32 Blogger Mailing List Popup Secrets Exposed!

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Growing the size of your mailing list and keeping your audience for the longterm is the most important factor when creating a successful blog or business online.

The sad truth is that 70% of the people that come to your site for the first time will never come back. The best way to keep them coming back for more is by getting them onto your newsletter, mailing list and/or autoresponder series.

Traditional methods like adding a boring subscribe form to your site simply don’t work.

The best way to increase signups to your mailing list immediately is through the use of a lightbox popup window (OptinMonster is my recommended solution), which I’m sure you’ve come across on many of your favorite sites.

The concept is simple… when someone comes to your site and starts to browse through your content, after a few second a mailing list subscribe form will appear. The user will need to enter their information and subscribe, or simply click the X to close out the window. This method works extremely well for any site in any niche.

There are many benefits to using these popup methods, such as incentivizing users to join your mailing list in exchange for a free gift (usually an ebook or report), the ability to split test your ad copy and also syncing up your popup form to integrate directly with your preferred mailing list, like Aweber.

The Secret to Increasing Your Mailing List Over Night

While adding a popup plugin like OptinMonster will instantly increase signups to your mailing list overnight, there are still a few things you can do to improve your results as well.

  • Create a free ebook or report to incentivize signups
  • Setup split testing to see what ad copy works best
  • Play around with different colors, texts or giveaways 
  • Try “exit intent” technology to show the popup when trying to leave your site

You can also setup how often you want these types of mailing list popups to appear to your audience (once every 30 days is the average). Be sure to setup multiple split testing so your audience doesn’t always see the same popup if you decide to set the popup exposure at a lower rate.

32 Blogger PopUp Window Secrets Exposed!

Below you will find an awesome collection of 32 of my favorite and top blog sites on the internet — each with their own popup window and how they are incentiving the signup process. The key here isn’t to try and copy what’s out there, but instead to get inspired by others and learn how they are catering value to their audience and growing their mailing lists at the same time.

The list below is in alphabetical order and there is a good chance that if you visit any of these sites, you will actually see a different popup, as many of them update often or split test their results.


Every day thousands of people visit AffPosts.com to check out the latest affiliate marketing news and blog posts in the industry. With so many people accessing the site on a daily basis, it makes perfect sense for Affposts to build out their own list and send daily morning updates to each of their subscribers — a perfect example of how to build a loyal subscriber base by giving users exactly what they want.


Aweber is the leading list hosting company in the world and trusted by many of the sites mentioned in this list. Aweber uses their own mailing list popup form to give profitable email tips to new subscribers. If you would like to setup a similar popup to the one shown below, simply login to your Aweber account and click on your list form settings.


Brian Dean is a master at creating amazing content, guides and case studies on his site, so it’s no wonder he would have a great looking newsletter popup as well. Throughout Brian’s site you will also notice customized lead generation and forms based on the content you are currently reading.

Blog Marketing Academy

David has been in the blogging space for a while now and his been focusing most of his efforts in his Blog Marketing Academy program, while teaching others how to successfully blog in the process. Through David’s popup you can see how he offers a free 34-point checklist, which is a nice downloadable bonus to anyone who joins his list.

Blogging Cage

As one of the top up and coming bloggers out of India, Kulwant has done an amazing job at building quality content on his site, while also have a very fresh and clean looking site. Through Kulwant’s mailing list popup form he stresses the value and bonuses of joining his 13,000+ awesome readers on his list.

Blogging Tips

Taking a different approach from many other blogging sites and their popups, Blogging Tips is going the monetization route and asking their audience if they would like to earn enough money with their blog to buy a car of their dreams. In addition to their main headline, they also boast the free blogging secrets videos that are available for download as well.

Box of Ads

BoxofAds is a tool for spying on your competitors display and PPV advertising, however they are also using popup technology on their blog to bring in new mailing list subscribers. Their call to action is pretty simple and there is no giveaway, so anyone who does sign up for their list is definitely interested in receiving company updates.

BoxOfAds Popup

Charles Ngo

Charles is a well known affiliate marketer who has had a lot of success over the years. Many of his readers come to the site looking for tutorials, guides and reviews of the latest ways to make money online. This is also exactly what Charles is offering through his mailing list form, which is access to the very tools he uses to create successful and profitable ad campaigns.

Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan is a well known entrepreneur and author in the business and internet marketing world. With a recent simplistic design update to his site, it would only make sense for his pop-up window to represent the same. “Get my best work sent free” — it’s as simple as that.

Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is one of the largest and most successful premium WordPress themes sites on the internet. They also have a blog that highlights the many different ways to build a business, brand and gain an audience through blogging. On this blog you will also see their popup form, which offers their audience access to the best WordPress tips and resources, right to their email.

Elegant Themes

Entrepreneur on Fire

John Lee Dumas is the brains behind Entrepreneur On Fire and he’s currently one of the top podcasters in the world. With a very loyal and strong following, John is inspiring others to start a podcast of their own as well. With so many people come to his site to learn how to get started with podcasting, it only makes sense for his newsletter popup window to also offer exact that.

Entrepreneur on Fire Popup

Entrepreneurs Journey

Yaro Starak is a very well known and long time blogger who launched his blog at Entrepreneurs-Journey many years ago. Since Yaro is already an established brand and sells his own courses and products, he uses his popup window as an extra way to brand himself and be more personable by showing his picture and offering value in the process.

Entrepreneurs Journey Popup

Jeff Bullas

Jeff Bullas is another well known blogger and social media expert. One of Jeff’s biggest accomplishments was the release of his blogging book which can be found on Amazon. Sticking with this same concept, Jeff is using another free book as an incentive to get people to join his list.

Jeff Bullas Popup

John Chow

John Chow is all about blogging and making money by telling his readers how he makes money — yes, you read it right! Through his blog, John’s been able to generate millions of dollars and he tells his story of how he went from zero to $100,000 a month in his free “The Ultimate Online Profit Model” book giveaway.


KissMetrics is known for their analytics data and conversion increasing secrets. With that being said, we could expect nothing less than an exciting popup call to action window when visiting their site. Visitors get to choose between “Yes, Get the Free Case Study Now” or “No, I’m All Set for Right Now. Maybe Later”… With the blue button popping right off the page and with everyone on KissMetrics already looking for secret data reports, I bet this popup results in hundreds if not thousands of new registrations daily.

KissMetrics Popup

Lewis Howes

Lewis is a master at webinars, LinkedIn and helping other start businesses of their own. In addition to his “School of Greatness” podcast, his blog at LewisHowes.com is focused on those same principles. Lewis definitely has one of the fanciest looking popup signup forms out there.

Luke Peerfly

Luke is one of the affiliate managers over at Peerfly and he uses his blog at LukePeerfly.com to build out his own brand and content, while also sending affiliates to Peerfly in the process. Luke has a great popup on his site that focuses on expert tips and content while also stressing his personal brand through the use of a caricature.

Matthew Woodward

Matthew Woodward is an award winning blogger and he’s done an excellent job at creating high value content, guides and tutorials for others to follow. Throughout his blog you’ll also see the awards he’s received, which also bring authority to the site. When it comes to Matthew’s popup window, it’s plain, simple and direct — which many of us know brings the best results!

Melanie Duncan

Melanie Duncan is another well known entrepreneur who has done a great job at building a brand for herself. Just like in the example with Lewis Howes, Melanie is using her personal brand and a photogenic image to pull in subscribers to her mailing list.

Melanie Duncan Popup

Michael Hyatt

Among many thing, Michael Hyatt is a successful speaker, blogger and author. With that being said, it would be an honor for anyone to work with the same tools that he’s using to build his business and brand into what it is today. This is exactly what Michael is offering to all new mailing list subscribers.

Niche Hacks

Niche Hacks is a great sites that provides a ton of case studies and value for anyone looking to take their niche marketing efforts to a whole new level. When it comes to their mailing list popup, it doesn’t get much simpler than that — subscribe now for 1781 untapped niche markets!

Niche Hacks Popup


OptinMonster is a premium WordPress theme plugin for generating mailing list popup forms — powering many of the popups you’ve seen featured on this page. When visiting their site, it would only make perfect sense for them to be showing off an example of their own. Knowing that everyone who visits their site wants to get more mailing list signups, OptinMonster has the perfect call to action by giving their visitors a free report to improving their site traffic and revenue.

OptinMonster Popup

PPC Hero

As one of the leading pay per click marketing blogs, it’s important to grab the attention of your audience and build your brand in the process. PPC Hero also runs their own conference called Hero Conf, which they are promoting by giving away a free registration to a random mailing list subscriber.


Neil Patel of QuickSprout is the king of traffic generation and increasing conversions. This shows not only through his massive work experience and testimonials, but also through his popup window as well. While other sites are asking for name and email right away, Neil starts it off with a simple YES or NO question. I bet this one is working out well for him.


Ian Cleary of RazorSocial is a leading expert in social media tools and how to convert your audience into loyal fans and customers. Right away you will notice how the black and white ad copy used on Ian’s page really pops right off the page! This is a great way to grab attention and increase conversions.


One of the most well known entrepreneurs, bloggers and affiliate marketers is most definitely Jeremy Schoemaker of Shoemoney.com. Originally known for his $100,000 Google Adsense check, Jeremy’s blog has helped a lot of people get started with making money online. Through Jeremy’s fancy looking newsletter popup form you can see he offers his “Big 3” tips for making money and increasing conversions online.


ShoutMeLoud was created by Harsh Agrawal, who lives in India and he’s created a hugely successful and popular WordPress site that is read by everyone around the world. Everything on the site is focused on WordPress, blogging and making money online. To incentivize signups to his mailing list, he provides each new subscriber with his “Pro WordPress Guide for Beginners”.

Sitepoint Learnable

Sitepoint’s Learnable offers a ton of content and guides to users of their site, but they are also a paid service. To increase the chances of getting someone to join their site and sign up for a free trial, they’ve implemented a popup subscribe from right on their site. No form box, just a simple call to action and button.

Social Media Examiner

Social Media Examiner is one of the most popular social media sites on the internet. However, when it comes to their use of ad copy and looks, I feel like theirs turns me off the most. It just seems like there is too much text and you only have a few seconds to make a first impression… though I could be wrong!

Timothy Sykes

No one wants to be poor and there is nothing Tim loves more than making money with his audience. Tim is a well known stock trader who also has his own membership program when he sends stock alerts to all of his members. Being in your face, obnoxious and funny with his advertising and social updates is something he’s also known for — his popup window is no exception and I’m sure he’s seeing some killer signup numbers in the process.

Timothy Sykes Popup

Social Triggers

Derek Halpern is the man behind Social Triggers, a blog that is dedicated to helping you think outside of the box and create a better online business. Just like the simplistic colors and theme of his site, his popup window follows that same path. A common theme among the sites using BounceExchange is the YES/NO questions you usually get before the actual form appears — might be worth something trying!


WPBeginner is one of the top WordPress resource sites and was also created by Syed Balkhi, who is the co-creator of OptinMonster, one of the leading lightbox popup subscriber forms. Everyone who visits or ends up on the WPBeginner site is most likely looking for WordPress tips or training, which is exactly what Syed caters his popup call-to-action to as well.

What’s Your Mailing List Popup Look Like?

We hope you enjoyed the awesome list of top bloggers and authorities that we’ve featured in this post. If you haven’t setup a popup lightbox mailing list form on your site yet, I highly recommend you try OptinMonster. It even comes with a 14 day 100% No-Risk Double-Guarantee for all the skeptics out there… but mark my words, you won’t need it!



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