It’s so easy to publish blog posts that many go unnoticed, and few blogs stand out above the rest. That’s why bloggers, brands, and publishers who want to make a splash have been turning to graphic content like comics, videos, and infographics. Creating an infographic is relatively easy, but it’s harder to make something amazing that has the potential to go viral. Follow these three tips for amping up your infographic.

Focus On a Simple Concept

Bloggers often get caught up in an overly broad topic and keep adding thoughts and ideas that are outside of the main scope. Not only does this bog down the research and drafting process, but it also confuses the reader who wants to comprehend the big picture. Some of the best infographics only make one or two main points and highlight a handful of supporting facts.

As you’re coming up with infographic concepts, don’t be afraid to cut back some ideas if they aren’t directly related to the main topic. If you think you’re getting too broad, pick a section and ask whether you could make an infographic out of that section alone. When you follow this method, you won’t overcomplicate the process.

Make Your Infographic Shareable

The success of your infographic hangs on your ability to generate traffic to your blog or website and garner likes, comments, and shares on social media. If your infographic isn’t shareable, then you’re holding yourself back.

Make sure your blog has social icons that let users easily post your image to Facebook and Twitter. Many sites also place embed code at the bottom of the page so their peers can link back and mention them. When using social media, also make sure you are up to date on the latest social media sizes and specs for your profile photos and content uploads. This will increase your chances for getting more social shares and status update clicks.

Along with the technical aspects of shareability, you might want to design your infographic with social media in mind. This could mean creating a simpler infographic that’s more square, which will look better on Instagram and Facebook.


Use a Color Scheme That Matches Your Brand

As your infographic gets shared across the internet, you’ll want to make sure your brand is clearly represented. This will be the first time that many people learn about your brand, and first impressions are everything. A great infographic will attract people to your blog or website and get them interested in your content.

Your branded color scheme will also help as other blogs and website share your infographic across the web. You don’t want their audiences to get confused about who created and shared the infographic or risk boosting your competitor’s traffic instead of your own.

These are just three simple tips to boost the success of your infographics, as a great infographic tends to have a subjective eye. If you’re worried about your infographic performance, grab a few coworkers or friends and ask them what they think of the concept or draft before it’s published. Their opinions can help identify any major errors in the design or copy. Plus, their reassurances will convince you that you can create amazing infographics without stressing out!

How to Create Compelling Infographics

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