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Boosting Interactions on Twitter

I’ve wanted to get interaction on a brand that I was helping out over the past month.  I wasn’t getting anything.  You know, those days where you post a couple tweets and then nobody cares what you said… yup, that’s me.  That’s when I met Branden Hampton.  He’s an online social media expert that specializes […]

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Link Software Review – Viglink

Viglink is a link software program that has a discreet way of converting product links into paying, affiliate links. It monetizes blog posts, websites and even social media statuses. The number of retailers that participate is staggering – over 30,000. This makes for diverse niches that publishers can profit on – travel, food, movies, music, […]

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Ted Dhanik Interview – Direct Marketing Gets a Facelift

Today we had the chance to check out Ted Dhanik’s company engage:BDR.  It stands for Brand + Direct Response. Think of traditional marketing in magazines, newspapers, TV and classifieds. Demographics, sales, and other data are collected over a span of time, interpreted and then used to create campaigns. It could be called 2-dimensional marketing. Here […]

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Online Education Is Becoming The New Norm Among Students

Online Education is becoming the new norm among students. With the costs of school and daily responsibilities, it’s becoming harder and harder to do classes the traditional way. Online education has a slew of benefits that cater to those wanting an alternative education style. 1. First off, students are given the opportunity to choose from various schools, […]

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Social Media and Business in a Mobile World

How many times a day do you look at your smart phone? Today, the average smart phone user checks his/her phone a whopping 150 times a day! With consumers increasingly on the go, businesses must figure out how to use mobile marketing to reach their audiences. Many business plans leave social media out of their […]

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Top 25 Free Hosting Companies

​ Each and every year we’re trying to up our game at by helping people learn about the top free hosting companies. Last year we brought you the State of Blogging 2012 and the Top Hosting Companies in the world for Bloggers. This year we put together the Top 25 Free Hosting Companies for […]

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Benefits of Online Education for Bloggers

There are many advantages to furthering education online, especially for professionals who are trying to study and earn a degree while continuing to work. Since most bloggers are already spending time online, virtual classrooms offer a convenient solution to integrating learning into the day. In this post we’ll teach you the Benefits of Online Education for […]

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