Do you have a blog or do you want to start one? If so, you will want to learn more about how to create, promote, and maintain one. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the steps you need to take to start your blog and make your blog as good as it can be. Then we’ll show you how to use Facebook ads to create a winning ad campaign that will pay off big for you in the future.

How to Start a Blog

This part is for anyone who doesn’t have a blog but who would like to start one. The first step to creating a blog is to think about what you want the focus to be. If you are a journalist or a writer and your blog will be the focus of your online presence, you will want to spend your time planning high-quality articles and make a list of article topics. When your blog is the sole focus, you just need to work on making your blog the best it can be by finding ways to increase your engagement level.

If you have a website too such as a shopping or eCommerce website, you will need to create and organize an entire site around your blog, as well. For some website owners, the blog is an additional digital asset that they add to their business website. It adds another page that gets your ideas in front of a bigger audience and allows you to get to know your audience.

If this is the arrangement you plan on using, you’ll want to create a website with integrated blogging capabilities. One idea is to use a hosting service such as Bluehost that lets you integrate your blog within your website. Another way to do it is to have your website on one page and your blog on another site. Creating your blog off-site can increase your traffic because it gives you two web properties, rather than one.

Using Media as a Traffic Generator

In addition to posting articles on your blog, you will want to include media such as videos, audio clips, pictures, and infographics to generate a higher level of engagement. By including videos, for example, you will have additional content on another social media platform, (YouTube) that comes with its internal search engine and social media aspects. People sometimes go straight to YouTube to search for content. By including video on YouTube, you can enjoy the traffic you’ll get from your YouTube channel, as well as the higher level of engagement you’ll get from including video on your page.

When you create video content, put some thought into what you want to say or present in the video. Preproduction planning is essential to getting the video put together in a way that is beneficial to your brand. Even if you are only hosting a blog without a business website, it will be in your best interest to include video on your blog as well. Embedding your video on your blog is always better than just inserting a link because people will be able to see it when they first enter your page.

The Social Media Factor

When it comes to social media, don’t forget the power of including social media links to all of your social media sites. You need to integrate your blog within your social media as much as possible. Make sure to inform your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media fans when you post a new blog entry. This will help you to draw attention to every post so that you will increase your coverage.

If a post is important enough to write, it is necessary enough to promote, so make sure to post a link to your post on your social media.

When it comes to Facebook, there are some ways that you can utilize the features on Facebook to promote your posts. The most straightforward way is just to make regular Facebook posts. By the sheer frequency of your posts, you will be able to generate more interest in your blog or website.

Another step you can take is to hit the “boost post” button on the bottom righthand corner of your post. Facebook lets you boost any post you want to as long as it meets their requirements. You can include video, photos, or anything you choose in your post. Once you hit the “boost post” button, you will be able to use a pay-per-click system to buy ads on Facebook.

The PPC system is the same type of system that is used on Google AdWords and any of the other PPC type ad strategies available online today. You only pay when you get clicks, to put it simply. So you don’t lose any money since you know that every click counts and every cent counts that you set aside for your ad campaign.

You should put some thought into how much you wish to spend on your Facebook ad campaign, even if you are only using the “boost post” feature. It can add up fairly quickly once you get an advertising campaign started so you need to watch the amount of money that your budget. There are options you can use that allow you to stop a campaign after a certain date and you can stop and restart it anytime.

Recommendations for First Ads on Facebook

The first step to creating an effective ad campaign on Facebook is just to start with your first ad. Read more about how to get started with Facebook business ads to learn more about how it works. Then allow a certain amount toward your ad campaign to get it going.

Monitor your results with Facebook’s tools to see the types of reactions you are getting on your ad or use alternate tools to track the results of your campaigns. With some practice, you will be creating Facebook ads in no time that may prove to be successful in helping you reach your goals.

Creating Video Ads on Facebook

One way to increase your following on Facebook and improve your level of engagement is to create video ads on your Facebook page. Again, you can start by simply posting videos on your main Facebook page. But with some of Facebook’s new changes, your followers may not always see every post, even on your business or fan page. You need to increase the level of interest in your page by creating a paid video ad with Facebook’s PPC advertising system.

Remember that using the paid ad system in correlation with your standard free posts, you will be able to reach a wider audience and see your ad dollars paying off in a more significant way.

Get Creative

The key to a successful advertising campaign on Facebook (or anywhere) is to get creative and use your imagination when designing your ad campaigns. Try a free post daily for a week and see what results you get. If you don’t get the results you want, try a PPC campaign for a few days and record the results of that effort. By the process of elimination and trying different things, you will figure out which method works best for you.

Making Your Blog Shine

If you have already started on your blog, that’s great! I’m sure you have some great ideas that will interest your target audience. But make sure and spend some time getting to know what your audience wants. You can do this by studying the profiles of your Facebook followers. Look at the things they post to get to know them better. Create surveys that you can give your potential customers to see what they like or what they would like to see you write about.

There may be topics that are of higher value than others to your customer base. Learn about what is important to them and try to focus your content on the things that are important to your readers. This is what will help you to reach new levels of success with your blog and make it shine!

Web Server with Video Options

If you are ready to create a blog or you already have one, you should think about finding a web server that will allow you to use video ads. A video is powerful, and you can increase your traffic many times over when you utilize video on your blog or website. It’s like creating an extra door to your content that will help you to maximize your impact on your target audience. Read about some of the statistics on video ads to see how effective they can be.

Getting Started

Well, you should know now how to create a blog, promote it, and use Facebook or other social media tools to increase your traffic and potential for success. You do need one more thing: a web server. If you do not yet have a server to place your blog with, check out what offers.

They have a great introductory rate right now (only $2.95) for their basic service so you can’t lose with prices like that! There’s no reason why you can’t get started with your blog today and take it for a test drive to see what you think.

Getting a server like Bluehost that has 24/7 customer service, integrated WordPress capabilities, and many other tools will help you to boost your blog and your website in ways that will pay off big in the future.

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