10 Examples of Killer Blog Titles that Drive Massive Traffic

Need to work on writing better blog titles for your content? It could be the difference between writing great blog content that no one sees, or creating a massive swarm of traffic to your site.

We all know that titles make the difference in whether you read or click over to an article or not — much similar to how the cover of a book looks and if it grabs your attention.

Even more important than the actual content of your article, is the how your title grabs the attention of your audience or people who might see your title in social networks or within search.

That’s exactly what we are going to be covering in this article today.

Blog Titles that Drive Massive Traffic

Thanks to the infographic created by BootCampDigital, we can easily skim through some of the best ways to create blog post titles that grab attention and get people to click.

MOST IMPORTANT: Your headline and article title is going to be the number one thing that drives traffic to your blog. You’re going to be spending a while on the content within your article, so make sure you spend some time to craft a killer headline to go along with it.

10 Blog Title Concepts that Work Best

  1. Numbered Lists
    10 social media mistakes everyone makes
  2. How-To
    How to write a blog post that drives 10x more traffic
  3. Case Study
    How we grew our Pinterest followers 10 times in one week
  4. Lessons Learned
    Top lessons learned about marketing from watching Hell’s Kitchen
  5. Reasons Why
    Why you can’t afford to ignore blogging
  6. Provocative Questions
    Are you making the 10 biggest mistakes in digital marketing?
  7. News Headline
    Announcing new Blogging for Business training this September
  8. Direct and Specific
    Free Google+ Report
  9. Command
    Get better results tomorrow by reading this post
  10. Irresistible
    How Google changes may be destroying your email strategy

In addition to the killer headlines about, you can also implement these five tips to further your blogging success.

  1. Create a sense of urgency!
  2. Be ultra-specific
  3. Provide unique value
  4. Make it useful
  5. Use provocative language

To recap everything mentioned, be sure to check out the infographic below.

How to Write Great Blog Titles

If you haven’t already, be sure to read through our main page guide on how to start a blog. Once your blog is up and running, start creating original content while also using these killer title concepts to grab the most attention and maybe even go viral in the process!