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The 4 Facebook Contest Apps You Need To Try

Facebook contests are a great way to create excitement around your product. They give you the opportunity to connect with both new and already established audiences, as well as to increase engagement on your page. While they have the potential to yield great results and big increases in activity on your page, Facebook contests have […]

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Boosting Interactions on Twitter

I’ve wanted to get interaction on a brand that I was helping out over the past month.  I wasn’t getting anything.  You know, those days where you post a couple tweets and then nobody cares what you said… yup, that’s me.  That’s when I met Branden Hampton.  He’s an online social media expert that specializes […]

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Finding Inspiration for Content

I’ve been blogging in various capacities for about five years now, and a consistent challenge I’ve noted amongst fellow bloggers over that period of time is continuing to maintain the inspiration—and often even motivation—to create content. Writer’s block, anyone? Like this contributor says you gotta “keep it coming“!  This post will help you in […]

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