How to Build A Restaurant Blog in 3 Easy Steps

It’s easy to say that you want to start a blog for your restaurant website, but it’s tough to know where to begin. Not many restaurants have blogs as a part of their website, but there are many advantages to taking the extra time:

  • You can help educate your audience.
  • You can offer your visitors another layer of information.
  • This is a great place to highlight special events or deals coming up in your restaurant.
  • It allows people to interact with your website and offer opinions and suggestions.

Luckily for you, blogging has become so commonplace that the tools you need are easily accessible, and even built right into the software you’ll be using. However, you’ll have to set a few things up first. So, before you pen your first post, take a look at these three steps.

Find the Right Hosting for your Restaurant Blog

To start blogging you need to find a hosting provider. Your hosting provider runs your website off their servers which makes your website can be found online. suggests, “Essentially your Web Host is renting out space to you so your web site can be accessed on the World Wide Web.” There are two of options you’ll need to consider for hosting.

  • Free: If you’re just getting started, you may consider signing up for a free website. You can do this through any of the popular hosts, such as WordPress or blogger.  Your website name will be “” – for example.
  • Paid: If you want to hit the ground running, you can buy your own domain name. This means you drop the “.wordpress” and become “” This is beneficial to your customers, who can find you easily, and you eliminate the possibility of growing out of your site further down the line.

Have a Restaurant Blog Branded Design

Next, you have to design your site. As with any business, you want this design to coincide with your current branding strategy. For your business that may be the color scheme and theme of your restaurant itself, or your logo theme. When doing this, you want to consider a few aspects.

  • Background: Your background color should be something neutral that will be easy to read off of. Bright red or black may not be ideal.
  • Banner Heading: Your banner, or logo, should be simple and easy to understand. If you already have a business logo, consider using that. This will make your blog easier to recognize for customers.
  • Layout: There are a variety of layouts to choose from – you can download templates online for free or purchase them. Consider the number of columns you’ll use, whether you want a feature header, and widget areas.

Make Your Restaurant Blog Social

Finally, to have a successful blog, you need it to be social. Social means it’s easy to share on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. You can encourage readers to do this with two tactics.

  • Blog Posts: Be sure that your blog posts are easy to share. Include a scrolling share bar, or include sharing options at the top or bottom of the post.
  • Social Buttons: You want to have social buttons on the blog somewhere; the best spot being the top right corner. This will allow readers to click through to your social sites.

Blogging for your restaurant is a brilliant idea but you have to get the basics in place first. From design to hosting provider, get everything ready before you start writing and sharing to your customers.

Does your restaurant website have a blog? What strategies did you use and do you find your blog to be successful? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Amanda Dee is a professional blogger that writes on a variety of topics including restaurants in DC. She writes for, a leading restaurant guide of establishments.

Amanda DiSilvestro

Amanda DiSilvestro gives small business and entrepreneurs SEO advice ranging from keyword density to recovering from Panda and Penguin updates. She writes for HigherVisibility, a nationally recognized SEO consulting firm that offers online marketing services to a wide range of companies across the country. Connect with Higher Visibility on Google+ and Twitter to learn more!

Zac Johnson - September 19, 2012

Excellent article. More restruants should have blogs of their own. I’m still surprised and angry at how many local restruants don’t even have a site still!

Amanda DiSilvestro - September 19, 2012

Not having a site is definitely the first problem haha. I’m also surprised that many restaurant sites don’t have a blog because there really is a lot of opportunity in this industry–yet I think it’s one of the few that hasn’t taken advantage. Thanks for reading!

Ashley Edwards - September 27, 2012

If I worked in a restaurant or were a restaurant owner, I would jump at the chance to take ownership of a blog. Granted, it’s highly time-consuming, but think of how much more engaging it would be for patrons and potential customers to connect with your product (FOOD!).

I think it’s a missed opportunity for any business to not maintain a blog, but for a restaurant – certainly. Everyone needs to eat and relates to food!

Earl - October 17, 2012

Having a restaurant blog also increases the chances of you being found by new customers.

Besides food, however, what else could you talk about in a restaurant blog?

Amanda DiSilvestro - October 17, 2012

I would say you can write about anything regarding the restaurant industry–how to train servers, common restaurant myths, finding a good POS system, etc. If you ever have an opinion about the industry, put it in the blog!

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