How To Add Value To Your Readers Immediately

I get this question all the time, “Adam, how can I add value?” It’s a question, that without experience, is a hard one to answer. Contrary to what lots of marketers are currently doing, I’m going to teach you the process of adding value immediately. Your readers will die for you if you help them get results. Nothing else matters if you can’t give them something that will give them results.

What are most marketers doing?

They are applying proper principles, but they aren’t being as effective as they could be. They use opt-in boxes and free giveaways to get emails. Where are they going wrong? They are merely giving away content to build their email list.

What can be said about their giveaways?

They are using PLR (private label rights) and poorly written content. While using PLR can help you begin the process of building a list, I don’t recommend it. Here’s why: it was written by someone else and it’s often outdated and poorly written.

What do the people on your list have to say about the giveaways?

While they will rarely tell you, the numbers say everything. The number of unsubscribes is telling you something. There are several reasons why someone would unsubscribe, but the one I want to focus on is: You aren’t valued by them.

Another thing your list will tell you is the number of sales you’re getting when you’re promoting products to them. Why should they buy anything you recommend? They’ll remember that crappy ebook or email series you sent them after they opted in.

How can I get around this issue?

To put it simply, one must put their best content forward initially. This will dramatically increase your ability to keep people on your list. That way when you recommend something in the future, they trust you and remember when they read your awesome ebook that really taught them something. Even better, what you taught them gave them results.

What happens when your readers get results?

Readers that get results from following your advice will follow you around and probably die for you. They’ll develop a thirst for every email and every social update that put up. And, it just can’t be quenched – they love you.

How much value should you give away initially?

The simple answer is: don’t give away the farm. There is a fine line between giving them hardly anything and giving them all of your tricks. Great authors and TV writers understand this. They will give you a great story, but there’s always more. You’ve got to cultivate the ability to keep them coming back for more. But you can’t do that until you’ve helped them get results with the initial value offering.





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