How Blog Commenting Can Make A Difference To Your Blogs

Blog commenting has occupied a special place in the online marketing. This brings you more readers and hence, traffic. A few benefits of commenting on blogs are mentioned below:-

  • It can help build good relationships with the communities related to blogging
  • It helps in knowing your skills and existence
  • It offers best backlinks for your blogs
  • It certainly increases traffic on your blogs.

There are so many comments on the blog page and many bloggers wonder how to gain attention of readers in their comments section. Here are few queries that will help you

Is there any CommentLuv Plug-in?

Everybody loves to see on their blog a CommentLuv Plug-in. This plug-in helps in placing links of the commenters recent post at the end of the comments. This way commenters and readers are able to view the headings of the recent post. If the readers are interested, they can jump over. This provides a great way to increase traffic on your blog page.

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Avatar helps a lot

You can add an image and tag on your forums, comments and on posts, specified by your name. It is simply easy to create an avatar. It helps in making out your comments out of the crowd and in gaining traffic for your website. Don’t use your picture; rather use your pet picture, an animation or anything else beautiful in design. It is not recommended to use offensive and rude images.

Adding worth

It is often observed that people use such comments that may suit any blogs that they visit. Add worth to your comments and try to add something informative, funny or witty. You can also add recommendations and insights. A good advice is always appreciated. If you don’t have motivation at that time, you can also leave comments on other blogs.

Comments must be always regarding topics

Every blogger is excited to talk and write about anything but the sections such as comments is not the right place to do such thing. This can create a bad impression and you will even sound irrelevant or you may irritate people. To confirm the relevant comment, you should go through the post and try to understand what the blogger has written. After that, you should leave a comment that must be relevant to the blog. You can also leave your link after your comment

Being nice

To be nice does not mean that you always have to agree with the author. No two persons’ suggestions, ideas and thinking are similar so it’s quite possible that you may not agree or like the others’ posts .You can oppose but in a very polite manner. Give respect and you will get back the respect. Always respect the writings and its author. There are many readers who are interested in exploring our content. Take things positively and handle situations in a polite way .This will help you a lot in making you a great blogger.

Nice comments help a lot in gaining more traffic. If this is properly done, this will help getting huge traffic for your blogs.