Fixing the Vulnerabilities of Your WordPress Blog

There are at present, 73 million web sites in the planet earth running on WordPress. WordPress has always been the most preferred choice among bloggers because of its simplicity and its host of uber cool features. It is easy to install and it offers zillions of customization options and that too without requiring us to learn how to fly a space rocket.

But even popular platform like WordPress has its own share of shortcomings and the chief among them is its vulnerability. Since this platform is widely used, hackers always try to break through its security. But tightening down security of your WordPress blog is not a rocket science. With the following tips, you will be able to bolster security of your WordPress blog. So, let’s have a look at them –


Keep It Updated

You might have noticed this earlier; WordPress always releases new updated version of their software. These updated versions are basically an attempt to fix the vulnerabilities of the previous version. So, we can safely assume that with each update, people at WordPress are trying to make this platform more secure and robust, unless they have a secret agenda [sorry just kidding].

So, if you do not update to latest version of WordPress, you are just making your WordPress blog open to a barrage of external threats. Hackers primarily target sites that run on older version of WordPress as they are well aware of their loopholes. The same rule is applicable for plugins.

Secure Hosting

‘Cheap’ web hosting may sound tempting but the problem is that these types of web hosting service providers in most cases cut down on the security front. Free web hosting is another such grey areas where even angels fear to tread.   The ugly truth is that if you want to ensure security of your website, you have to choose a secured and trusted web hosting service provider. Check the track record of that web hosting company before coming to a conclusion.

Fix the Bugs and Vulnerability in Codes

You may or may not aware but the theme codes of your WordPress blog may contain some serious bugs or code errors that can make your website vulnerable to external threats. Now fixing these bugs manually is a time consuming task but there are some cool tools like CheckMarx available that will automate the task for you.

Never Say Yes to Free Themes

Free theme, what I personally believe is the single biggest curse on the humanity. Though there are some genuine free themes available which look and feel good, it is better to avoid them. Rarely are these free themes built with care. Therefore, they can contain some serious security flaws in them and this can make your WordPress blog all the more vulnerable to external security threats.

Do not Use ‘Admin’ As User name

Imagine all the people over the world are using the same name – ‘Jack’. Would not that make the task of the fellow hackers to hack into the bank account of millions of people by forging the signature of people? The same rule is applicable to the world of web. You simply cannot use the default user name – ‘Admin’. Come on that sounds ridiculous. You have to change it to something else so that hackers find it difficult to crack.

Limit the Number of Login Attempts

By limiting the number of login attempts from a particular IP, you can safeguard your WordPress blog from the scathing attack of bot or hackers trying to force into your account. However, some hackers are smart and they may use many IPs while launching a brute-force attack to crack your password but it still worth the attempt.

Keep A Backup

It is never too late to keep a backup. Everybody knows the importance of keeping a backup but the problem is that they never try to keep a backup until it is too late. No matter how secure the platform is, hackers can hack into your system and therefore, it makes sense that you have a backup in hand so that restore your website in no time in case of some untoward incidents.

Strong Password

This one may sound a bit basic but the problem is that most people still use simple password because they are easy to remember. So, if you are using some simple words or combinations as your password, please replace it with something strong as soon as possible.