Create Content that Captivates for Marketing Purpose

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How do you create content that makes you stand out? To create desirable and unique content is one of the primary aspirations of a marketer. But it is easier said than done. You need to offer something different and create something enjoyable too.

It is a challenge for every marketer. But it isn’t an impossible task. As many companies have already shown you that it is possible to create refreshingly honest yet brilliantly engaging content. Want to learn how to do it? Well, it’s high time you do.

Let’s take a good look at what makes the content of the successful marketers different.

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Get a new approach

One of the first tenets of successful marketing – it’s never about you, but always about your customers. The content needs to have the same approach. Take a look at the GoPro video that shows a fireman rescuing a kitten.

It doesn’t really harp on how great a camera the company offers. Instead, it focuses on an innermost desire of every individual, evident in its tagline, “Be a hero”. The touch at the right cord is what made this video go viral on the web.

With such intelligent content, you need not blurt out why an individual needs to have the camera. It isn’t based on the product, or its features and benefits; it’s based on the feeling of being a hero instead.


Understand the desires

You will only be able to deliver the promise you made with the content if you are aware of your customers. And for this, you need to find answers to the most important question – what do your customers want?

Focus on the reasons that prompt customers to look for alternatives. Also, pay attention to how you can create a better value proposition. And convey it through your content. Don’t compare with competitors; stand apart with unique and creative approach.

Offer variety

Content created for entertainment is good. Add to it content created for advice and assistance, information and motivation, and you have the perfect mix for marketing your business.

Create content that caters to different requirements. Offer tips and suggestions, answer questions and craft how-to guides, construct tutorials and videos, and do many things more to aid, assist, inform, and inspire.

You will be surprised at how the assortment works wonders for the business. It will help outline the relevance and necessity of the product or service you offer. It will also help you create a brand identity along the way.

Diversify the channels

You need not confine your content to a specific channel. Use numerous ways to reach out to a bigger audience. Share it on Facebook, tweet about it, create a board on Pinterest, get it on You Tube, and do anything that seems suitable.

You never know what will click. Take for example the TicTac Bad Breath 2012 ad campaign that shows an entire crowd fainting when a person speaks. This French ad was a silly prank that transformed into one of the most watched videos on You Tube.

Stay ahead of times

It is essential to create content that captures the interest and imagination of the target market. But it is also essential to keep in mind that with time, the edginess of the content will weaken.

Therefore, it is important for a content marketer to be aware of the need to change according to the times. Whatever worked ten years back may not be successful in the current times. And what works now may not work in the distant future.

A marketer needs to be ahead of the times. They also need to create opportunities to make sure that the created content stays in focus for a long time. To do it, they need to keep people occupied and engrossed through discussions, contests and comments.

To create content that captivates is a challenge every marketer needs to take.

And to make things simpler, you need to understand two significant aspects – content today needs to be communicative and communitarian to be successful. Social media has opened up possibilities of two-way conversations between businesses and customers.

In current times, a marketer needs to understand that the content needs to generate conversation. And it also needs to have a communitarian feeling. This enhances the appeal of whatever it focuses on.


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