21 Fashion Bloggers and Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Fashion bloggers and Instagram accounts are all of the buzz lately. If you have a taste for fashion or want to show off your own wardrobe and expertise, then starting a blog might be a great option for you! It’s never been easier to get started with a fashion brand and profile of your own, and that’s exactly what we will be highlighting in this blog post today.

If you are into fashion in a big way and want to keep up with the latest fashion trends in the industry, then following some of the most popular fashion bloggers and Instagram users is probably the best way to go. Harpers Bazaaer recently did an article on 22 fashion designers you may want to check out on Instagram. While you’re at it, take a look at their websites.

From the bold to the strange to the traditional, these 22 fashion divas have you covered (usually).

Like Fashion? Start following these fashion bloggers and Instagram users.

1. Erika Boldin– Erika Boldin is a model who was born in Italy and talks about how she goes through her daily beauty and fashion routine. Her blog and Instagram profile show several pictures of Erika in different types of apparel to illustrate her style in fashion for her followers. She must have done this very well because she currently has over 324 thousand followers.

Blog/website: https://www.myfreechoice.net/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/erika_boldrin/?hl=en

2. Marty Cyga– Marty Cyga is another fashion blogger that dresses the part on her blog and Instagram account. She posts multiple pictures of herself wearing various outfits that echo her style and tastes in fashion. She likes loose-fitting French style fashions, as is evidenced by the pictures on her Instagram account. She also features some random photos of a house or the exterior of her apartment building to add to the personal aspect of her blog and Instagram.

Blog/website: http://www.lifeofboheme.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lifeofboheme/?hl=en

3. Janell Marie Lloyd– Janell Marie Lloyd is a top fashion blogger who enjoys wearing feminine style fashion and showing off her wardrobe to an adoring audience. She has 42.7 thousand followers currently on Instagram and uploads regular photos of her latest fashions on her Instagram account. She says on her Instagram profile that she is a NYC-based fashion guru and a “bride-to-be.” She also has a line of attractive fashion pieces that are all priced at under $200.

Blog/website: http://waityouneedthis.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/waityouneedthis/?hl=en

4. Evangelie Smyrniotaki– Evangelie Smyrniotaki is the founder of styleheroine.com. She calls herself an “image maker and storyteller” and features several different looks and styles on her website. She shows many different images from her high-rise apartment and gives you a glimpse into her daily life as a model and stylist.

Blog/website: http://www.styleheroine.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/styleheroine/

5. Jennifer Grace– Jennifer Grace created a website known as nativefox.com. She focuses on unique fashion that is daring and eccentric. She says on her Instagram that she is the next manager of NEXT Management worldwide. She has 925 thousand followers on Instagram. She shows off her more eccentric fashions on Instagram and features one page that shows the work she has done with various studios.

Blog/website: http://nativefox.com/

Instagram: https://www..com/thenativefox/

6. Sylvia Haghjoo– Sylvia Haghjoo’s Instagram profile states that Sylvia is a “creative mind,” and she tends to favor simple but impressive fashions like black and white (monochrome) designs. Her main site features Sylvia in several different poses and looks with black and white fashions. There are some other poses that feature unique designs such as French wide-sleeved blouses and off-the-shoulder looks. One of her posts features a long shot of a ritsy hotel she stayed in, along with a full 7-day blog post on her activities while there.

Sylvia has 171 thousand followers on her Instagram. She features some unique items on her main page including a poem, her cat, and a can of paintbrushes.

Blog/website: http://www.hug-you.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sylviahaghjoo/

7. Yoyokulala– Yoyokulala is a Chinese model and fashion guru who features a blog that’s focused on up-to-date fashion and style. Her latest blog post talks about the new Fall season and features some of the most popular looks of the season. She calls herself “founder and designer” of the exhibit store at yokokulala.com and she has 271 thousand followers on her Instagram account.

Blog/website: https://yoyokulala.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yoyokulala/?hl=en

8. Man Repeller– Man Repeller is the name of the next fashion “guru” we are looking at in this journey through the top fashion bloggers. We don’t know if this is her real name, but we suspect it was created as a type of reverse psychology to attract the types of men they liked, rather than the ones they don’t. We cannot prove this, theory, however, so judge for yourself by visiting their site and shop.

The types of fashion features on this site are quite different in that they feature a lot of bold colors and retro styles like you may have seen in the 70’s. Big sunglasses, go-go style skirts, and polka dots are common, as well. They’ve even thrown in a shawl or two here and there. Despite their appeal to The Brady Bunch type fashion audience, they have over 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

Blog/website: http://www.manrepeller.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/manrepeller/

9. Gizele Oliveira– Gizele Oliveira is a Brazilian model that she says was “Brazil-made.” She has apparently done work in the fashion and model industry in a number of well-known cities including Milan, Paris, and New York City, to name a few. She wears some of her favorite styles and fashions on her website and you can see more on her Instagram page. She has 454 thousand followers.

Blog/website: http://www.gizeleonthego.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram./giizeleoliveira/

10. Vanessa Hong– Vanessa Hong is another Asian model and stylist who focuses on unique, skimpy fashion items such as short skirts and tops, slinky red dresses, and French leather pantsuits.

She has 618 thousand followers on Instagram and enjoys sharing her unique creations with fans.

Blog/website: http://thehautepursuit.com/


11. Aleali– Aleali is another fashion mogul and a one-of-a-kind stylist and creative. On her Instagram account, she advertises a website known as thesocietymanagement.com but her main website is listed below and sports her name.

He fashion style is unique and different. From a bright pair of yellow and black running shoes to loose-fitting long coats, she mixes up her fashion taste in a way that draws attention from her 189 thousand fans on Instagram.

She uses her Instagram account to post updated fashion photos where she is sporting new ideas and clothing items. Her clothing line looks almost “gangsta-like” with baggy pants and loose tops being the main focal point of many of her pieces. She has long black hair which accentuates many of her black outfits and adds to the overall fashion look.

Blog/website: http://www.alealimay.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/alealimay/

12. Charlotte Groeneveld– Charlotte Groeneveld is a blonde-haired model that hails from New York City but works in Milan and Venice, Italy. She has 305 thousand followers on her Instagram account. She also calls herself “Mother-in-chief” in reference to her two children, both who bear a resemblance to her.

Her blog and Instagram are unique due to the inclusion of pictures of her two daughters swimming in the ocean and other family-type views which offers a refreshing change from most model and fashionista’s pages, giving her a more human quality than many other models.

Blog/website: https://thefashionguitar.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thefashionguitar/

13. Maria Helena Bordon– Maria Helena Bordon is a well-known model, fashionista, and stylist, as well as a world traveler. She features tips on her website for women to use for their daily makeup routine, as well as tips for fashion looks and “mix and match” suggestions for clothing.

Maria is from Brazil but travels to many different areas. She is known for her unique photo shoots such as the one she did in the Saudi Arabian Desert (at least, it appears she was there). She likes to create a sense of worldwide appeal by appearing in a variety of different locations and by wearing a number of different types of fashions.

Blog/website: http://www.helenabordon.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/helenabordon/

14. Camille Charriere– Camille Charriere has a natural free-flowing look with long, blonde hair and a combination of French and English cultural looks. She boasts several fairly conservative pieces on her page but she also has several more eccentric and artistic pieces that she features on her site. In one particular shot, she features herself as “Marie Antonette,” as she walks in a regal looking dress wearing a matching parasol.

Her great diversity in tastes on her blog and Instagram indicates that she likes to have a variety of styles to show to her fans and you get the sense that she enjoys being different, too. Her 580 thousand fans must agree.

Blog/website: https://www.camilleovertherainbow.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/camillecharriere/

15. Natalie Joos– Natalie Joos has a phrase on her Instagram account that says, “making old things new.” She focuses on both traditional and modern looks and seems to be attempting to combine two different eras of fashion. Like many models and fashion stylists, she is unique and there are clearly no exact rules when it comes to fashion.

Fashion can be as trendy and strange as it can be traditional and simple. What makes it work is the personality of the models who wear them and their appeal to the general public, it seems. Natalie sports several different looks and many of them remind you of the 1970’s in Europe and the U.S. when the Australian group, ABBA was the hottest thing going.

Natalie seems to like the older styles and they reflect her willingness to be daring and unique. She has 132 thousand followers on Instagram.

Blog/website: http://talesofendearment.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jxxsy/

16. Krystal Bick– Krystal Bick is another interesting fashion expert that you can follow on her blog and Instagram. Her website and blog focuses on San Francisco and other high-profile fashion areas and features some her favorite transitional pieces you’ll need to travel around the world, according to Krystal. She has some pieces that are slightly more traditional on her Instagram page including a long black dress with a white lace blouse underneath, all endowed by a hat that reminds one of the old South. Her image is one of “city girl” and graces the pages of all of her online sites.

She has 118 thousand followers on her Instagram and she enjoys showing off new fashions regularly and sharing her travel experiences, as well. You can also purchase some of her clothing on the site through the online store.

Blog/website: http://thistimetomorrow.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/krystal_bick/

17. Pernille Teisbaek– Pernille Teisbaek is a stylist and the co-founder of Social Zoo Direct, a company that attempts to merge socialization and relationships with fashion and style. Her site features many pictures of her friends and associates, all clad in various similar styles of apparel that complement the moment.

Of particular appeal is her Instagram page, due to its wedding theme and more beautiful and traditional fashion statements. If you look at her Instagram, it’s easy to see why she has 485 thousand followers, more than many of the other fashion gurus we’ve mentioned thus far, which shows that many people looking for style are interested in the more traditional looks.

Of course, other factors may influence the appeal of any fashion site, but it is interesting to note how popular her bridal site is. The colors of gold and white are gorgeous as they blend with the regal wedding looks of some of her pictures on her Instagram account. The look is completed with the fold utensils. One interesting picture that you’ll notice on her Instagram site is a group photo of several members of the wedding party that they took a selfie with nothing more than a selfie stick and a cell phone camera.

An added touch that seems to add to the charm of her Instagram page is the fact that she features pictures of her wedding on the page.

Blog/website: http://social-zoo.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pernilleteisbaek/

18. Luxury Shoppers- Ezgi Apa and Lian Beraha are the founders of Luxury Shoppers and the Let’s Shop app. They feature many different types of fashions including swimwear, vacation wear, and other styles that you can get on their site. The pictures on their Instagram are informal and feature some everyday items such as comics and photos with sayings.

But you can purchase clothing on their app that promises to help you “build your dream wardrobe.” They have over 70 thousand followers.

Blog/website: http://www.letsshopapp.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/luxuryshoppers/

19. Margaret Zhang– Margaret Zhang is a Chinese model and stylist that has colored blonde hair. She is the founder of the website, shinebythree.com and they feature various photo essays of different topics that reflect various photo shoots in different locations.

Margaret is a photographer, also and her photos are dramatic and original. You can see some of her photos on her Instagram site. She has over 889 thousand followers from all over the world. It’s possible that the appeal of Zhang’s Instagram is due in part to her unusual photography, as well as her taste in style.

Blog/website: http://shinebythree.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/margaret__zhang/

20. Rachel Parcell– Rachell Parcell is the founder of the site and business known as pinkpeonies.com. It is a feminine-looking site that features Rachel with some stunning fashion items such as a velvet burgundy top and jeans and a black velvet purse. Rachel has extremely long, dark hair, and this adds to the unique style that she presents on her fashion site.

Her Instagram is also reflective of her taste, most of which is traditional and romantic, with a touch of country mixed in.

She has 931 thousand followers on Instagram, so there is plenty of interest in her brand. She states on her site that she has always wanted to create her line and her online business has given her the chance to live her dream.

Her website and Instagram feature shades of pink with the pink peony flowers and light pink background colors that are featured on her sites.

Blog/website: http://pinkpeonies.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rachparcell/

21. Julie Sarinana– Julie Sarinana is a dark blonde-haired beauty who lives in California and enjoys spending much of her free time in philanthropy. She enjoys spending time with sick children at the Children’s Hospital when she is not working on new fashion ideas. She owns the site sincerelyjules.com and offers a full line of California-based wear for ladies that are perfect for the beach and other occasions.

Her creations are somewhat conservative in taste, and they are fun pieces that are easy to care for and wear on vacation or anytime. She has 4.6 million followers on her Instagram which tops any of the other models we have featured on this post. This makes one wonder if these members are interested in the SJ clothing line or her philanthropy. Perhaps both. It’s clear she does some great things and has a big heart, as well as a keen eye for California fashion. This fashionista is worth following on Instagram to see what she will come up with next.

Blog/website: http://sincerelyjules.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sincerelyjules/

The Wrap Up

Well, there you have it. These 21 fashion gurus are all fashion experts in their ways, and they all have a pretty impressive following on Instagram and their online shopping sites. They have used Instagram to their advantage in many respects, including uploading photos of their latest designs, as well as just everyday scenes that give their adoring audience a glimpse into what their lives are like.

There’s no doubt that these 21 fashion experts have made a splash in the world of fashion. And, while they won’t appeal to everyone due to their widely diverse types of styles, there’s sure to be something that will appeal to people as they look over the various designs they feature on their sites.

One thing about it is the fact that they are certainly all creative, even if you don’t particularly like the styles that many of them are presenting on their sites and Instagram accounts.

Fashion is a changing industry and they exist because of the trends that get set by either the highest-paid fashion models or the everyday person who people decide should be promoted, for better or worse.

Fashion Bloggers

In Search of Fashion

Fashion is not about what sells the best. It’s about what people think looks the most fashionable. It is the predicted trends that sell; things people want to wear to appear to be the first to discover it. Therefore, it’s an industry that tends to regulate itself with no real thought for rules or guidelines. Everyone owns a piece of the landscape in the world of fashion where there is neither standard or taste as a requirement.

That being said, these ladies are making a huge impact on the fashion world simply by being there. By creating their designs, they have tapped into the world that is virtually untouched by most. They dare to dream, create, and design things that some might think are odd, extraordinary, or “out of this world.” But the ones who reject it may not realize that being this way is their goal.

They are creative souls who see the world from their viewpoint, and they don’t care if others agree or not, as long as there are enough like-minded souls to enjoy their creations.

So bookmark the ones you like and return as often as you like. There’s no doubt that there will be more to come from these 21 divas of fashion shortly. To dare to dream, to try, to chance, to dance, these are the goals of fashion divas. To be timeless or immortal. And it looks like many are on their way to reaching that goal.