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Looking for Free Author Box WordPress Plugins? Check These Out!

In the last few years, the free versions of the author box plugins exclusively for the WordPress have become quite popular. They have emerged with the changing trends and more of them are to flood the market soon. Most of

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Fixing the Vulnerabilities of Your WordPress Blog

There are at present, 73 million web sites in the planet earth running on WordPress. WordPress has always been the most preferred choice among bloggers because of its simplicity and its host of uber cool features. It is easy to

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Designing Trends That Will Impact the blogsphere in 2014

Bloggers no longer believe in using the same, boring default template for their website. Rather an increasing number of bloggers are opting for customized templates to make their blogs stand out from the rest. Moreover, a customized and unique design

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Is Your Content Marketing Strategy “Likeable”?

Content marketing offers brands a perfect opportunity to get on the board and sound ‘reachable’. Popular marketing approach in the current scenario involves persuasive and compelling approach and this is a technique that is quickly catching among the brand promoters

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Content Marketing Tips for Brand Value Boosting

Marketing is sheer challenge and immense fun in the current scenario. Those who excel in the industry know what it takes to reach to the top and rest surviving to reach the pinnacle of success is finding the journey through

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content curation

Content Curation or Content Creation Which one wins the Battle

The very thought of coming up with fresh, engaging and compelling content everyday unnerves even the most sophisticated and reputable brands out there. But you have a duty to keep your readers hooked on to your blog and social media

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Demystifying some Myths That Continue to Rule Social Media and Content Marketing

The war has moved to the cyberspace. Big business houses are fighting it out over the web to claim their supremacy. Of course, there is no such bloodshed happening around the web, but being a marketer I have a terrible

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Create Content that Captivates for Marketing Purpose

How do you create content that makes you stand out? To create desirable and unique content is one of the primary aspirations of a marketer. But it is easier said than done. You need to offer something different and create

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in depth article

Writing Articles for Google’s In-depth Article Section – The Ultimate Guide

In-depth article, introduced in August 2013, is a brainchild of Google to help people find relevant information when they are making a search for board topics. As many as 10% of searchers look for long and well researched articles as

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The Search Industry Is Evolving. Are You?

The SEO industry is facing a strange problem. Everyone seasoned web marketer around knows that the traditional ways of website optimization are slowly fading. If you attend a seminar or search conference you will come to realize that most SEO’s discuss the importance of doing ‘real marketing’

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