How Design Could Impact The Success of Your Authority Site

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Have you heard the advice that says that “content is king”?


Many are talking about this myth.

The question now is, “Is content really king or is it just the queen?”


A lot of debates has arisen around this myth.

Whatever you think, here is a research I first knew about from Derek Halpern’s Blog, Social Triggers.

Here is from Derek Directly from his post, THE “CONTENT IS KING” MYTH DEBUNKED:

Elizabeth Sillence, and her team, conducted a study where they asked a bunch of people to find websites about hypertension.

Then she asked people to record whether they trusted or distrusted the websites they found, and why.

And guess what?

When she reviewed the reasons why people distrusted a website, 94% cited DESIGN problems.

Yes, you read that right.

Your design can TRIGGER immediate DISTRUST.

Imagine this for a second.

If you spend hours planning and researching for the most epic piece of content about your topic and spend countless hours crafting the best piece of content.

And then you spend dozen more hours trying to grab attention to your post. After all, it’s not just about the content, you need to step out of your comfort zone and go promote your epic piece, or no one would ever hear about it.

And after all this effort, and you finally succeed to get those highly targeted visitor…

Your design will make people distrust you, so they won’t even take a look at your post.

What a waste of time!!!

Won’t you find it demotivating and intimidating?

Would you like this to happen to you?

Design is also important for Google

It’s not a secret that Google cares about design.

If your site is not optimized for search engines robots, then how would they crawl your site and understand the content that you write about?

The design is really an important part for google to understand the content of your site.

Also, Google has released an update where they penalize sites which are not mobile-friendly.

If you had spent all that time to rank high for a certain keyword, you got all those quality links and so on, and because your site isn’t mobile-friendly, it’ll not appear to people on their mobiles when they do a search about your topic.

Annoying, right?

It’s annoying for mobile readers

Not only will google penalize you and you’ll lose visitors, but let’s say they come directly to your site, from a referral, social media sites, or from any link.

If your site isn’t optimized for mobile, they’ll be overwhelmed, and after few seconds, they’ll click the back button and never visit your site back.

And we all know that mobile was huge in 2015. And for sure, it will continue growing, so you better care about it now.

You’re losing visitors for the cost of one-time task

You don’t need to update your design every month. That’s is the beauty about it.

You can just spend time now to find a design that suits your site, and nothing more needed from you.

You don’t need to optimize it every time you hit publish or anything like that.

So you can stop the visitors leakage with just one-time action. You can get more traffic from google, and make your site engaging for mobile visitors

Are you into it?

The 5 characteristics of a design that builds business

After we knew the importance for having a great design, we need to know what is common with designs that can make a great difference for a company.

So here are they:

  1. Keep it simple: We’re not in a fashion contest. It’s business and you need to make it simple for readers. Make it simple for people to read your site, take whatever action you want them to take.
  2. Make it blazing fast: Speed is an important ranking for google. Also, every additional second your site takes, it’ll make you lose readers on the long run. There is nothing better than a fast-loading website.
  3. Make navigating easy: There is nothing annoying than having a hard time navigating website you really want to read. People who want to navigate your site are people who care about your topic. They’re your best readers and clients, so make it easy for them to navigate your site.
  4. Increase heading fonts: Check the 1st image below to know what I mean:
  5. Increase spaces: This makes your site more readable and more enertaining for your audience. Do you see the difference in the image below

Increasing headings size for better readability


The effect of adding white spaces

These are the 5 characteristics that no matter what, you need to add to your design.

Last Words:

The Design is really important for your authority site. It plays an important role.

Together with emails, you can do wonders

You need to care about it.

You now know the 5 characteristics of a great web design.

In the next post, you’ll discover how to design a post on a budget. Are you ready for that?

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