Blog Web Hosting: 12 of the Best Web Hosting Providers and their Blogs

Choosing and managing a web hosting plan is one of the most important parts of running a website. In the early days of the Internet, finding and managing your hosting was much easier. Today, there are so many options and variables to consider that you need to be much more educated on the topic. Even after you have selected the best hosting plan for your needs, you need to know how to manage it for maximum security, avoiding downtime and convenience.

Keeping up with all of the changes in the web hosting industry on your own you can be overwhelming. It will be much easier if you follow a trusted web hosting blog.

We have compiled a list of the 10 most reputable web hosting blogs on the Internet. We encourage you to read through these blogs, even after you have found a hosting service. They will help you decide whether not you need to change hosting plans or need to do anything different with your maintenance.

Let’s take a look at the top web hosting blogs we’ve come across.

Bluehost Blog

Over 2 million websites around the world use Bluehost because it is one of the most trusting hosting providers in the world. Bluehost has a team of experts that offer very valuable insights to their blog readers.

The Bluehost Official Blog covers a wide range of important topics. Of course, most of them focus on hosting topics, such as choosing a domain name, the benefits of using WordPress and finding the best hosting plan. However, it also has blog posts on other topics that readers may find interesting, such as email marketing and local SEO.

The Official Bluehost Blog has provided hundreds of great articles over the years. However, one of the best is their post: What is Shared Hosting?

This blog post has a detailed overview of shared hosting. It explains that shared hosting is a dependable solution that is affordable for everybody. This blog post is important because it discourages businesses from spending large amounts of money on dedicated hosting plans that they may not actually need.

Bluehost covers a wide range of important topics on their blog. Of course, most of them focus on hosting topics, such as choosing a domain name, the benefits of using WordPress and finding the best hosting plan. However, the blog also has a variety of posts on other topics that readers may find interesting, such as email marketing and local SEO.

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WPEngine Blog

WPEngine is one of the most trusted managed WordPress hosting solutions. This company offers high bandwidth hosting solutions to over 80,000 WordPress customers in over 140 different countries. It also has a great reputation for WordPress security, because it stops over 2 million cyberattacks every day.

Since WPEngine is such a renowned WordPress hosting company, their experts are able to provide very insightful tips for WordPress website managers. They have a great blog that is filled with useful content.

You may be surprised by how specialized a lot of the content is on this blog. You can find detailed posts on building WordPress sites for specific industries, such as home renovation. However, most of their content is about WordPress hosting. You can find invaluable posts on securing your WordPress site, since WPEngine has a great track record for secure hosting.

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Hostgator Blog

Hostgator is one of the best premium hosting solutions. It offers a number of VPS and dedicated server plans that are within the budget of almost any small business.

As with other hosting blogs, Hostgator has expanded the breadth of topics that covers over the years. You can find content on linkbuilding and other marketing strategies. However, the most detailed posts are about web hosting.

Kevin Wood, one of the most prolific bloggers at Hostgator, has written some unique posts that I haven’t seen covered in as much detail elsewhere. One of his best posts was How to Use WordPress User Roles to Improve Security. This is a must read for WordPress website managers, since failing to set user permissions properly can lead to serious security vulnerabilities. He also provides a step-by-step tutorial on finding the owner of a domain name that you would like to purchase and add to your own hosting plan.

If you want to find practical hosting tips that you won’t see anywhere else, Hostgator is a good blog to follow.

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1&1 Hosting Blog

1&1 is one of the largest web hosting providers on the internet, with millions of customers and brands relying on their website and email hosting daily. When browsing through the 1&1 hosting blog, you will find a ton of information on everything related to getting your business online, setting up your domain name, choosing the right web hosting plan and much more. In addition to web hosting being offered through 1&1, you will also find services for domain registration, advanced server options, email management, e-commerce, online marketing, web security and more.

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Wix Blog

Wix is a very popular free website builder. Although its web design and hosting services are affordable, it is still surprisingly reliable.

The Wix Blog also has a lot of great tips. Most of them are focused on design, but they have some valuable posts on choosing the right hosting solutions as well. Many of their hosting tips are covered in the context of more general posts, but that doesn’t make them any less helpful. The best post they ever wrote was the step-by-step guide: How to Create a Professional Website. This is a goldmine of information for new website owners that need to create a site from scratch.

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Kinsta is a premium managed WordPress hosting provider offering services for a wide variety of users. Running their services on cutting edge technology (powered entirely by Google Cloud Platform) makes them obsessed with speed. Security is their other priority, offering regular uptime checks, free SSL, and free hack fix. Their support team of WordPress experts is working around the clock to bring user satisfaction to completion.

Not only Kinsta’s services worth mentioning but their blog too. Kinsta’s blog is there for WordPress users – beginner or advanced – to help with WP-related issues of all kinds. Whether you need help with maintaining a WordPress site from increasing page speed to locking down your site, troubleshooting or boosting sales on your WooCommerce site, you’ll find insightful, detailed content written by experts. They also have a popular interview series, called Kinsta Kingpin.

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Siteground is another highly popular hosting provider. According to customer service reviews, this company has a nearly 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Their blog has a wide range of useful content. Unlike most of the other hosting blogs, the Siteground blog focuses more heavily on their own services, rather than general web hosting tips. They have posts that use hard data to emphasize the value of their services. They have also talked in detail about new changes in the industry, such as the GDPR and the steps they took to ensure compliance. They aren’t shy about emphasizing the benefits that set their services apart from competitors.

If you need assurance that you chose the right hosting company, the Siteground Blog should set your mind at ease.

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A2 Hosting Blog

A2 Hosting is a web hosting company that offers plans starting at less than $4 a month. This hosting company prides itself on the speed of its hosting services. It claims that customers can expect speeds up to 20 times faster than other hosting options.

The A2 Hosting Blog covers a number of topics from blogging and web development to web hosting and domain acquisition. Some of the best blog posts include an article on integrating MailChimp with WordPress and improving the forms on your website.

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iPage Blog

iPage has been a leading web hosting provider since 1998. They offer highly affordable hosting options starting at $1.99 a month, which come with free domains.

The iPage blog covers a number of categories from small business management to web hosting and website design. The web hosting articles tend to be the most informative. They wrote an excellent post titled: Elements Every Online Small Business Owner Needs in a Website Hosting Service. These articles have great advice on choosing the right hosting plan.

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GoDaddy Garage Blog

GoDaddy is known as the world’s leading domain name registrar. It also offers a wide range of web hosting solutions as well.

You can find a number of informative articles on the GoDaddy Garage Blog. It covers a wide gambit of topics, but the most popular categories our e-commerce and technology. The two most useful post they published over the past year has been about setting up a more secure website. These posts are:

  • Google Chrome 68 introduces HTTPS as the new security must-have
  • How to install an SSL certificate on cPanel

Since GoDaddy caters to website developers and managers of all experience levels, you can read their posts to learn how to build a website from beginning to end.

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Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion Hosting is another discount hosting provider. It offers business hosting packages for as little as $6.39 a month. Customers can even purchase a VPS hosting plan for $21.95 per month.

The Official Inmotion Hosting Blog covers a wide range of topics, like most other hosting blogs on this list. However, it has more content focused on hosting than its competitors. They published several great articles on dedicated IP addresses, which can help customers decide if they want to invest in them. They also have a very useful blog post on choosing between a WordPress hosting and shared hosting plan.

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Hostinger is a hosting company that pledges to offer great hosting services at a reasonable price. Its hosting sales page says “Today high quality web hosting can be cheap & we have proved it.”

Their blog focuses primarily on Hostinger developments and services. It doesn’t cover as much general information on choosing a hosting plan or building a website, but it is great for existing customers to stay on top of recent changes.

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Reading Hosting Blogs is a Great Way to Make Informed Hosting Decisions and Update Your Site

There are a number of great hosting companies. They all have their own blogs, which provide a wealth of information that can help you choose the best hosting options and keep your sites up-to-date.