10 of the Best Genesis Framework WordPress Themes from StudioPress

Premium WordPress themes from StudioPress and made for the Genesis Platform are increasing in demand daily. With WordPress being the number one content management platform on the internet today, it’s always a mission to find who the best web hosting and theme providers are. To make the decision simple and straightforward, StudioPress is leading the way.

While the StudioPress and Genesis brands have been around for quite a while now, they are coming out with new WordPress themes all the time. Below you will find a list of their latest and hottest selling WordPress and child themes.

Foodie Pro Theme

The Foodie Pro Theme focuses on the food niche, and it attractively presents food items with this theme. This would be the perfect theme and format for restaurants, recipe publishers, or anyone in the food genre to look into when trying to find the best theme for a food or food services business. This theme would be best suited to use with a recipe creation business, food show network, food blog, or similar type of publication. By using this template, you may be able to target the market for food preparation or food services niches. Whether you create original recipes, run a cooking blog, or anything related to food preparation, this should be a great theme for you to use.

Some of the best features of this theme are listed below:

  • Uses the Genesis framework
  • Developed by top WordPress security experts
  • Plenty of font and color options
  • Compatible with recipe plugins
  • Choose from Cookbook Plugin, Easy Recipe, and Meal Planner Pro
  • Easy-to-Install Widgets

The Genesis framework uses some of the best high-tech tools available to create a modern, minimalist site that works for business owners. You have plenty of options in creation including plugin compatibility and widgets, not matter the domain name or site focus you want to match it with.

Business Pro Theme

If you are a business owner or have a blog you need to start in the business niche area, here is a great theme to check out on Studio Press. Business Pro is meant to be practical and uses many of the built-in tools from WordPress. Some of the other functions that are built-in include custom logos, custom header videos and images, and widgets. You can choose from a wide variety of types of business models so that your blog accurately reflects the type of business you have. The Business Pro theme is a practical but modern-looking template that would be perfect for your business blog. Many people like the clean-cut look of this modern template. Check it out on Studio Press and see if you think it would fit your content.

Academy Pro Theme

The Academy Pro Theme is focused on creating an educational online platform or blog. For anyone who wants to create a functional, practical online educational platform, this would be an excellent format to use. This is another WordPress theme that is specifically designed to set up an online learning platform. There is plenty of training, too so you will know exactly how you can best use this platform to maximize your earnings. You should consider using this Studio Press theme if you plan to create an online learning course or want to build any educational platform. This format will allow you to build your virtual classroom and launch as many courses as you want to in a theme that is user-friendly. Online learning is a multi-billion dollar business. More people are getting their education or learning a skill through this online method than any other method today.

Authority Pro Theme

The Authority Pro Theme is designed to help make you an expert with your target audience in whatever you do. Building your brand and establishing authority with your audience is one of the most important things you need to do to succeed online. This theme lets you set up an authority-based website that lets you strut your stuff and use it as a leads builder to obtain your list that you can grow over time. Building your credibility and authority online is one of the most important things you should do to build your brand and improve your rapport with your audience. This theme will let you do this by giving you the creative space to create your content and material that will resonate with your target audience.

Magazine Pro Theme

The Magazine Pro Theme is designed with the online magazine publisher in mind. This high-gloss look magazine theme for WordPress allows you to design a sleek, professional style magazine publisher blog that will help you compete with the best of the online publishers out there today. The format is media-ready in every way and allows you to put yourself on the front of the online publishing world. If you have plans to set up an online magazine, this might be the perfect one to check out. It is also a viable alternative to creating a flip HTML type book that will only be recognized on certain platforms. This is a WordPress theme that is compatible with different types of media and allows you to have a place to put your content that will put you ahead of the game in the publishing industry. Try it and see if it will fit in with your content.

Refined Pro Theme

The Refined Pro theme allows you to build your brand using a classic, elegant, and minimalist theme. The beauty of this template is obvious when you see it, and it fits perfectly into the classic WordPress themes. You can showcase your photography in the most elegant want while creating an easy-to-use website for your clients. If you want to create a classic look for your website or blog, this may be the theme you need to accomplish that task. The Refined Pro theme has a truly refined look that allows you to present your content elegantly and create the image you need to generate the best leads and appeal to your target audience. Minimalism is in, and you can create the minimalist look easily through these WordPress and Studio Press themes. Look up these themes today and imagine your page using one of these themes. Most cost between $99 and $129, and you’ll see that it is well worth the money.

Author Pro Theme

The Author Pro Theme gives authors a platform that allows them to showcase their books with a professional theme. This StudioPress theme features a scrolling banner at the bottom that allows you to showcase your best books just like the pros and famous authors do. You can create a book library featuring the best books that you want to share with your target audience. There are a customizable header and homepage widget you can use to customize your brand and help promote your work. If you have always wanted to be an author or want to promote a new book you’ve written, what better way that to use this highly customizable theme through Studio Press. All of these themes in Studio Press are compatible with WordPress so feel free to use it with your WordPress page.

Monochrome Pro Theme

The Monochrome Pro Theme lets you create a beautiful but simple website that helps you to create a strong digital presence while making the user experience as good as possible for the end user. Using the power of Genesis-powered themes, you’ll find this theme to be a great way to define your brand the way you want to. It focuses on white space and special typography with a minimal design so that you can focus on what is most important for your brand. There is plenty of help and tutorial material if you want to learn how to make the most of this theme including learning how to write audience-focuses material and content for your site. This theme also focuses on making your content mobile-friendly which is becoming more important as Google moves to a “mobile first” philosophy.

Parallax Pro Theme

Here is another interesting new hot WordPress theme from Studio Pro. The Parallax Pro theme allows you to tell a story that keeps your page content in a nice story-oriented order while allowing for a smart-looking vertical design that allows users to read and consume your content easily. The ultimate goal of this theme is to create a connection between the content you put on your site or blog and the way your customers navigate around your page. Making it easy to use while allowing you to focus on creating the best possible website for your brand is what this theme is about. The content also leads your visitors directly to your call to action, which is the ultimate goal of any well thought out site.

Altitude Pro Theme

The Altitude platform is also known as the “Rainmaker Platform,” and features a minimalist design that looks sleek and modern. This theme is sometimes called the “next generation” website design due to its modern-looking theme. This theme is also considered a very mobile-friendly theme, and it is designed to allow for super easy navigation whether you are on a mobile or desktop device. Check out this theme and see if it is something you’d like to look into for your brand. If you want a theme that seems to bring it all together in one neat package, this might be a great theme to check out. It is fully compatible with your WordPress themes so check it out and see if it is the type of theme that would work with your content.

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