7 Excellent Freelance Workers and Jobs on Fiverr Worth Your Time and Money

Fiverr.com is a platform that is known for providing access to some creative writers, software creators, app developers, and much more. You’ll be able to connect to different creative artists and graphic designers for your various creative gigs and then use the project for your website or business.

There may be an extra charge to purchase a full rights license, but it will probably be worth the money if you plan to use the content commercially. In short, it’s one of the top freelance marketplaces on the internet today. Also, see FreelanceMyWay if you are looking for jobs only relating to site dev and marketing.

Some people worry that they will not find the best contractors or artists on Fiverr. But if you have not checked out the site in a long time, now is the time to check it out. They have come a long way, and they continue to offer a wide variety of services and help for the website owner who is overwhelmed or has time-restraints that won’t allow them to do it themselves.

The Fiverr platform is designed in such a way that you can try out the designers slowly by purchasing a lower end package to test out their work and increase it if you are pleased with the lower priced project.

Below are some examples of Fiverr creatives in 7 different industry areas. Check these out to get started.

Content Writing

You can find some good content writers on Fiverr.com if you learn how to profile and do your homework. The reason many people come to Fiverr is to save money, but you do need to proceed slowly to make sure you will get the best quality. Many writers start out only charging around $5 for a simple job. But you will probably want to look further to find writers who have more experience and who typically charge more than those who don’t have the experience.

Below are two examples of Fiverr writers who may be worth looking into.

1. Lauren Meikle- Lauren has six years of experience with writing TV scripts, corporate television commercials, and other similar types of content. If you are looking to get a script written for your corporate videos or video marketing assets, you may want to check out this writer to see what she can do. She charges only $5 for a simple 10-second video script and up to $80 for a two-minute script. She may also do longer jobs for a higher premium so contact her first to connect and ask her questions.

2. Spxmac- This writer specializes in writing Amazon copy for your Amazon store products. He is one of the most popular product description writers on the Fiverr platform with over 10,000 clients served. He has very good ratings and promises delivery within four days.

Social Media Sharing

Social media marketing and sharing is an important part of your online business. Fiverr.com has some people who specialize in this skill that they can use to help you improve your business reach. Check out these social media experts to see if they can help you with your social media goals. You can check out their ratings also by clicking on the links below.

1. Guzmanmart- This social media guru has over 800 reviews with a 5-star rating. He specializes in SEO and eCommerce marketing for your website or social media sites. He offers a package where you can get 2000-2400 visitors to your site, and he claims that his work increases your chances of having your content go viral.

2. Jason Riocv- This creative social media mogul gets you 40 Facebook posts, 40 Tweets, and 5 Google posts within 2 days. She specializes in crowdfunding projects so if you want to start a crowdfunding project, this may be the one to contact.

Infographic Directory Submission

If you need an infographic put into a directory to promote your brand, you may want to check out these sources on Fiverr. They both specialize in this type of work.

1. SEO Parle- This SEO expert will put your infographic into 65 different websites. This can go a long way toward promoting your brand with the use of infographics. He has a 5-star review with over 1,000 reviews.

2. Smarty Geek- Smarty Geek specializes in submissions of your images or infographics for your website or business. He will submit your image or infographic to up to 70 sites for $5 for six images. That’s a good start. Try him out if you choose and you can increase your package if you need more.

WordPress Support

If you need WordPress help, here are a few specialists who might be able to help. WordPress is a user-friendly platform, but there are plenty of times you may need help. Below are a couple of specialists to contact if you run into trouble.

1. Sujan Shrestha– This WordPress expert says that he will help edit your WordPress sites for a fee of only $5 for the basic package. This is the package you should choose if you just want necessary help and editing or proofreading. If you need more help with installing the WP system or plugins, you’ll pay $25 and up. Check out this web developer and see if he has what you need.

2. Mimranshahsyar- This Fiverr creative will help you develop your WordPress or Woo Commerce website starting at only $25 for customization. Check out his other packages, too.

SEO Audit/Keyword Research

SEO and keyword research are very important to the success of your online blog or website. Don’t leave this to chance. If you are not sure if you understand SEO or keyword research the way you should check out these SEO experts on Fiverr.

1. Angalisaboo- Check out this SEO artist and keyword researcher to improve your SEO or to research other keywords to improve your ranking.

2. Future Pocket- If you need SEO research, check out this SEO and keyword specialist. They offer a starter package for $10 to try it out. Then increase the amount to get more for your money.

Social banner/cover designs

Do you need a social banner or a graphic designer to help with your cover designs? You can find this service on Fiverr, as well. We found two experts on a social banner and cover designs that you can check out to see if they can help you with your graphic design.

1. Gig Freak- Gig Freak has a perfect 5-star review with over 1,000 reviews. He specializes in creating a unique social media banner ad for your social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. He knows the specifications for each format and can help make sure you have the right sizes to fit with your various social media sites. He offers up to 6 platforms for only $25.

2. Emmar Design- Emmar Design offers a basic professional graphic design service for your business needs. There are plenty of reasons to check out this 5-star artist with over 770 reviews.

Voice Over/Video Work

One area that is often neglected but is important is the area of voice and video work. You may not have the time or equipment to create your narrations for those important corporate videos, so look into Fiverr to see if you can find some professional audio experts to do the job for you.

1. Redd Horrocks- Redd Horrocks is a popular female British voiceover specialist. You can try out her services for your video narrations, radio ads, and much more for only $5. She has several other levels of packages that you can move to if you want to add words or include broadcasting rights.

2. Your Highness- This audio recording artist will create a unique voiceover for your animation videos, TV or radio ads, informational videos, and much more. Need a great podcasting intro that will grab the attention of your audience? This artist may be able to help. Check out his deals by following the link above. You can contact this vocal expert with confidence. He has a 5-star rating with over 1,000 reviews.

Why Fiverr?

Fiverr.com is a well-known freelancing site that has become one of the first choices of many business and website owners. That’s because they offer many different categories of services including graphic design, content writing, video and audio help, and much more. Check out the links to specific artists that we have provided above, and you can check some of them out to find out what they can do for you.

It’s a good idea to contact the Fiverr members first to get a feel for whether they will be the best to work with you. Some people who have had bad experiences on the Fiverr platform seem to have failed to contact the artists ahead of time before paying for work. It’s always best to check out the artists that you will be dealing with before you commit to working with them.

There are plenty of other higher-priced freelance services online that you can check out. But Fiverr may prove to offer more bang for your buck if you are looking to find someone to outsource this work to at a lower price point.

Tim Ferris wrote a book entitled, “The Four-Hour Work Week.” In this book, he talked about more than just completing your work in under four hours. He talked extensively about the value of “outsourcing everything” from minor graphic design work to complete video production or website design. If you are a business site owner who has more money than time, this might be something worth looking into.

Check out the variety of talented and creative individuals, writers, and artists by checking out Fiverr.com and contacting someone today who may be able to help you have your creative ads or other projects created at less than half the time it would take if you were to try to do it yourself.

Whether you are wanting to set up an eCommerce site, a WordPress blog, or just bookmark some tremendous independent contractors, who can save you time in the future, check out Fiverr.com to learn more. They’ve been in business for about ten years now, and they are expanding in many different ways. In fact, it’s one of the fastest-growing freelance sites online today. When you need someone to do something fast, check out the artists and experts on the Fiverr.com website.