How is your website or blog doing so far this year? Does your traffic need a boost to increase or improve your customer engagement and sales?

Many businesses hire a professional marketer, create more content for their site, or start a blog to increase traffic. There are some different ways that you can improve your traffic. But you have to increase targeted traffic, not just general traffic. Getting customized traffic is one of the most important things that you can do to improve your chances of improving your results.

SEO is still used to build natural traffic. But it takes awhile to see the results. Paid ads are a good idea too, but it can get expensive. So, you either end up spending your time or money, either way!

Generate More Website Traffic

Finding Free Tools to Help Increase Site Traffic

One of the great things about the internet is the fact that there are many free tools available for websites that you can take advantage of to help build your traffic.

Below are 15 free methods and tools that you can use to increase traffic to your site.

1. Stick to top-quality content.– One of the best free methods to increase your traffic is to stick to only the best quality content. Many site owners start off with good quality content. They have articles that resonate with their target audience. They include only good topics and content to lure customers and leads. Then they get in a hurry or start believing that “more is better” and crank out lower quality content. This is committing site suicide. Not only will you lose customers and readers, but you will also lose the respect of Google. Your rankings will suffer, and your level of customer engagement will decrease. It’s not worth it. So stick to top quality content first and foremost.

This is something the team at focuses on heavily, as we rely on our content to not only rank at the top of the search results, but we also want to keep our audience informed and engaged as much as possible. It’s easy to write a 500-word post, but in most cases, it’s not going to get the job done — especially if you are trying to walk something through an in-depth process. Take a look at out how to make money blogging guide and you will see how we dive deep into the topic, while also adding custom images and even an infographic to the article to make it that much better than what’s currently out there from the competition. If you focus all of your efforts on creating this type of high-quality content, it will be that much easier for your site to rank higher and increase traffic.


2. Work on your backlinks.– There is a lot of disinformation out there today on various topics. One of the bits of disinformation about web design is that you can’t backlink. This is false. Relevant, good content and backlinks are what Google rewards. You need backlinks pointing to your site from various sources including your blog, YouTube channel, social media, and other sources.

3. Comment on relevant blogs.– Another way to help increase your traffic is to comment on blogs that are in your niche area. You can exchange comments with a friend who has a site that is somehow related to your content or ask them to create a guest post for your blog. Make sure the content is natural and honest, though or people will think you are just doing it for rankings and traffic. If you want to get the most out of your time and efforts, be sure to read this post on how to write better blog comments. Not only will you get some great key takeaways, you will also see examples of how to use your profile picture, backlinks to your site and also social profiles to increase engagement and clicks back to your site.


4. Hold a contest.– This method is not totally free since you will have to invest a little for the prize, but holding a contest is a great way of encouraging traffic to your site. There’s nothing that gets people more excited than the chance to get something free! Use an Amazon gift card or another incentive for the prize. Make sure to provide a link to your contest on your blog and website.

5. Offer 15 minutes of fame.– Everyone likes to be recognized for something. One idea you could try is to feature a customer’s name “in lights” with an animated gif or other accent emphasizing their name in exchange for their help promoting your business on their social media or other location. If you are a customer of a product, you can always contact that brand to see if they would like to feature your testimonial on their site. You can see a great example of this at web designer Melbourne, where they feature various customer testimonials on their site. If you navigate throughout their services and different sections of the site, you will see how they have several different placements for customer feedback for others to see.


6. Jazz up your site or blog.

When you create more hype for your site, you will often increase your traffic. This happens because the images get ranked in Google, as well as the text. Also, people notice it more and tend to share it with others. Look at this example for inspiration on how to hype up your site.

7. Host a live video feed or webinar.– If you want to increase your following, why not create a live video feed or live webinar. Live web events are gaining in popularity, and this may just prove to be the needed catalyst to increasing your traffic.

8. Feature dedicated readers on your blog.– If you have loyal readers of your posts, you could feature readers on your blog. This is similar to the “15 minutes of fame” idea but gives credit to loyal readers.

9. Ask key influencers to post on your blog.– If you have someone you admire in your niche are, consider connecting to some of the influencers in your industry to offer a guest post. This can increase your popularity and increase traffic immensely. If you are looking for a great way to accomplish this on a mass scale and really increase traffic, link backs and social shares, consider running an expert round-up post. This is something we did when we asked top experts about their preferred web hosting platforms.


10. Host a radio show or podcast.– Even if you are not a “radio person,” you can use the technology available today to broadcast your message to the world. Host a free podcast on SoundCloud or another platform such as

11. Invite people to watch a video or listen to a podcast via email.– Remember that not everyone will catch your live video or podcast as it airs. Follow up with an email for those who missed it and give them a chance to listen again.

12. Link out from reputable sites.– If there is a site that is considered a high-authority site, ask them if they will feature a link out to your site. You should offer to return the favor to help their traffic, as well. At the same time, if there are high-authority articles that are providing really good information and value, be sure to include such references within your own content. Site owners often think it’s all about getting backlinks to your own site, but it’s also about who your site is linking to as well. Need a good example? Check out this infographic marketing article on Inc. If you were writing an article on infographic marketing and wanted a great reference to back up your statements, any sites like Entrepreneur, Inc., or even Forbes would get the job done!


13. Connect to media outlets.– Media outlets and press releases are important resources when you need to announce a significant event to the public. Just be careful which sources you use and make sure they represent you in a true light.

14. Write your own press release.– PR Web is a good resource to check out if you want to create a press release. There are some costs associated with this, but it’s free to sign up for their services. They have very specific standards for their press releases so make sure and read up on their policies before sending a post.

15. Ask readers what they like.– Create a survey or poll that asks customers what kinds of things they want to see on your site. The more you provide information they want to see, the more you will see your traffic soar.

Focus on Your Audience to Increase Site Traffic

The best thing you can do if you want to see your traffic increase is to start with a good website or blog. WordPress makes this process extremely easy and allows for anyone to go live with a site of their own in just minutes. However, if you want to increase traffic and rank in the search results, it’s all about the type of content you create and where you are providing value to your audience.

Remember, your site is one in a mix of over a billion other active sites creating content. Are your site and content better than what others are offering? If not, then you need to step up your game

Follow each of the actionable tips above, and always keep the end user in mind when creating content. With this in mind, your website or blog will always be moving forward.

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