7 of the Best Amazon Seller Central Courses on Udemy

Amazon Seller Central is the platform being used by millions of sellers who are using Amazon to create and sell products through their site. With Amazon being the largest online shopping site, it’s actually a complete no-brainer for someone to start selling products on their site. The creator of the product benefits from Amazon’s massive reach and Amazon increases their inventory list, while also making money in the process.

Do you want to create a long-term business that generates passive income from Amazon Seller Central? Getting started is tough, but you can succeed if you have the right foundation. To help with this process and see how it’s currently working for millions of Amazon sellers around the world, we’ve listed some of the best Amazon Seller Central courses currently found on the internet today.

In addition to selling directly on Amazon, it’s also recommended to create a website and blog of your own. With such elements in place, it will be easier for you to grow your brand, reach and revenue. While Amazon is great for selling, it will be tough to actually rank your products on their site or in Google without paying per click or for direct advertising. With a blog and content being created on your own site based on your products and services, this is a great way to redirect traffic from different locations online, then over to your Amazon products page.If you want to create a long-term business that generates passive income from Amazon Seller Central? Getting started is tough, but you can succeed if you have the right foundation.

If you want to create a long-term business that generates passive income from Amazon Seller Central, this just might be the perfect opportunity for you. However, just like many other business opportunities online, it’s easy to get started, but tough to find financial success.

Udemy is your best place to start. I have come across a number of great courses for both new and experienced Amazon sellers. Take a look and check them out today.

1. Amazon FBA Course – Amazon Seller Central A to Z Training

When you want to learn to create a successful business on Amazon Seller Central, there is no one better to learn from than Justin Obrien, founder of Coursenvy. Unlike many of the false FBA gurus out there, Obrien doesn’t waste your time with outlandish promises. Here’s what Obrien has to offer:

  • Tips to set tangible, realistic goals
  • Money-saving strategies to start your Amazon Seller Central business with as little money as possible
  • Searching tips to find the best products
  • Negotiation tips to get the best price on all finished goods

By the time you have taken Obrien’s course, you should have the fundamentals to build an Amazon Seller Central business that is bringing in about $100 a day in passive income.

2. How to Sell on Amazon – Amazon FBA Basics for Beginners

Damir Serbecic put together this great Udemy course to help complete beginners start an Amazon Seller business. One of the great things about this one-hour course is that is 100% free. If you enjoy the course, you can pay for some of Serbecic’s more advanced courses.

While the course is free, it covers all the fundamentals every Amazon seller needs to know, such as:

  • Setting up their Amazon Seller Central account
  • Ideas on finding products to sell
  • Tips on labeling products
  • The ins and outs of the Amazon Messaging System
  • Finding Buyer Information

By the time you have completed this course, you will have all the information you need to launch your business on Amazon Seller Central.

3. Amazon Store Management: Run a Successful Amazon Store

William U. Peña put together this great Udemy course to help Amazon sellers navigate one of their toughest and most important challenges – choosing the right products for their store and building high converting sales funnel around them.

There are hundreds of thousands of products that you can sell through Amazon Seller Central. Only a small portion of them are easy to sell and are likely to boost your brand.

You don’t want to tarnish your brand choosing the wrong products, so Peña helps with the following:

  • Selecting products customers want to buy
  • Building a strong brand around those products
  • Creating high converting Amazon listings

Peña has been through the trenches and knows how to build a successful store. You can’t go wrong by purchasing his course.

4. A Quick Start Guide to Selling on Amazon

This one-hour course is a terrific primer for marketers without any experience selling on Amazon. It covers all of the basics, including:

  • Setting up an Amazon Seller Central account
  • Understanding the dashboard
  • Finding inventory
  • Fulfilling orders

It isn’t meant for experienced ecommerce marketers, but is a great tutorial for people that are just getting started.

5.      Amazon Seller Masterclass: Easily Sell Anything Like a Pro!

Have you generated some sales on Amazon, but are having trouble scaling your business?  Do you understand the basics of the Amazon Seller platform, but are struggling to draw interested buyers? Either way, this course is for you.

Danny Guerin, an experienced ecommerce marketer and developer has created this excellent five-hour course to help you take your Amazon business to the next level.

Guerin’s course is packed with a number of proven tips to optimize your listings. He teaches his students how to piggyback off other sellers’ listings, research keywords to draw high-converting traffic and write convincing copy for their listings. It is the perfect course for Amazon sellers that have been stuck boosting sales.

6. Amazon FBA How to Build your Own Brand Become a Top Seller

If you understand the fundamentals of the Amazon Seller Central but don’t know how to create a successful revenue model with it, then this two-hour is just what you need. This course teaches you how to create your own private label product, choose products from other vendors, setup your Amazon Seller Central account, generate exposure for your listings and get reviews from customers.

Richard Vicente, the instructor of the course, takes a very personal approach. He discusses some of the biggest challenges he faced, specifically with transportation and logistics. Vicente will help you learn from his mistakes, which is a refreshing benefit most other Udemy instructors don’t offer.

7. Work From Home: Sell Wholesale Products Using Amazon FBA

This is another great 2-hour course for beginners. If you’ve never created an Amazon business before, Larry Humphreys and Tim Godfrey will teach you everything you need to start rolling.

Humphreys and Godfrey focus on building a wholesale business model with Amazon, stating that it will be more sustainable over the long-term. They discuss the best ways to find, list, source, market and ship products.

Finding the Best Amazon Seller Central Courses on Udemy

Selling on Amazon is one of the best ways to run a business and reach new audiences and customers online. The crazy thing about Amazon Seller Central is that many people don’t know it exists, so once they find out, they want to learn as much as possible. With such a demand for new business opportunities and selling through Amazon, there is a great demand for ASC courses.

As you can see through each of the Udemy courses listed above, their online course platform is one of the top sources for mastering Amazon Seller Central and getting your business up and running. There will be associated costs with getting your Amazon business up and running, while also accessing online courses. The good news is that our Udemy coupon codes can help save you a few dollars in the process.

With new businesses going live all the time, Amazon Seller Central might just be the opportunity you’ve been looking for. Check out any of the online courses above to see if it’s right for you.