How to boost your authority by 180 degrees

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Admit it.

You see your  competitors crap content out there, and you’re wondering…

Why they get more traffic?

Why people look to them as authority figures?

Why they get more money while your  content is far better than theirs?

Frustrating, right?

Everyone new is in the same position.

But there is one technique to boost your authority by 180 degrees.

And this technique is to massively overdeliver than your competitors.


That is what this post is all about with examples.

How to massively over-deliver?

You’re still worried that you can’t provide your readers with that massive value?

Well, think again. It’s actually simpler, not easier than you think?

There are 2 ways to make your content better:

  1. Go more in-depth: This is simple. Instead of digging 100 1-foot holes, dig 1 100-foot hole. This is what you’re going to do here. Dig multiple holes, but move even further the 100-foot. Make your article insanely practical.
  2. Step up the design: This is really simple. I talked before about how design matters. So if you want to outstand your competitors, step up the design of your post. You may need to hire a designer to create multiple images, design your page to make it stand out and so on.

So these are a simple 2 tips to provide massive value.

Well, how could you do it?

Let’s go over examples of how others had done so.

Neil Patel’s advanced guides

Neil Patel started creating advanced guides to several topics in the marketing industry.

He covered topics from Seo, link building, personal branding to growth hacking, content marketing, and many others.

You can check his SEO guide.

Check out the examples there… he goes really in-depth. The guides are 40,000+ words. Outrageous, right?

He also shared that he spends more than 40,000$ on design and writing.

Do you see how much he cover excessive details? The design?

That is how you stand out.

But you don’t need to spend that much to create an outrageous guide.

You can write the content yourself. Hire a designer on upwork for 100$, and get a decent job done.

You got the idea, right?

Let’s go over other examples..

Leadpages free courses

Leadpages is known in the market as a landing page creator. It has dominated the market and took the landing page creation process to another level.

Although they have their authority, they were able to boost it by creating free courses that could be easily sold for hundreds of dollars.

I mean it. People actually talked about the same topics with fewer details and charge 997$ for their fluffy courses, and people are happy with it.

They even provide you with worksheets, audio, and transcripts with every video module.

These courses have helped them to stand out from the crowd.

You could also do it.

Just focus on a small topic and create a course that people will be happy to pay 200$ for, and give it for free.

It’ll really help a lot to boost your authority.

You could check leadpages’ webinar and facebook ads courses to get a better sense of what I mean. And if you’re doing, or planning to do, any of these strategies, check the courses.

3. Shopify Encyclopedia

This is another great piece of content that Shopify created.

Shopify is a simply, e-commerce solution for people to help them create their online shop without the pain of spending hours figuring out how to do it right.

They created an encyclopedia to talk about business terms that people may be frustrated with and talked in detail about each term.

They defined a lot of terms there, and they’re providing massive value for their readers.

You could check the shopify business encyclopedia here if you’re building your business to find a definition for any of the frustrating terms you may have.

You could check their definition for entrepreneurship. I really like it.

Last Words

If you overdeliver people can’t help but notice your work.

By creating this piece of content as I shared in the previous examples, you’ll start to boost your authority.

It takes time? Absolutely, and that is why 99% of your competitors won’t even care about doing it.

So what should you do?

Start planning that piece of content and plan your promotion strategy… and that is what the next post is all about, so wait for it.


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