There are a wide variety of SERP checker tools that are currently available and suited to most needs. The challenge is that there are so many that you’re spoiled for choice. Perhaps you’ve also heard many internet marketers and SEO analysts talk about improving their SERPs, and wondered how you could do the same.

If you were curious about the best SEO checker tools to employ in your digital marketing strategy, then we have you covered. We have sourced the top tools that will improve how your website currently ranks on google, and this will ensure that you get more visitors to your blog.

There are many new users to the world of SERP rankings, and if you don’t understand all the details surrounding this, you may find it challenging to make use of the SERP check tools we will share below. Not to worry, we’ll always give you insights and background about SERPs, and how they function in the Google algorithm. 

You don’t have to remain in the dark anymore when it comes to SERP rankings when you have a firm grasp of all of the terminology and the SERP checker tools. Overall you’ll feel empowered to make use of the tools to drive your business forward. 

All of the tools we’ve listed are free, so it does not need to mean an additional cost to you. There are a few that offer a paid subscription, but rest assured in the early stages; you can get by with the free version of the SERP checker. 

Therefore, you can look forward to finding the best free SERP checker tools for 2020 that will put you at ease when improving your position on Google. As a starting point, let’s get an insight into the means of SERPs.

What are SERPs?

Many people see new terminologies related to SEO, and it can quickly create panic about the acronym like SERPs. It’s not a complicated word and means Search Engine Results Page. When you search Google or other search engines, there is a hierarchy in the search results that populate when you insert a keyword. This list is ordered by the search engines algorithm, which we will get into shortly. For example, if you were to search for the term “Basket Weaving,” you will find a list of the most relevant resources that will help you solve your problem. 

Google may suggest how-to videos on basket weaving or a step by step blog that comes from a well-known source. Ultimately you as the user will be prioritized. Yet on the other end of the spectrum is the SEO analyst who wants to be at the top of the results page. With so much competition, this task is easier said than done. It takes the initiative, patience, and research to appear at the top of the SERPs. That said, it can be done by investigating the SERPs that currently show up. Once you’ve understood the SERP’s, you can then employ a SERP checker as an added means to improve your rankings using the keywords associated with your business. Yet, you may be wondering: “Why are SERP checks important?”. So let’s get a view of this in the next section. 

Why SERP checks are important

Checking on the SERPs is a way to understand how your website is doing and can often indicate if you have internal web issues, content problems or if you may be unknowingly breaking the rules of the search engine. You simply cannot do this alone, and that’s where a SERP checker comes in. It gives you a way to follow a process of unpacking and investigating your site’s ranks by reviewing the best sites currently on Google. You can remodel what is working for these sites and apply it to your page. But you cannot do any of this until you have sight of the SERPS and a valid tool that makes sense of the SERPs for you. Your work is not yet done, as you will still have to employ the best SEO practices to push your site to the top of Google. 

Why SERP results are crucial

  • It gives you a broad range of keywords that will help you rank better on Google. It does this using tried and tested analysis. 
  • It provides exceptional and accurate research into your competitors and why they may be outranking you at present.
  • You get the scope to understand which content works well and which does not. In this way, you can create better content, and enjoy the rewards of having better rankings and more visitors. 
  • Ability to take a step back and understand your SEO through review of the SERPs, and make critical business decisions. 

Now that you understand the importance of SERP checks, before we get into the list of SERP checkers, let’s look at how Google ranks sites. 

How and Why Google Ranks Sites Where They Do 

Once you’re entered a keyword into the Google search engine, the first thing that happens is you see the SERPs. It may contain a variety of organic and paid content. Organic content would be blog posts, video content, social media pages, locations, and podcasts. While paid content might be items that say “ad” and appear above or to the right of the organic results. These are often paid for by the site owners to ensure their websites rank first. And while that’s not in the scope of this post, it’s good to understand the difference between paid and organic results. Our aim would be to be at the top of the organic results. It becomes a vital step then to understand why some pages appear higher than others in organic search results. 

This is quickly answered when we look into how Google ranks it’s search results. At present, there are over 1.74 billion websites on the internet. That generally means there is a wide array of content online, and finding the most accurate and valid content would be challenging without some form of help. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Therefore Google makes things easier for businesses and users alike. That’s why Google exists to create a simplified way to look through the billions of websites and find content that will help you and meet your needs for that search query.

Google prioritizes content which is relevant, regularly updated, has high authority and high quality. So if your content proves to be any of these criteria, you will be placed high in the SERPs. You may have also noted that Google has an Algorithm that does most of the work, yet they do have a team of people as well as working to do audits on websites. Primarily, we can say the algorithm is sophisticated and is programmed to look at all searches with the end-user in mind. Once it finds the best content after running them through the algorithm, the user is presented with this list and can choose. This is where your understanding of SERPs is vital as well as using SERP checkers. It will give you a helping hand and can assist your long term digital marketing strategy,

Now, let’s find the best free SERP checkers that can help you achieve your goals to rank at the top of Google search. 

What’s my SERP

If you’re searching for a free tool that also offers excellent features and capabilities, then WhatsMySerp will be perfect for your needs. Interestingly enough, you will have access to the 100 results that show up for a particular keyword on Google. Additionally, it gives you the option to choose many keywords and confirm where you rank at present specifically for your business website. Built by search engine experts with years of experience using SEO and SERPs, therefore the design is aimed at making your life easier as a blog owner. One aspect that is not often discussed is that the tool caters to both mobile and desktop SERPs, and the SERP checker tools will bring your results based on the device. 


  • You don’t need to input credit card details or sign up for a trial to get started as it’s an entirely free SERP checker. 
  • For unlimited keyword checks, they urge you to sign up for a free account and also help tips to use the tools.
  • Serves up both desktop and mobile SERPs
  • Expertly created by SEO experts who have experienced many challenges associated with ranking on Google. 

Small SEO Tools

You may be in the market to quickly get a sense of your SERP results; then, this tool may help. Small SEO Tools offers a pack of tools that could be useful to improve your site rank higher on search results on Google and other places online. Therefore this tool is not only a SERP checker but a plagiarism checker and guides for SEO. 

Since our focus is on the SERP checker functionality, let’s look into how it can help you. The good news is that this tool is a free way to find all the keywords for your business in one location. There is even a function that lets you check ten keyword rankings all at one time.


  • Get an accurate view of your SERP results
  • Look up and review around ten keywords for each of your searches
  • A multi-purpose tool which also gives you plagiarism and grammar checks 
  • A free tool which offers much versatility


While this is not entirely a free tool, it does have many great benefits that can be helpful to you. It’s considered one of the niftiest SERP checkers that still offers you the best results. In this way, the tool provides practical features that will help seasoned digital marketers as well as newbies. AccuRanker is highly focussed on supporting users to improve their SERPs as soon as possible. We would say the user interface and design of AccuRanker are simplified and intuitive, making it easy to navigate. You will find that once you start using the tool, the data is shown in graphs and tables that are easy to make sense of. Keep in mind it supports the use of multiple keywords and domains. Therefore if you run one website or 10, this tool is compact and helps you manage these from 1 account. Finally, you can monitor the progress of the SERPs month-to-month and test if your SEO strategies are working or not. 


  • A tool that is intuitive to your needs offering an excellent user interface and design
  • Bonus social media tracker that understand the power of social media rankings for your business
  • Gives you insights into your competitors and the keywords they use to rank above you.
  • A free live SERP checker allows you to access the site without logging in or registering
  • Limited to 5 keyword searches a day if you have not subscribed
  • Unlimited searches if you upgrade to their premium subscription. 

SERP Checker

If you’re new to SEO and SERPs, then the SERP checker proves to be a valuable tool for you. It is popular amongst beginners as well as seasoned digital marketers. Using this resource, you will have your SERP results quickly with minimal hassle. During your first test, you will find that it populates all of the results for the keywords you request, and from here, it gives you the details needed to use the results appropriately. Remember that if your website rank is above 100, it may not give you as much information. However, if your website ranks between 1-100, you will have access to all the keywords and where you correctly show up on Google or other search engines. Also, you will see limits on how many checks you can do. The current limits are ten keywords per day. If you choose to register for a free account, then you’ll have unlimited checks.

It does give you limits only to check ten keywords daily, but you can bypass that by registering for a free account.


  • A free tool which can easily be used online to check the SERPs
  • A fast way to get your rankings, and make decisions on what to do with your SEO strategy
  • The focus is on Google and not other search engines like Yahoo. 
  • Quick to sign up and get started 
  • Limited checks per day if you wish to remain unregistered

Summary on SERP Checkers and How to Use Them

We’ve compiled the best free SERP checker tools to help you understand your rankings on Google. Though it may take some getting used to at first and there is a slight learning curve, it will be worth it for the results you get. 

Overall, the aim is to improve how you show up the search engines, bring more visitors to your website, and get more paying customers. 

Most of the SERP checker tools bring you a wide range of options and varied ways to search for keywords. Some require you to register to access more searches while others can be accessed directly without logging in. These are factors to keep in mind when choosing the best SERP checker for your needs. 

Our advice is to try a few of the tools before making the final decision, experiment, and keep on assessing until you find the right SERP checker for your business needs. 

If you enjoyed reading this blog post of the SERP checker tools to help your website rank better, please don’t hesitate to leave us a comment below!

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