Thousands of domain names are purchased, sold and expired on a daily basis. What happens to those domains names once they are registered, transferred or dropped is always a mystery — some will be built into web sites, others will be held for future sales, while many will expire and go up for auction in the domain name aftermarket.

Domain names are the real estate of the internet, and should you ever find yourself lucky enough to come across an exact match or generic domain name, you may find yourself with quite the golden opportunity. Should you still be sitting on the sidelines and trying to think up a great domain name for your own site, this article should help. Or, if you currently own a bunch of domain name and need to relocate who they registered with, be sure to visit our domain transfer guide.

With domain marketplaces like Sedo, Moniker, NameJet, NL and many others, the business of buying and selling domain names has become quite a lucrative one. At the end of the day, every domain name is unique in it’s own way, and if someone wants it bad enough — they might just be willing to pay millions of dollars for it!

Best Selling Domain Names

In the infographic below, we get to take a look at the top ten domain sales of 2015 (up to August), as reported by The one common theme across the top ten highest selling domain names so far for 2015, is that they are all “.com” names. The highest selling non-dotcom domain name is ranked at #12, which was and sold for $265,149 through Tradera back in January 22nd of 2015. is the top selling domain name for the year (4th all time – source), which sold for an amazing $8,888,88 — which is more than the next nine domains in the list combined.

Top Ten Domain Sales of 2015

  1. – $8,888,888
  2. – $800,000
  3. – $575,000
  4. – $555,050
  5. – $554,000
  6. – $500,000
  7. – $459,000
  8. – $375,000
  9. – $350,000
  10. – $300,000 sells as 4th Highest Domain Name Ever

Of all the domain names listed above, you will see that is the clear winner… over 10 times higher than the next highest selling domain on the list. This is also the highest selling domain name since the sale of in 2010 for $13 million. The sales was done through and was sold by Rick Schwartz, the so-called “Domain King”. Another important note in the domain name transaction is that this was a 100% cash deal. The domain name was originally purchased for $42,000 i n 1997, and had already generated over $10 million in earnings just from redirect traffic and advertising.

For a visual breakdown on each of the top domain name sales for the year, feel free to check out the infographic below.

Biggest Domain Sales of 2015 (1)

  • 4