How Do I Review My Article After It’s Been Written?

Step 1: Login

Step 2: Click on 1 Waiting for Review in your Client Dashboard seen below.

Step 3: You should next be taken to a page with all your articles that you need to approve.  Next you will need to click on View Article. See an example of this down below.

Step 4: Next you will click on the button below Action.

Step 5:  Review the Article as seen in the picture below.

Step 6: You have the option to Request Resubmit, Reject, or Approve the article.  If you Request a Resubmit on the article the person will have 48 hours to rewrite the article and resubmit.  If you Reject the article it will go back online to 1000’s of other writers.  If you approve the article you’ll be taken to a page where you can review the author.

Keep in mind that all articles are all run through copyscape as to not allow any form of duplicate content ensuring that every article is unique.  Know can know with piece of mind that your article is unique and not copied!


  1. bogdan October 15, 2012
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