Plugins Should You Use on Your Blog?

One of the most asked questions by bloggers when they first start a WordPress blog, is what plugins they should install on their site? For those of you that don’t know already, “plugins” are applications that work from within the

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blog website

How to Get Started with Your First Blog

If you are still on the sidelines have haven’t gotten started with your first blog yet, there is no better time than now. In this post I am going to show you how dead simple it is to get started.

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Building a Brand for Your Blog

Why Your Blog Needs a Powerful Logo and Brand Name

It’s amazingly simple to create a new blog of your own. All it takes is a domain name, a hosting account and a simple wordpress install. However the content and immediate impression that your blog gives off is what’s going

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Building a Brand for Your Blog

Three Ways to Improve the Reputation of Your Blog

Blogging is all about producing quality content and growing your brand. There are millions blogs on the internet and thousands of new ones are going live every day. So what does your blog have that other blogs don’t? When it

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Twiends Main Page

Growing Your Twitter and Blog Following with Twiends

Twiends is a great way to increase the amount of social users and blog readers you can connect with on a daily basis. I am an active user of Twiends and in this post I am going to show you

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Ask Blogging Questions

Create Blog Content By Answering Questions

One of the biggest problems with having a blog is trying to continually come up with new ideas and content articles. A great way to avoid the trap of falling into a blog pit of nothingness, is to research everything

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