Do You See The Big Picture?

do you see the big pictureDo you see the big picture? This is one of the biggest problems with online business, especially if you’re new to it all. There are so many shiny objects that are crying, “Lo here and Lo there”. Now more than ever, business owners need to see the big picture.

My only desire tonight is to help a beginner see what I see. It’s taken me many connections, books, seminars, webinars and ebooks to see the big picture. What are the pieces that make up a profitable online business?

  • An Offer
  • A Platform
  • Communication
  • An Audience

1. An Offer

Offers come in all shapes and sizes. What is our offer here at We help bloggers keep up with the content that they need to keep their audience coming back for more. The offer is where you make your money. You can sell products as an affiliate, sell your own informational products and offer a variety of coaching services.  In addition to all of the offers you have available to you, you can use your blog to launch into a nice public speaking career. John Rampton just returned from delivering a keynote speech at Blogworld.

What will be your offer?

2. A Platform

No matter what offer you will provide, you will need a platform to communicate that. When selling affiliate products, you’ll need, what is called, a landing page or a squeeze page. A landing page is usually one of the simplest websites out there and it is designed to promote the product you’re selling. A squeeze page is a little bit more complex, as it uses an auto-responder service to collect lead information from a visitor. It squeezes a lead, hence the name.

Personally, I love the blog platform because you can do all of the above. Even in this blog category, there are many different blogging platforms. What you see here is all made with You can use any of the free platforms out there; however, I strongly encourage you to buy a domain name, design your site, and host it. What you build will be your asset for as long as you maintain the domain and the hosting. For those wanting to see a detailed list of the platforms to choose from, click here. 

What will your platform be?

 3. Communication

This is an essential piece of the puzzle and it’s often overlooked. While you can communicate to people through blogging, the communication I’m talking about is what happens behind the scenes. This is typically often referred to the back-end or email marketing. Many of us bloggers make additional streams of income by communicating to those who join our email lists.

To accomplish such, you will need an auto-responder service, an opt-in box or a landing page. It does cost a little bit of money to run an email list, but after you discover its power, you’ll never be without it. Don’t delay in building a list as it will drive traffic to your site and bring in additional revenue.

What will you communicate to your readers?

4. An Audience

Acquiring an audience is vital to your success. Affiliates can’t make sales if there is no one seeing their offers. The same goes for your blog; a dead blog is a dead blog. Too many online business owners are on, what I like to call, informational island; meaning, that their fantastic offer isn’t being seen. See how having no audience is a big problem?

For those wanting to learn how to acquire larger audiences, click here. One last thing you should know, nothing good in life comes easy. There is work involved, especially with building an audience around your offer. It’s taken me loads of guest-posts, networking, SEO, and PPC to find an audience.

How will you acquire your audience?

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