Freelance writers and bloggers understand the importance of checking their work and site content for errors. There are many aspects of writing including creative content writing, the use of figurative language, an organization of thoughts, and grammar, to name a few. While Grammar is the mechanical side of writing, it is just the vehicle that writers use to make content readable and to improve the communication. In short, Grammarly has become a blogger and freelance writer’s best friend when it comes to create content even better than you had originally planned for.

In other words, when your writing is grammatically sound, you will be able to communicate your ideas in a better and more concise way. Your readers tend to like copy that is readable and easy to digest. Using words that are awkward or too advanced can throw some readers while being too simple with your wording can insult your readers’ intelligence. Grammarly can make suggestions on all of these situations and suggest wording that is better suited for your blog.

In short, Grammarly can help with many writing tasks, such as:

  • Proofreading sentence structure and spelling of your content as you write it
  • Finding miss-spellings and correcting the occasional mistake you may have missed
  • Fixing common grammar mistakes that many authors, writers, and bloggers make
  • Giving writers a better understanding of word and comma usage within content
  • The tool is also great for pointing out incorrect verb agreement and subject verb usage
  • Professional writers love the benefit of having a live proofreader and article checker as they are writing
  • Having an online grammar spelling checker that works both online, offline, and on social media
  • Not only does this tool help with misspelled words, it can also act as a professional writing aid and help with grammar and punctuation as well

Whether you are writing an academic paper, a white paper, or a blog post, it is important to find some time-saving tools that will allow you to edit your copy quickly and easily so that you can focus on your content, rather than the Grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

How Grammarly is Helping to Create Better Written Content offers a free tool that allows you to have an AI smart editor with you at all times. The basic editor is free, but you need to upgrade to the premium version to get the full features. While the premium spell checker tool is ideal for anyone that is writing a lot, the free version is a great spellchecker for anyone that is just looking for a quick online proofreading of their content and not ready to put up the money for the full version.

With the premium editor for $39.95 per month, you’ll be able to use Grammarly in the following ways:

1. Spelling and Grammar check

Run an automatic smart “AI” spelling and grammar check. Grammarly will automatically run a scan on all of your document and show you the critical errors and minor errors that it discovers so that you can fix them. It produces the errors as a “red text” item on the right margin across from the text in question. It will automatically offer recommendations and suggestions as to how you can improve your writing in that sentence or phrase. Just click on the red text to correct it, and the text will be corrected. You can choose not to correct it if you choose. Sometimes this is necessary since Grammarly does not take into account some unique phrasing or exceptions that good writers use that circumvent normal Grammar rules and standards.

Some of the errors it finds will have to do with punctuation; others may involve capital letters, the use of phrasing, spelling, or grammar rules. All of these are important when you are writing professionally or writing a blog that your readers will read. While writing content for a blog is a different situation than a term paper for a college English class, most of the same rules apply when it comes to sentence structuring, grammar, and context.

The spell checking application also works great for use within Microsoft Word and Google docs, along with WordPress and other writing and blogging platforms. With this tool added as a software or a browser extension, it makes for an effective way to improve your English, correct bad grammar, and also have a proofreading software that active is checking your grammar as you write it out.

Grammarly tends to side with academic text standards that are derived from APA and other standards, so bloggers will just need to use their judgment if Grammarly suggests corrections you don’t want to make. Blogging is informal writing, so it’s okay to deviate a bit from the rules for the sake of style.

Still, Grammarly is an excellent tool to have because it will make corrections that are considered mainstream standards of grammar that you need to have correct when writing professionally.

2. Chrome Extension

Using the Grammarly Chrome extension is a great way to keep Grammarly with you online. As long as you are signed into your Google account on Chrome, you’ll see the Grammarly editor automatically appear within the document you are working on. You may see a swirling red or yellow dot at the lower right-hand corner of your document. Just click on this, and it will take you into the Grammarly editor to make your corrections. To enable Grammarly for Chrome, just sign into your Google account and enable Grammarly for Chrome. You can download the application for Chrome when you sign into your Grammarly account when you first download it.

Whether you are using Grammarly as a software add-on or a web extension, the benefit are pretty much the same. With each grammar error found, the tool with automatically make or recommend a correction that should be made. It’s also nice to not have to copy and paste these recommendations, but instead just make a simple click on their recommendation. You will notice these recommendations right away, as they will have a red underline that is clickable.

3. Plagiarism check

You can go into the Grammarly settings to find the plagiarism option. Turn this on or off to enable or disable the plagiarism check within your Grammarly editor. If it is enabled, it will run a plagiarism check to check for similar wording all over the web and return the results. While there are natural similarities in wording between web writers, you want to make sure that your blog does not copy the ideas or text of other writers. If the duplicate copy is found by Google, they may drop you in the rankings.

You can’t afford to risk this is you are running a blog as you need to be original in all of your ideas and blog posts. Grammarly allows you to use their automatic plagiarism checker to check your content for originality.

4. Grammarly for Windows

Grammarly for Windows allows you to install the application for Windows so that you can click on the application from your desktop. For offline bloggers who like to use offline editors first for blog posts, you may find this feature beneficial.

As noted on their site, Grammarly for Microsoft Office is not supported on Mac, yet. However, you can still use the spell checker application online or with Windows.

Another option is the user the Grammarly Editor, which is an online editor that lets you store all of your documents online, and allows you to easily access them at any given time.

5. Grammarly for MS Office

If you use MS Office or Office 365, installing Grammarly for MS Office (from the Grammarly website), will allow you to use its tools on your MS office projects. This includes PowerPoint, Excel documents, and MS Word. This is an important tool to use for your MS Office projects to make sure your presentations are of the best quality before presenting them to a group.

To see a full summary of all Grammarly features in action, be sure to check out the short video below.


Best Features of Grammarly

The automatic functions of Grammarly make it the most enviable tool for writers and bloggers available today. It is built with extremely smart technology that can detect the most common grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors and allow you to correct them in editing. Depending on your current writing style and how you plan to use the content, you will find that Grammarly makes for the perfect writing assistant.

Some writers prefer to wait until they are finished with their document before they go into Grammarly to see the errors they need to correct. However, Grammarly can automatically show you the errors as you go. As you are writing a blog post, if you have Grammarly for Chrome enabled (for online platforms), you'll see the mistakes that Grammarly finds underlined in red.

Just click on the word that is in the red, and you'll see suggestions for the correct wording or spelling. It's also a good idea to run another check once you have completed the post so that it will find the other errors you need to look at.

Grammarly for Social Media

Another great feature that comes with Grammarly is the social media compatibility. Social media is the last place you want to be seen for having poor English skills or bad grammar... as thousands of people will potentially be seeing it. With that being said, this spell checker tool still works amazingly for content being written on social media platforms as well. In short, it should be your goal to improve your writing across all mediums.

Grammarly is designed to work efficiently with most of the most popular social media platforms including the following:

With so much compatibility with the major platforms, you can use Grammarly on any site that you produce content for. This can go a long way toward improving your content for your target audience, no matter what platform you are writing for.

Grammarly or Common Sense?

There is an argument against tools such as because people say that it takes the choice away from the writer on which words to use. While too much automation is a real possibility in our day of AI and smart software, Grammarly is a highly-efficient tool that saves writers a great deal of time in finding the errors that it might take you much longer time to do on your own.

If you're a writer or a blogger and you want to save time on your posts to make sure you are producing the best quality, Grammarly offers a fast and efficient method for checking the quality of your work. Just remember that, in the final analysis, you can decide on whether you will take the suggestions of Grammarly or not.

As stated before, there are times that you should deviate from some of the rules of academic Grammar, especially when writing a blog that is often written in a playful, unique, or creative way that doesn't always follow the standards of academic prose.

However, Grammarly is packed with automatic editing features that save writers hours and hours of time by doing a lightning-fast grammar check to find all of the errors within a few seconds!

If you're a website owner or blogger and you want to make sure that you are creating quality content without having to call up your high school English teacher to check it for you, Grammarly is the best tool you can find on the web.

If you want to learn more about Grammarly or check out all of the features and versions for yourself, go to

Grammar is not the most important thing in writing. Writing engaging content is the most important. Even Will Shakespeare is known to have deviated from the rules from time to time. But then, Will didn't have Grammarly. If he had, he just might have used it to save time to write more tragedies!

Whether you are looking to have a quick tool to help with grammar errors, to improve your content writing and usage of subject verb agreements, or even just a writing aid that can check for readability and typos, Grammarly is simply the best tool out there for getting this done.

Additional Writing Resources Outside of Grammarly

As you can imagine, there are going to be plenty of online resources and tools to help you improve your expertise and writing skills. Outside of using an application like Grammarly, there are many other writing sites that you can simply outsource your writing jobs to, which can help you get more work done. One such example is the free grammar checker to help boost your writing skills and speed.

To learn more about how to improve your writing skills, also be sure to check out the following relevant articles below:

Be sure to take the time to read through each of the writing tips and grammatical resources above, as they will each contribute to you becoming a better writer and blogger.

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