If you are just starting out to blogging or building a business or website, it can be very easy to feel like you have millions of website miles to crawl before you sleep. But industry reports are showing that in the first half of 2018 alone, over 339 million domain name registrations were formed. It is estimated that domain name registrations grow by almost 8 million a year, a number that should tell you that you are one of the millions just getting started. Learn from the experts and start with the best domain registrars in the business.

When you are conducting business in the offline world, the first thing you do is shake hands. The first thing you say is your business name. You never want that handshake and introduction to be 10 minutes long.

In the world of the Internet, brevity is even more important. But in a world where there are 8 million more domain name registrations than there were the year before, accomplishing brevity can be a bit of a challenge.

When you know how to buy a domain name, you have mastered one of the most difficult components of online branding, and online business building.

What’s in a Name?

It is as important to have a good domain name as it is to have a good business name. In the world of brick and mortar business, the mantra of “location location location” is the best business model to have.

In the Internet world, your domain name is your location, location, location. You need to have a good domain name so that your brand is easy to say, easy to find, and most importantly, easy to buy from or convert traffic.

No matter what domain registrar you use, your domain name will always be yours, even if you change registrars or hosting services. Unlike a brick and mortar business, if you change servers, your customers will never know.

But they will know, and become very confused if you change your domain name.

It used to be the case where your domain name gave you credibility online. Now it just gives you credibility. A brick and mortar business without a domain name today is going to lose customers.

So whether you are a brick and mortar brand branching into the online world, or, you are an exclusively online business, you need a good domain name.

In today’s business world, a good domain name and online presence is a sign of a good business. Credibility both online and offline is a top reason to have a good domain name.

But a thriving business is the number one reason to have a good domain name.

If you are just starting out, check out these 10 creative and amazing tips for branding your blog in 2019 to get the wheels of inspiration spinning.

How to Choose Your Domain Name

There are a number of tricks to choosing your domain name, but most importantly, you want one that embodies your business. Your domain name is your brand.

Think of the business we know as “Best Buy” for example. Their website is called “BestBuy.com” for good reason.

What if their website was called “MostReasonableTechnologicalPurchasesEver.com” for example?

Simple. They would lose business.

And so this is an example of the kinds of things you need to think of when you are choosing a domain name.

Keep it simple. Keep it catchy. Keep it easy to remember.

If you don’t have a business name yet, it’s always a good idea to choose your domain name first. Then you won’t get stuck in the business of having a good business name but a domain name that is too clunky for your customers to find.

You also want to choose a domain name that will be SEO friendly. SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” That means you want your website to optimize well and be high in the search engine rankings, so that your customers find you online easier.

If you are new to SEO, have a look at some SEO tips and tools that will give you an idea on how you want to frame your online business.

Another thing you want to think about is the ending on your website. The ending of “.com” is the most popular, and home to over 43 percent of the world’s websites today.

But maybe the name you want isn’t available as a dot com. Other formats that are very popular are .net, .org, .info, and more.

How to Choose the Best Domain Registrars

It is likely that you will pick your domain name and your domain registrar at the same time. Once you have found the name you want available, the next thing to do is to register it.

That is what a domain registrar does. It registers your domain name for an annual fee. The fee can be anywhere from $0.99 cents to $20, and it usually isn’t much more than that.

How you choose your domain registrar will depend entirely on what you want out of them. Do you just want to register your name? Or are you looking for the whole kit and kaboodle, from registry to web hosting and serving and even site maintenance as well?

Before you get hoodwinked into buying something you don’t want or need, consider taking a blogging course or blogging university. That investment will go farther than hefty upfront fees at a registrar that you don’t really understand to begin with.

Pricing add-ons are a key thing to look for with registrars. The best domain registrars will explain clearly what every add-on is for, and if you have already taken some study on blogging, you’ll know if it is right for your business or not.

You also want to know what it will cost you to transfer your name somewhere else. It’s kind of like knowing the cost of your cell phone company fees if you switch.

There aren’t always penalties. But you also don’t have to stay married to your registrar until death do you part, either.

Going with registrars that have been around a long time is also another key feature of a good domain registrar. Let’s have a look now at some of the best domain registrars in business today.

1. Who Is Your Go Daddy?

Go Daddy is easily one of the most if not the most popular domain registrar. With over 61 million websites registered, it holds the largest market share of all other registrars.

It has also been around for a very long time. In addition to registering your domain there, you can also buy website builders, eCommerce businesses, and start a brand new business in minutes.

It’s very user-friendly and you know exactly what you are paying for from beginning to end. They have a large support base as well for those questions you are definitely going to have.

You should see registries range in cost from $0.99 to up to $20.00 for a standard registration unless you are buying someone else’s website. If that is the case, you can pay thousands for someone else’s website name.

The more expensive it is, the more valuable it is online.

2. Name Cheap Is a Cheap Name

Another name you will hear often when you are learning how to buy a domain name is Name Cheap. Their reputation lives up to their name, and they are high in the market share of domain registrars with almost 10 million websites this year alone.

Name Cheap offers an intuitive service that is easy to use, and is also affordable. In addition, they offer a number of tutorials if you get stuck.

You’ll find the checkout easy, with an easy to access chat support.

3. Bluehost Makes Hosting Easy

You can become a blue blood without being a blue blood by registering with Bluehost, another one of the most popular domain registrars on the market.

Many consider them to be the best domain registrar, but researching them first and getting a feel for their service will give you that personal feel.

Here you can purchase your name and your hosting service too. A hosting package will often also get you your domain name free, and that may be an affordable option for you.

Even better, their support is available every hour of the day, every day of the year. If your checkout system crashes on New Year’s Day, lucky you, they’ve got support for that.

4. Host Gator Offers it All

Not every domain registrar offers everything on the cheap, but Host Gator does. This is an affordable registrar that can offer you bundles as low as $3 monthly, and even add email addresses to boot.

Host Gator prides itself on being one of the best domain registrars for uptime, meaning, the dreaded website crash is unlikely for you. They also have over 9 million happy customers, and that’s got to be good news for you.

5. Hostinger Attracts Thousands

Hostinger is a popular registrar and they are reputed to be attracting thousands of new customers every day. They’ve been around a long time and can offer you both a hosting service in addition to registering your domain.

You can expect to pay around $11 annually for a .com brand, which is among the lowest prices for a .com site. Renewing will be even cheaper if you stick with Hostinger.

6. Hover Is Straightforward

The registrar known as Hover is known for being straightforward, and reputable.

They are a merger of some of the biggest players in the web world, and as such, know what they are doing when it comes to service, support, and quality.

They’ve also been around since 2009, and in Internet years, that’s a long time.

You won’t be worrying about hosting or website building here, they will just register your name, and you’re done. Register, transfer, renew, it’s all super simple, and super straightforward.

7. Domain Dot Coms It

You have to know that with a name like Domain.com, they are going to offer some pretty stellar domain services. Here you will find affordable rates and an easy to use interface.

You can’t ask for anything more when you are learning how to buy a domain name. You can get domains in every name from .com to .tv, or even .name.

Multiple forms of payment method are available. It’s all about what is best for your business, from beginning to end.

8. Dreamhost is a Dream Hosting Service

If you are looking for a dream hosting service, Dreamhost lives up to its name. It started in 1997 as a fledgling Internet company and is now home to over 1.5 million websites with almost half a million customers.

Here you can find, you guessed it, registrar services and a hosting service if you are looking for one. Neat features they have are also free domain privacy, easy to use dashboards, and a good transfer service if you are moving to them.

9. Name.com is a Long-Time Player

Reputation is critical when you are looking for a domain registrar. That’s exactly what you get at Name.com, in addition to registrar services, emails, and an intuitive website builder you can start using today.

They offer straightforward costs and no hidden fees. Their support is not 24/7, but if you are just looking for a marker online for your business, that may not matter to you.

10. 1 and 1 is One and Done

Another very popular name you will hear a lot in the web hosting world is 1 and 1. This one has been around for a long time as well, and they are said to manage almost 20 million domains.

That in itself should be a testimonial to you when it comes to learning how to buy a domain name. The first-year registry is just $0.99, but that will go up the second year. You can also find a site builder here, eCommerce features, and they will even host your email as well.

Become an Expert Today

It can be hard to decide who to go with when researching the best domain registrars today, you just have to do your due diligence and find the one that feels right for you.

Once you establish your online presence, you instantly market yourself as an expert in your field. That feels pretty good, doesn’t it!

As of June 2018, there were over 135 million .com registrations and 14 million .net registrations. No matter what name you’ve chosen, you’re not alone.

Now it’s time to start making some money from that awesome domain name, and from your selection of the best domain registrars in the business. Let us help you start making money soon when you activate one of our amazing blogging and content creation packages today.

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