Home brewing is a growing hobby among beer lovers all-over the world. There are a lot of techniques and ingredients to experiment with. Blogs on home brewing can give first-timers a hand when it comes to finding the ingredients and equipment. One can also find an online home brewing community where people share their passion for craft of making beer as well as chugging it down.

List of the Top Homebrew Blogs on the Internet Today

If you’re still new at blogging or you’ve been wanting to create your own blog, you can use this list as a guide or even as a source of inspiration for your own. Go check them out and note down the ideas that pop in your mind as go through each blog.



Craig is a multi talented man. Amongst his many hobbies, which include video production, audio engineering, and of course music, Craig would carry on the family tradition of home brewing beer. At age 20, Craig started experimenting with beer kits, and he’s still at it. He has attracted literally thousands of followers, many of which claim that they would have never started home brewing if it weren’t for Craig’s videos.

Craig also does a variety of other things on his YouTube channel, including cooking shows, music performances, and philosophical talks, but the main theme of the channel is BEER. The channel is currently followed by over 67 Thousand subscribers and has over 114 Million views.


Chop & Brew

Chop & Brew is a channel and webshow about life’s great food and fermentations. A large focus is on home brewing of all sorts: extract, partial mash, BIAB, and all-grain; ales, lagers, and experimental brews. They also feature and highlight other home fermentations such as wine, mead, sake and kombucha. They also talk about cooking, barbecuing, grilling, roasting, smoking, curing, freezing — and the spaces wherein food and fermentation meet.

Producer Chip Walton, former videographer/editor/producer of Brewing TV, presents this show alongside amateur and professional foodies and home brewers. Short-form videos are regular with longer-format “episodes” released when the content and consideration merits. The channel is followed by 21 Thousand subscribers and has over 1.5 Million views.


Basic Brewing

Basic Brewing is the home of Basic Brewing Radio and Basic Brewing Video, podcasts on home brewing. This channel is also for home brewers who want to improve their brews and have fun doing it. Following this channel, you’ll be stepping into all grain takes you through the all grain brewing process from milling your grain to collecting your wort.

It is designed for brewers who already brew using the extract method, but beginners will get a lot out of it, too. This channel uses a non-linear approach to step you through the process. You can choose step or infusion mashing, then batch or fly-sparging. And you can always visit any segment directly by looking at the title of each video. The channel has an audience of over 15 Thousand subscribers and has over 1.3 Million views.


Home Beer Brewery

This channel is all about Serious Home Brewing and more. The Home Beer Brewery is all about making beer at home. Topics include brewing tutorials, homebrewing techniques, product and book reviews, articles on brewing popular beer styles and brewing news.

This channel is a collaboration between a group of homebrewers and beer lovers from the Netherlands. The Home Beer Brewery is a channel and an online community for people who love to drink and make great beer. The channel is followed by over 12 Thousand subscribers and has over 2.9 Million views.



The YouTube channel owner, Dino is into making homebrew beer. He has made beer with kits, like the Coopers beer kit range, but he also likes to create his own homebrew from scratch using malt extract and adding steeped grains and trying different yeasts and hops for flavor and aroma, etc.

Also on his channel, he has videos from the car shows he attends and a few about Xbox gaming. Enjoy the channel and subscribe if you like to see more from the home brewing expert. The channel is followed by over 3 Thousand subscribers and has over 3 Million views.


Fast Homebrew

Fast Homebrew is a resource created for homebrewers by homebrewers. It includes videos of beer making and information on brewing ingredients and equipment.

These homebrew videos are fast paced and to the point and filled with (bad) jokes, puppets and fun. This channel is all about beer and Homebrewing with a simple goal: Make your brewing simpler, your beer better, and your beer life more satisfying. The channel has over 4 Thousand subscribers and over 397 Thousand views.


Homebrew Chris

Chris started home brewing in June 2014 when he ordered a home brew starter kit. He saw brewing as a chance to save money, so designing a kit that wouldn’t cost the earth was the top priority. He built a dedicated brew shed in the back garden so the only thing left to do was build the control panel to run everything, which he eventually built.

He managed to get hold of a couple of 50-liter kegs which he converted into an HLT and boil pot which he heated with a propane burner. After many unpleasant brew days, he decided an electric brewery would be the way to go. He usually makes alterations and improvements to the brew setup and other builds which he tries to document through this channel to help others who want to give it a go. The channel has over 3 Thousand subscribers and has over 480 Thousand views.


Homebrew 4 life

Homebrew 4 life, consist of just a couple of buddies from San Diego who have a passion for all things beer related. They are a bunch of beer brewing enthusiasts from San Diego. They meet weekly to discuss beer – brewing it, drinking it and loving it. NEW VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAY NIGHT!

They are homebrewers with all levels of experience. Their interests run the gamut from those who brew using extract kits, to all-grain mashers, to those who simply appreciate and enjoy good beer. The channel is followed by over 2 Thousand subscribers and has over 190 views.



Clement shares his passion for fun, laughter, and great beers through his YouTube channel. On this channel, you will find weekly Home Brew Videos, Beer Reviews, Beer Festivals, and the occasional cooking with beer episode. He loves what he does and sharing it with you.

Clement has a story that many of us can relate to: He spent his younger beer-drinking years developing no discernible taste, just drinking whatever was cheap and available, until one day a light came on. That’s when craft beer began to mean something. The next step was when he discovered he could brew good beer on his own. This is now what he documents on his channel, which includes a crash course for total homebrew beginners. The channel has over 2 Thousand subscribers and over 329 Thousand views.


Everty Brewing

Everty has been home brewing since January 2011 and had been trying different extract and partial grain kits. From there, his interest in this hobby took off. Starting with a Home Depot cooler and slowly built an electric brewing system. He has been brewing on an electric system in his basement since 2013.

His journey continues with new styles, brewing methods, DIY projects, and developing his craft into becoming a great brewer. He documents his homebrewing journey on his YouTube channel. He tries to get routine brewing updates and brew day footage along with taste testing for his brews. The channel has over 1 Thousand subscribers and has over 104 Thousand views.

How to Get Started with Your Own Homebrew Blog

Creating your own blog can be as satisfying as making a good batch of homebrewed beer. Of course, the beginning will always have some bumps or roadblocks. But these difficulties can be better managed or lessened when you choose the right tools, services, and guide.

What are the basic requirements? Well, all you need is a domain name, a hosting plan, and a strategy to create content.

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