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America Ferrera is an actress that appeared in the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. She has since starred in other films, including How to Train Your Dragon and Ugly Betty. America Ferrera was born in California and she attended school there before traveling to New York City for a college education. Now she uses her talents as an actress to speak about important issues women face around the world.

America Ferrera is a talented actress who has appeared in many films throughout her career. She first started out by landing a role in the film The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, which made waves both commercially and critically. From there, she continued to build on her success by starring in other well-known movies such as How to Train Your Dragon and Ugly Betty.

Despite her success as an actress, America Ferrera is also a strong advocate for women’s rights. She frequently speaks out about the issues that women face all over the world, raising awareness and inspiring others to take action. Through her role in front of the camera, she uses her voice to speak up for those who may not be able to do so themselves.

America Ferrera is a truly remarkable woman who has overcome many obstacles throughout her career. And being in her 30s, she has already made a significant impact on both Hollywood and society as a whole. Her work and dedication have earned her widespread acclaim from fans around the globe, and it will no doubt continue in years to come.​

America Ferrera Age, Height and Husband Bio

Are you looking for the latest news about America Ferrera? Here you will find everything you need. We have the latest celebrity and entertainment news to keep you informed about everything happening in the industry. America Ferrera is an actress, director, and producer. Here are the latest stats and findings about America Ferrera personal life.

How old is America Ferrera and where was she born ?

Born: April 18, 1984 (38 years old), in Los Angeles, California, USA.

How much is America Ferrera worth?

Net worth: US $16 million.

Who is America Ferrera married to?

Ferrera married actor, writer, and director Ryan Piers Williams in 2011.

What are some of America Ferrera’s most popular movies she’s starred in?

Gift of the Night Fury, Riders of Berk, The Dry Land (Drama), Gotta Kick it Up, Plainsong, and more.

How many children does America Ferrera have?

2 children a son Sebastian Piers and a daughter Lucia Marisol Williams.

What is the height of America Ferrera?

Height 5′ 1″, Weight 130 Lbs.

What are America Ferrera‘s measurements?

Measurements: 37-26-37

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America Ferrera Quotes on Life

Initially known for her role in the 2002 film “Real Women Have Curves,” America Ferrera became an international star. As a celebrity, She motivates her followers to take opportunities, believe in themselves, and have meaningful careers. Here are some quotes by America Ferrera.

  • “I don’t think vows and rings make any difference: the challenges are still the same no matter where vows and rings are placed. Every day is just a promise that we make to be better the next day as much as we can.”
  • “The best way to find one is not by feeling but by making an educated guess. My best friend is somebody who I chose to share my life with, who I feel like a friend for life.”
  • “There is no way a woman could live in Western culture without dealing with her issues about her image and how she looks, which is impossible in Western culture.”
  • “I’m fine if people don’t recognize me, but if you remember my character, then that would be wonderful if you do.”
  • “Right now, I only want to wear sweats, take a walk with my dog, watch TV, and eat pizza.”

America Ferrera Net Worth – $16 Million USD

America Ferrera’s net worth is $16 million. Many factors influence the accumulation or measurement of wealth. America Ferrera may be in a movie or tv show making $100 million, but she will get only a portion of that amount. Therefore when measuring anyone’s wealth, consider other aspects of the finances such as property, home values, cars, future licensing deals, etc.

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America Ferrera FAQ

Why was America called Ferrera?

However, the truth is that my grandpa was a librarian who was well-versed in a variety of strange information. I wish there was a stirring patriotic tale to go along with it. He named my mother after the Day of the Americas, a little-known Latin American event, when she was born on April 14.

What is America Ferrera most famous for?

America Georgine Ferrera is an American actress who was born on April 18, 1984. She is best known for playing the title character Betty Suarez in the comedy-drama television series Ugly Betty (2006) on the American Broadcasting Company.

Is America Ferrera a Latina?

Ferrera is a first-generation Latina whose parents fled Honduras for the United States. She speaks with Michel Martin on how her life experiences have influenced the way she views the Latinx community.

Is America Ferrera a feminist?

America Ferrera was one of four women who got the Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Global Women’s Rights on Monday night in Los Angeles. The award was given by the Feminist Majority Foundation. 

America Ferrera Wiki

Born: April 18, 1984, Los Angeles, CA
Spouse: Ryan Piers Williams (m. 2011)
Children: Sebastian Piers Williams, Lucia Marisol Williams
Height: 5′ 1″
Parents: América Griselda Ayes, Carlos Gregorio Ferrera
Alma mater: University of Southern California