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Fiverr Jobs

Three Fiverr Gigs to Improve Your Blog

Fiverr is one of the fastest growing and most successful micro-blogging sites on the internet. What started out as just $5 jobs has grown into so much more. Over the past year there have been a lot of changes over

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Blog - coffe

Top 10 Tips for Blogging At Home

Every day, thousands of bloggers starting a new blog to write about what interests them, share information with others, or simply to express what they have to say. Many of them start their first blog, some already have a few

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top 25 hosting

Top 25 Hosting Companies (Infographic)

Over the past month we at have been putting together a “Top 25 Hosting Companies” for bloggers.  We’ve collected over 5600 different bloggers votes to put together one of the most complete guides on the best hosting companies in

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sub-domain blog

Why Every Startup Needs A Blog

Since founding I have had the opportunity to work with 1000’s of bloggers in the online world.  I give them advice about anything from how to setup a blog to how and what are the best plugins that every

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How To Find An Unlimited Number of Blogging Topics

One of the hardest parts about blogging is finding good, quality topics to write about. People always want to find content that will be useful to their readers, but after a while it can become difficult to find more topics

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Money to Christmas

Tips for Improving the Conversion of Your Site

Businesses’ websites are often used for different purposes. Companies who are looking for leads should set up their website differently than those who are looking to provide information or inform customers about their company.  Writers of blogs often are looking

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state of blogging 2012

Blogging Stats 2012 (Infographic)

Ever wondered how many bloggers there are in the United States?  How about how many active business blogs there are in the US? has done the research as well as polled over 1000 bloggers across the US to find

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Importance of Landing Pages

“Window shoppers”:  the phrase can strike fear into the heart of even the toughest business owner.  They wander aimlessly, with no intention of entering.  They have no interest in what’s behind that window, no matter how artistically it’s been dressed

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target Success Concept

Location Targeting Gets a Makeover

Location Targeting Gets a Makeover To be able to improve the kind of customers that they reach many businesses that use online ads are using location targeting this ensures that they will reach the expected audience with their ad, iProspect

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Arrow on Green Click Button

Perspective on Dynamic Search Ads – Guest Q & A with RKG

Since introducing Dynamic Search Ads in beta in October, we’ve seen questions from around the web asking about real-world performance and recommendations for implementation. Today we’re grateful to share the perspectives of Matt and Jen at RKG, an online marketing

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