7 of the Best Modeling Agencies for Models in 2023

The success of models like Gigi Hadid, Tyra Banks or Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen is largely due to the planning and management of their respective agencies. Without these efforts, they may not have achieved their current successes.

For aspiring models and modeling influencers, you can find the help you need with a modeling agency. They offer services such as securing shows and managing tours, while also representing social media contacts and booking future work.

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Updated List of the Top 7 Modeling Agencies in 2023

For those looking to start a career in modeling, signing up with a modeling agency can be the first step towards achieving your goals. Here is a list of some of the top modeling agencies in America for 2023.


IMG is widely regarded as one of the top modeling agencies in the world. They don’t just choose models off the street or from Instagram, but have a specific set of criteria that must be met before they hire someone. This includes more than just physical appearance, they also look for a model with an engaging personality.

IMG has been in the fashion industry for 20 years, representing some of the world’s most famous models such as Kate Moss, Miranda Kerr, Gigi Hadid, Carolyn Murphy and Ben Still. IMG not only focuses on their model’s appearance but also the way they present themselves. Both on-camera and off-camera, IMG models always come across pleasantly.

Parent organization: IMG
Founder: Mark McCormack
Founded: 1987

The Brock Agency

The Brock Agency, based in Hickory, represents adults, children and families as models, actors, athletes, voiceover actors and aerial artists and cirque performers. They are well known for successfully placing talent and models in the entertainment and fashion industries.

It is also known that The Brock Agency, Inc. is one of the biggest and most professional talent agencies in North Carolina. They represent models and talent of all ages throughout the United States and manage their careers. They take pride in ensuring that their clients have successful careers.

Founders: Beverly J Brock
Founded: 1990, Hickory, North Carolina
Headquarters: Hickory, NC

Ford Models
Ford Models

Ford Models

Ford Models was founded by Gerald W. Ford in 1946 and is renowned for its friendly atmosphere. It welcomes models from all backgrounds and has helped turn many of them into international icons, such as Lindsay Lohan, Amber Rose, Twiggy, and Adriana Lima.

Ford stands out from other agencies because it is one of the most diverse in terms of aesthetics, race and style. As a Ford model, you receive lifelong mentorship to help you succeed not only in modeling but also in transitioning from a supermodel to someone who values quality.

Founders: Eileen Ford, Gerard W. Ford
Founded: 1946, New York, NY
Headquarters: New York, NY

The Beauty Within
The Beauty Within

The Beauty Within

Since 2004, TBW Model Management, LLC has been playing an important role in the New England area’s modeling industry. It is owned by Pamela Masucci, who has over 30 years of experience as a domestic and international model.

As mentioned on their website, they are devoted to sourcing high-quality models in order to best meet our clients’ needs, and we do this with a carefully chosen group of models.

The Beauty Within also takes a boutique-style approach when developing new models, which offers a more personalized atmosphere and allows us to give our potential models extra guidance as they prepare for the demanding world of modeling.

At their agency, they focus on developing and promoting only a few select models with a boutique-style approach in order to ensure the highest possible quality.

Founder: Pamela Masucci
Founded: 2004, New England
Headquarters: Westerly, RI

Elite Model Management
Elite Model Management

Elite Model Management

In 1972, John Casablancas and Alain Kittler founded Elite Model Management in Paris. What makes Elite unique is its immense influence on the global fashion industry through its work.

Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell and Cameron Diaz are some of the most well-known and influential figures in the fashion industry, and they all come from one agency.

Elite Fashion has strayed away from the traditional expectations of the fashion world, instead focusing on empowering women. Through its influence and reach, Elite has been able to launch models who prioritize a more down-to-earth lifestyle over an ostentatious one into stardom.

Founder: John Casablancas
Founded: 1972, Paris, France
Headquarters: Paris, France

Next Management
Next Management

Next Management

In 1989, Next Management began in New York and grew by introducing new models and a unique style to the industry.

Next Management is a well-known modeling agency whose notable faces include Milla Jovovich, Rita Ora, and Anja Rubik. The agency promotes inclusivity and combats racism while providing a professional environment for female models to excel in their careers.

You can apply to Next Management with a few headshots and confidence. They’ll start you off with small projects and shoots that pay around $350 an hour, then progress you to bigger projects and fashion shows.

Founder: Faith Kates
Founded: 1989, New York
Headquarters: New York, NY

Women Management
Women Management

Women Management

Founded in 1988, Women Management is a well-known name in European fashion. With offices in Paris and Milan, their shows are highly respected and attended by many.

With names like Natasha Poly, Kasia Struss, and Carmen Cass, you won’t want to miss out on their show.

Women Management has earned the respect of its collaborators, photographers, brands, magazines and designers through its professionalism and discipline over the years. Although based in New York, the company has turned into an international hub for talent and aspiring models.

Parent organization: Elite World S.à R.L.
Founded: 1988
Headquarters: Paris, France

How to Make it in the World of Modeling

No matter what type of model or aspiring fashion influencer you might be, there is a world of talent and modeling agencies out there looking to partner with you.

The important thing, is to take the time to analyze the many different services and areas of expertise that many of these agencies offer.

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