7 People Anna Delvey Met Celebrities Through

Anna Delvey, also known as Anna Sorokin, rose to fame in New York City during the early 2010s by duping some of the city’s most elite socialites and investors out of their money. At first, she presented herself as a wealthy heiress from Germany with an interest in high-end fashion and art. In reality, however, she was just an ordinary young woman from Russia who had come to America on a student visa.

Despite her lack of wealth or status, Delvey managed to gain entrée into the city’s most exclusive social circles through her ability to charm people with her sophisticated demeanor and impeccable taste. She quickly became close friends with many influential figures in New York’s art scene, including Rachel Williams, the editor of an art magazine called Cultured.

Through her connections with Williams and other prominent New Yorkers, Delvey was able to attend exclusive parties and events all over the city. She even managed to rent out an entire luxury hotel in Morocco for herself, her friends, and a few prospective investors.

Anna Delvery with celebrities

Unfortunately for Delvey, however, she had not been forthright about her ability to pay back any money that she borrowed from others. Even though she claimed to have an account with Deutsche Bank worth tens of millions of dollars and seemed to have flawless credit cards with no limit on them, it turned out that these were all fakes made by a friend who worked at a bank in Germany. As a result of this deception, Delvey was ultimately arrested and charged with multiple counts of fraud, grand larceny, theft of services, and attempted grand larceny. She spent time in jail and on Rikers Island before being extradited back to Germany.

While Anna Delvey’s story may have ended badly for her in the end, it is a testament to her undeniable charisma that she was able to deceive so many people into believing that she was something that she was not. Despite all the controversy surrounding her case today, there is no denying that she made an indelible mark on New York City’s social scene during her brief celebrity.

Even though her rise to fame was short-lived, it will likely be remembered by many for years to come as a cautionary tale about the dangers of false pretenses. In the list below, we will take a look at several high-profile individuals and celebrities that Anna Delvey was able to become friends with.

List of Celebrities Anna Delvey Became Friends With

Anna Delvey was a socialite who rose to fame in New York City for her lavish lifestyle and connections to some of the city’s most prominent celebrities. She was friends with many different people, including Neff Davis, Macaulay Culkin, Olivier Zahm, André Saraiva, Tommy Saleh, Michael Xufu Huang, and Rachel Williams.

Neff Davis

Neff Davis is a popular social media influencer known for her fashion and beauty tutorials on YouTube. She met Anna Delvey at one of Delvey’s famous parties in New York, and they quickly became friends. Despite the fact that they often lived very different lifestyles – with Neff living comfortably off of her online fame while Delvey enjoyed the trappings of wealth – the two remained close and frequently hung out together.

Macaulay Culkin and Anna Delvey

Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin is a well-known actor who rose to fame as a child star in the popular movie Home Alone. Unlike most child stars, he was able to transition successfully into adulthood, starring in several critically acclaimed films like Party Monster and Igby Goes Down. It is believed that Anna Delvey met Culkin through one of her other celebrity friends, Olivier Zahm, who introduced them at an exclusive New York party. Despite their very different backgrounds, Delvey and Culkin quickly became close friends and often spent time together.

Olivier Zahm

Olivier Zahm is a prominent fashion photographer known for his work with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss. He is also the co-founder of Purple Magazine, one of the most influential fashion publications in the world. Anna Delvey was introduced to Zahm through one of her other celebrity friends, Macaulay Culkin, when they attended a high-profile party together in New York City. Over time, Delvey and Zahm became close friends and often spent time together at exclusive events throughout the city.

Photos of Anna Delvery with celebrities
Google is loaded with photos of Anna Delvery with celebrities.

André Saraiva

André Saraiva is a French artist who has gained notoriety for his graffiti work around the world and his line of art toys known as Mr. A. He is also known for founding Le Baron nightclubs in both Paris and Shanghai that have become popular destinations for celebrities like Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Damien Hirst. Anna Delvey met Saraiva through her other celebrity friends at one of their exclusive parties in New York City. The two became close friends and would often spend time together at Le Baron or other similar events in the city.

Tommy Saleh

Tommy Saleh is an entrepreneur from New Jersey who gained prominence for his YouTube channel where he shares his thoughts on current events and politics as well as pranks that he performs with his brother Adam. He first came into contact with Anna Delvey when she asked to feature him on her own popular Instagram account, which has over 1 million followers. Over time, they developed a friendship that led to them spending time together both in New York and elsewhere in the United States.

Michael Xufu Huang

Michael Xufu Huang is an entrepreneur and film producer who founded the M Woods museum in Beijing. He met Anna Delvey at an exclusive event hosted by his friend, André Saraiva, and they quickly became close friends. Delvey often attended events with Huang and was a frequent guest at his house in China.

Rachel Williams

Rachel Williams is a British model who has been featured on the covers of some of the world’s biggest magazines, including Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire. She first came into contact with Anna Delvey when she worked as one of her many “friends” that helped boost her social status in New York City. Despite the fact that Williams likely knew very little about Delvey or her business dealings, she continued to spend time with Delvey and often featured her in photos on her popular Instagram account.

The Anna Delvey story also became a streaming movie through NetFlix.

The Many Friends and Associates of Anna Delvey

Overall, Anna Delvey had a wide network of celebrity friends that she frequently spent time with. Whether it was at events hosted by some of the biggest names in fashion or at exclusive parties thrown by wealthy entrepreneurs, Delvey always seemed to find herself within close proximity to these famous people.

Despite their many differences, the friendships she developed over the years were a testament to her ability to charm even the most elite members of society.