Blogging today is one of the main means of advertising for thousands of brands and businesses on the internet today. With social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter cluttered as they are and, let’s be honest here, pretty inconvenient for all-out promotion (what with character limits and narrow range of formatting options), every small company that aspires to have a good internet presence starts a blog. What the majority of these new bloggers and content creators don’t realize, is that there is a lot more to successful blogging than just throwing new content on your site and hoping for the best. When blogging is done right, not only can one make money online, they can also attract thousands of new visitors daily through search rankings and social media, while also increasing sales and user engagement in the process. Best of all, there are no technical or design skills required, which once again proves that anyone can find success with blogging.

However, if you’re planning to get into blogging with the mindset that it’s easy money, we’ve got some bad news for you. Blogging is no party and you will have to put in some decent time, work, and effort before you start seeing any real results. Before even going live with your blog, it will be important that you know why you are starting a site in the first place, the content you are going to create, and how you are also going to provide value to your audience.

A perfect example of this can be seen when you look at a blogging review site like BestAdvisors, and specifically their home ice machine page. They know exactly who their audience is, what they are looking for, and how to provide the best information to them in the easiest way possible. The same holds true for many other blogs and brands on the internet today. For anyone that is looking to create a review blog and eventually make money off their traffic and content, this site is a perfect one to follow by example. Notice how they include top product names, price comparison, pros/cons, and also user reviews — all important information that their audience is likely interested in. No matter if you are creating a content blog or one with a review style, it’s important to not look like an unprofessional or even a newbie blogger in the process.

Here are some common content creation and blogging mistakes we should all try to avoid.

1. Being Random

No one really cares how your everyday life goes. At least, not at the beginning of your blogging career. Unless your everyday life is actually interesting. No one will read about what you’ve eaten for lunch unless you’ve eaten live spiders, and people couldn’t care less about your encounter with an old lady on the street unless the old lady happened to be Her Majesty The Queen. Your everyday life becomes interesting to people years after they’ve been following you, when they’re thinking of you as a friend. Until then, you need topics that attract audience: food, books/movies, fashion, politics, or anything hip. Better if it is a topic you are passionate about. Passion will make your posts livelier and that attracts people.

It will also do no good to jump between topics and try to cover everything at once—yes, at first, you might gather some wide public (given your writing is good) but how many of them will stay if the topic they came for is not discussed for weeks just because you try to cover all other things happening in the world? It is generally much better to have a smaller number of followers that stay with you for years than a wide fleeting public.

2. Not Upholding Some Kind of Schedule

This is also about consistency. If you post something really good and it goes viral, bringing you a fanbase, and then you just disappear for a month without notice just because you don’t see a topic worthy of your time and effort, you’ll be forgotten pretty soon. Make yourself a calendar with dates when you need to post something new and write a couple posts in advance just in case you don’t have free time. And remember that there is always something happening in the world that you can write about. Maybe not all of your posts will be gems but as long as you write regularly, someone will find your blog.

3. Trying Too Much

Whether it is to seem very smart or very funny, trying too much actually only makes it worse. Heavy use of jargon makes the text hard to read for people interested but not savvy in the topic and it also makes you seem pretentious. Relax, you’re blogging, not writing a dissertation. However, at the same time, overusing jokes and puns will be seen as strained, too. Find your middle ground in your own speaking. Imagine your readers are friends and family you talk to on daily basis. It’s not as hard as you think it is, the people on the other side of the Internet are just like you, no need to impress them with something you’re not good at. Being natural always works best.

Don’t try to please everyone, it is a futile endeavor anyway.

4. Not Doing Research

Even if you are a professional in what you write about, or because of it, you need proof for what you say. The “it is my opinion” approach is all good and well but every opinion needs to be based off something. Keep tabs on the news and sources, comparisons, something for your readers to use when they make up their own minds regarding the topics you discuss in your blog. And link to them to prove you’ve done your homework before spurting that unpopular opinion. It will elevate your credibility based on the sheer fact that you took time to check things out.

5. Relying on the Universe for Promotion

Your blog won’t promote itself. Yes, with the smart use of SEO tactics, you might gain some followers who stumble upon your blog after searching something but relying on this alone is never enough. You need to combine any means of advertising at your disposal: post links to your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, etc. where they can be reposted. Look for guest blogging opportunities, exchange posts with other bloggers. This will make you more visible and your name recognizable, and with a bit of time, you’ll have twice, three times as many followers as before.

6. Not Connecting With Your Audience

Blogging is a rapidly developing and popular way to earn so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the competition is fierce if not aggressive. If you ignore your readers, they will go elsewhere. If you offend them, make them feel inferior—they will find somebody who doesn’t. Though it is no reason to be jumpy but it is good to remember that the ice is thin and uniqueness is hard to achieve in the modern world.

7. Treating It Like a Hobby Yet Expecting Money

If you are dead set on earning money as a blogger, treat it like any other job. That is, with diligence, discipline, and care. Always check your grammar, take notice on how your blog and posts look, develop your writing skills, ask for advice and listen to the one you are given, get better at what you do. And eventually, you will succeed.

When it comes time to go live with your new website or blog, the most important thing for you to do is actually get started. All too often, people will continually think about the process and never actually go live with their site. With WordPress powering the majority of the sites on the internet today, it’s easy to clean up your content, edit old posts, or even remove content that you no longer need. Don’t get discouraged. Learn from your mistakes and get started on your blog today.

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