Every blog, brand or business needs to have a great logo design to help them stand out from the crowd. With over 200 million blogs on the internet today, it’s more important than ever to not only create valuable content, but to also brand yourself as an authority in the process.

For example, how many people are reading your blog on a daily basis? What are you currently offering in terms of branding and getting people to remember your site from everyone else they visit throughout the day?

If you don’t currently have a custom logo design for your site, you are missing out on some great branding opportunities. Also, it’s not just about placing a logo on your site, it’s also about using your logo across all of your social media outlets as well.

In this post we are going to take a look at the easy and very cost effective solution of creating a high quality logo design through DesignHill.com, one of the internet’s fastest growing design marketplaces.

DesignHill.com – Marketplace for Custom Designs and Logos

DesignHill.com is one of the best places to go for graphic design. With their custom design marketplace, you have have custom logos and designs created for all of your needs — whether it be for your web site, blog, social profiles or even for print.

In comparison to other design marketplaces (like 99Designs), you will find that DesignHill is quite competitive in both their quality and pricing. The business model behind DesignHill is two fold, in that it caters to both freelance designers and online marketers to create a perfect medium for both to work together. DesignHill is the platform and service in which each can work comfortably with each other and making sure both sides are happy with their transaction and work.


In this article we are going to highlight the main features of DesignHill, while also walking through the process of how to create a custom design through their site. As mentioned earlier, you can create design jobs outside of just logo design work, such as clothing, infographics, business cards, letterhead, CD covers and mobile icons. To create a new design for your blog, brand or business, all you need to do is walk through DesignHill’s simple contest wizard and let the designers start getting to work for you.

The screenshot above is the first thing you will see when you visit the DesignHill site. In addition to easy access buttons to learn “How It Works” and to “Get Started Now”, you will also see the active numbers of payouts, design submissions and graphic designers on their site. With over $40,000 in payments made so far, and an additional 23,000 graphic designers from around the world, you can make a sure bet that you are going to be happy with the design work created through the use of their site.

How to Create a Logo with DesignHill

To start the graphic design process, you will have to make a choice between using the Custom Design Marketplace or their Readymade Logo Store. The difference between the two is that the marketplace is for have custom logo designs created by their network of freelance designers, and their readymade logo store is for individuals and brands who are looking to quickly choose a pre-made logo design and simply paying for the rights to own it.

While the custom design marketplace is the main attraction of DesignHill, the readymade logo store is a great option for anyone looking to have a fancy and brandable logo for their site in just a few short minutes. The cost of a readymade logo design is only $99, and you get exactly what you see on their site, along with the design in all necessary file sizes and formats.


When going with the a custom design through their Marketplace, you will get to walk through a simple wizard process to break down all of the details of your logo. This is done so the freelance designers within DesignHill can put all of your information to use when creating your draft logo design concepts. The more detailed information you can provide through this process, the more likely you are to find high quality designs that meet your expectations.

We will walk through some areas of this design wizard process now.


The first section of requested information about your design can be seen in the screenshot above. Such information requested is the slogan you may want to use with your design, any specific colors or examples of other logo designs that you already would like to base your design off of.

Once you complete the design write up, you will then be sent to the payment processing page and then your design contest will go live on the DesignHill marketplace. Once live, you will start to see new drafts and designs coming in from designers around the world. As more designs come in, you can rate them based on your expectations and what improvements you might like to see.

When the perfect logo design comes through, you can then choose a winner and have the finished files sent over for your own use.

Design Contests Actively Running on DesignHill

It’s one thing to read about how the design process on DesignHill works, but it’s another to actually see it live on their site. This can be done by viewing some of the active contests running on DesignHill right now. In the screenshot below you will see some of the latest designs on their site right now, along with the different logo types, prices and how many entries are being received for each.


When your active logo design contest is live, it’s important to make sure you keep a watch on it for the latest design drafts that come in. As new designs come in, you should take the time to rate and leave feedback for them as well. This is important, so the designers can get a good idea on what you like and don’t like about their latest submissions.


In addition to viewing the active design contests on DesignHill, you should also take a look at their design gallery as well. This will provide you with a much larger selection of designs to give your more ideas and inspiration on what you might like to see incorporated into your own logo.

DesignHill Pricing Structure

As seen in the screenshots above, there are different price points for which you can pay when setting up your design contest. This is setup to allow anyone to create a logo contest based on their budget and expectations. In short, the more you pay, the more logo designs you will receive during your contest promotion.

When looking through the different pricing packages you will notice that there are four to choose from and each one is built around how many designs and additional promotional you might like to receive.

DesignHill is a lot more than just design work. Logo design work starts at $199, Twitter Design at $149, Website Design at $499 and TShirt Design at $199… and you also have another 35+ different types of design work that you can choose form.

In the pricing chart below you will also see it says “# of designers/designs expected”. This is stated because there is no guarantee that you will receive a specific set number of designs, and you could see more or less depending on your payment and design specs.

All contests are paid or in advanced and the funds are held by DesignHill until a winner is selected and the logo design files are received by the contest holder.


Create Your Next Logo Design with DesignHill

With millions of blogs, brands and businesses on the internet, there is always going to be a need for logo and design services. Having your own unique logo will not only help you stand out from the crowd, it will also impress your customers and build a more powerful and respected brand.

Just think of the largest and most successful brands and businesses in the world today (Apple, Nike, Pepsi)… what do they all have in common? A killer logo that everyone recognizes… even without their names on them.

In addition to all of the businesses and brands on the internet today, you also have a lot of options in reference to where you can get your logo and graphic design work done. We highly recommend that you take a look at DesignHill, compare their work and services to other design sites and see which fits best into your budgeting and business plan.

Create a logo design contest with DesignHill

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