11 of the Best Audio to Text Transcription Services Online

Have you looked into a transcription service for your audio or video files? You may not know if there’s a need for this type of service. But if you are doing any video creation, video marketing, or other media, you may need a transcription service. If you are already outsourcing content for your website or blog, you will appreciate the cost effectiveness and speedy service offered by many of the transcription sites we are going to showcase below.

Some of the reasons you might need a transcription service are listed below:

  • To create text transcripts of videos or podcasts– If you have important videos or podcasts that you need a paper or text copy of, a transcription service is just what you need. You can save a copy on paper in case anyone needed a hard copy of an online video or podcast. It can be used as proof of video or audio information so that you can produce it if you need it. Such documents are often used in court as another form of evidence if you have media files that need to be examined by the court.
  • To document video or audio work– If you have important videos or audio productions that you want to keep in script form, this is a good way to capture it. You can always reproduce the script later if the video or audio files are ever lost.
  • To create captions for the “closed caption” requirement for some platforms– If you produce videos for online platforms such as Amazon, you will be required to create a closed caption file for the videos to accommodate the hearing impaired. You may want to create a closed caption file anyway to allow hearing impaired individuals to view your content. YouTube has a “CC” button that allows you to show your closed captions if you have created them ahead of time. Transcription services can place these captions on your videos in just the right places so that people can read them as the video is played. Viewers have the ability to turn the closed caption feature “on” or “off.”

11 of the Best Audio to Text Transcription Services

Below, we have put together a list of some of the best audio and video transcription services for you to check out. Look through each one and click the links to see which one is best for your needs.


When it comes to audio or video transcription, GoTranscript is one of the leading solutions out there. With more than 144 million minutes transcribed and a 98.5% customer satisfaction rate, there is no doubt about why or how they’ve become an industry leader in such a competitive space. With more than 20,000 professionals working for the site, not only are transcriptions done correctly, they are also done with extreme focus and in a timely manner.

Want to know how to get started? It’s easy. The first step is to upload your files through the easy web upload on their site, or providing them with the URL of your file location. The next step is to place your payment through their secure site. After this is completed, you will then receive an email from GoTranscript once your order is completed!

Rates start out at .72 per minute, and come with a 99%+ accuracy on the transcription process. Even more exciting, is that most work is completed within 6-12 hours. To get an exact quote or time-estimate, be sure to use the transcription calculator on their site.

Transcription Panda

Transcription Panda is an audio and video transcription service that allows you to submit your audio or video files for transcription to text. They focus on producing your transcription files quickly and easily so that you can focus on your work. They accept all major video and audio files such as .wav, .mp3, .mp4, and many others.

The price is based on the number of minutes of audio that you need to be transcribed. Their prices start at .95 per minute if you choose the “relaxed” option, which means you’ll get your file in 7-10 days. For faster delivery of your finished files, you’ll need to choose the standard option (3-5 business days). That amounts to $1.20 per minute. For 24 hour delivery, it’s $2.40 per minute.

You can choose the price range that works for you, based on your need to get the files back promptly.


iScribed is another audio and video transcription service that allows you to convert audio data into text data quickly and easily. iScribed will produce closed caption files as well as subtitles for your videos. If you did not subtitle your videos or do not have access to professional video editing titles, you can use their service to get this done, too.

Their price is .89 per minute for creating closed captioned titles and $7 per minute for subtitles. You have the option for creating subtitles in multiple languages, as well.

Verbal Link

Verbal Link is a transcription service with a variety of options for transcription services. They can perform the following services for you:

  • Transcription services
  • Translation services
  • Writing services
  • Localization services
  • Subtitling services

More video content providers are opting to create transcriptions for multiple languages, as well. Using Verbal Link’s translation services will allow you to do this. They also offer writing, localization, and subtitling services that allow you to create a text-based transcription for your videos that will appeal to your target audience.


Speechpad is one of the most popular audio-to-text services available today. Whether you have video or audio files that you need to convert to text files, they can do it. They offer fast transcription service at $1 per minute. Standard captions are $1.50 per minute, and premium captions (for TV and other professional media) is $4 per minute.

The company offers 99% accuracy on all work they do.

GMR Transcription

GMR Transcription is one of the most well-known and respected names in the world of transcription. Using all human, U.S. based transcriptionists and offering a 99% accuracy guarantee, GMR is definitely the transcription service for you to consider due to their commitment to quality and security. You will likely not find better service or quality anywhere else.

With more than 4 million minutes of transcription produced for thousands of happy customers, you can feel safe and secure knowing the company isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Should you have any questions or comments, live customer service is also offered through their site where you can chat directly with someone in their office. GMR Transcription is continuously commended for their excellent customer service.

When it comes to services and rates, it’s best to take a look at their SERVICES and RATES pages, as transcription services can be customized for any sized project. There are several different options for turnaround times and extra services like verbatim transcription, timestamps, and grammar correction. They specialize mainly in projects within academic, legal, and business industries – and they also work closely with podcasters. Discounts are available!

Tigerfish Transcribing

Tigerfish Transcribing offers 2-hour transcriptions guaranteed, regardless of the length of your video or audio files. Their site is very simple and easy to use and uncomplicated with their minimalist design. You can read several customer testimonials as you scroll down their page and you can see a list of famous brands who have chosen to use their services.

Click on their services page under “what we do, ” and you’ll see their rates and estimated times it takes to produce your file. They claim to ‘be the best’, and that idea is supported by their many client testimonials and overall impression of their brand. They may be among the fastest of all of the transcription services so if you’re looking to get your transcriptions done fast, this may be a good option for you.

They will transcribe any files you have such as conference meetings, informal meetings, client meetings, and creative team meetings. They’ll transcribe anything you need as fast as possible with great quality! Call them for a quote on their site.


TranscribeFiles makes the process of transcribing files, documents, audio, and video files easy.

Once you visit the site, you will have the ability to easily click to upload your files and get them transcribed within just hours. The pricing structure for such a service starts at .80 per audio minute. These rates may vary based on the file type of transcription service needed. Services offered through the site offer transcriptions from interviews, academic, sermons, professional podcasts, legal documents, and more.

TranscribeFiles also offers transcription services in different languages and a first-time order discount of 10%. With more than 15,000 customers on their site and more than 130,000+ hours of transcribed content, they are definitely a transcription service to consider adding to your list.



Transcripty is an American-based transcription service that delivers your transcripts in as little as 24 hours. They claim to be the “#1 transcription service” in the U.S., and they have done transcription work for well-known brands including Google, Microsoft, and Spotify, to name a few.

Their cost for transcription is $1 per minute for a 48-hour turnaround on the delivery of your finished files. If you want them faster, you can upgrade to a 24-hour turnaround for same-day delivery.

All of their transcribers are U.S.-based, so you don’t have to worry about language barriers. Everything is done online including uploading, transcribing, and downloading so you can do it all on one platform.


Rev.com is a fast, professional transcription service that provides close captioning of your video files or text transcription of your audio or video material. They are fast (usually a 24-hour turnaround) and they charge $1 per minute for audio and video files.

Basic transcription and captioning and subtitling of videos are $1 per minute, while translation is 10 cents per word. Many big brands use Rev’s transcription service including US Bank, Princeton University, PBS, Google, and Lynda.com.

They accept many popular file types, and they have excellent customer service.


Scribie is one of the cheapest priced online subscription services we found. They will do audio and video subscription services for .75 per minute. However, there is a 5-day turnaround for this rate. For $1.50, you will get your files back within 36 hours, and for $3 per minute, they’ll have your files back to you within 12 hours.

This will be a good service to use if you need something transcribed very fast and are willing to pay more to get it in a day or less.


CastingWords has several levels of pricing for your transcription work (from $1 per minute for the budget package to $1.50 for 1 week). You can get your files faster by paying $2.50 per minute (within one day) and international transcription is available for $1.75 per minute.

They have multiple platforms they can deliver the finished transcripts to, including Dropbox, email, and others. They also claim to be able to “catch the difficult or tricky words” better than their competitors and research them so that they will be accurate in the transcription process.

Transcription Puppy

Transcription Puppy is a fast and inexpensive audio and video transcription service that offer transcriptions at .89 per minute. This makes them very competitive with the other services, and they offer one of the most competitive prices on all of their services. You can get this rate with a few other services but not with the same fast turnaround time that is offered with Transcription Puppy.

They charge a flat rate of .89 per minute no matter what you need to be transcribed. They also guarantee that any files under 1 hour will be delivered within one day.

If you need fast and furious transcription at a low rate, you may want to check out this service. They offer a simple and easy-to-use order process that is as simple as pie.

Transcribe Me

Transcribe Me handles high-volume transcription jobs and they can handle any large projects within record time. Their basic rate is .79 per minute, but this is only for a “first draft” quality transcript. You would need to clean it up and edit it if you order this. The better package to order if you use this service is the “standard” package which is delivered with 95-99% accuracy and is completed within 2-3 days.

Their same-day delivery packages are slightly more expensive, and you can get a file delivered with close to 100% accuracy for $5.50 per minute.

Choosing a Transcription Service

As you can see, the more urgent your transcript request is, the more expensive it will be to get it produced. If you plan ahead, you should be able to order your transcripts in advance and pay the lower price for most services.

You will just need to check out the various services and see which one best meets your needs. For urgent transcription jobs, many of these services will help you out in a tight spot.

Video content producers, podcasters, and professional video marketers should all have a transcription service bookmarked to use when the need arises, as this is becoming more important in the video production world due to the diversity of an audience today.

This is just one of the many tools that business owners, video content producers, and podcasters need so that they can produce text-based documentation of their multimedia files. So bookmark these sites and you’ll have plenty of options when the time comes.

If you currently have a website or blog of your own, outsourcing your transcription work is definitely a good idea. The last thing you want is to have to listen to an audio file and type it out as you go.

For anyone still sitting on the sidelines and doesn’t have a blog of their own, click here to get a free domain name and 60% off web hosting. We will walk you through the complete process and show you how to get your site live in less than 10 minutes.