So you want to get your guest post published?

You see all the success stories from people like Danny Iny who have built their business depending mainly on guest posting in the early days.

Now, Firepole Marketing, Iny’s blog, is shooting to 7 figures this year. Amazing, right?


You also see a lot of people coming from nowhere become the authorities in their space by guest posting in their early days like Leo Babauto of Zen Habits.

You want to be the same.

You have a great idea nagging in your head, but you can’t get to the right way to reach the A-list bloggers.

On the other hand, you see people who come with normal ideas, and their writing is not that great, and yet they get a chance to be published on these top blogs.

And you, of course, are wondering what the secret is.


Well, it’s simple. You need to pitch them your post the right way.

Continue reading to know how.

But first, you need to…

Make Them Notice Your Name

You need to start a relationship with them. You could do this a week or two before sending your post.

Nothing extreme here.

Here are a few things you could do:

  • Comment on their new posts. Make it long and thoughtful and add something new to the post
  • Tweet their latest posts and @mention them
  • Email them thanking them for a post and show them the results you got implementing their tips
  • You could even buy their product. They will be happy to respond to your questions because you paid them money 🙂

You could check more ideas in these posts:

These few extra steps will make them notice your email. So when you email them, your name stands out from the crowd.

But that’s not enough to get them to accept your post.

Crafting a Magnetic Headline

After you have built a relationship with top bloggers out there, and after you’ve found the right topic and angle to write about, it’s time to pitch them that topic.

Well, there is one more step you need before doing this. You need to find the perfect headline that matches their blog style and that attracts people to read their posts.

Having a great headline can make the difference between getting 100 visitors and getting 5000 visitors. This is what John Wesley from Pick the Brain did. You can see this case study here.

After that, you will know how to pitch the blogger the right way. How to make them accept your post before you even send it. They get a lot of emails, and if you can’t capture them, then you won’t even get a response from them.

How to Craft A Magnetic Headline?

Like I said, the headline can make the difference between getting 100 visitors and getting 5000 visitors.

Also, you need the right headlines that make the blogger (on whose blog you want to guest post) reply to you and ask you to send it. They get a lot of submissions; that’s why they determine whether your post will fit their blog or not, based on your headline.

Having the wrong headline can make them refuse your post, even if it’s really great.

If you want, you can go and check Jon Morrow’s ebook Headline Hacks to get an idea of top headlines you can use. I really recommend that you do so even if you write for your own blog.

Another thing you need to do is to check the patterns that work better than others on your blog(s) of choice.

For example, let’s take Brian Clark of Copyblogger.

There are some patterns that work there better than others.

From those patterns:

[Number] OF [something] ABOUT [something]:



Did you see how they follow this pattern?

The best thing is that most of the new popular posts follow this pattern, or one of the other popular ones.

Every blog has its patterns. Do the research right, find the right patterns and then go for it.

To help you find the popular content on blogs, you could use a tool like Ahrefs content explorer. Enter the url of the blog and search. You’ll find the popular pages on that blog.

How to Pitch the Blogger?

Big bloggers are really busy.

There are a lot of pitches that work. You don’t need to create a new one every time you try to pitch other bloggers.

I will share with you 2 of the top pitches, why they work and how to use them.

The first pitch:

Hey Chris,

How are you? I know you’re a busy dude, so I’ll keep this brief.

I have an article that I wanted to run by you and see if you’d be interested in accepting it as a guest post.

It’s 106 Excuses That Prevent You From Ever Being Great. Jon Morrow has said that he really liked it, and I think it would work perfect for what you write about.

Hope all is well, and hope to hear from you soon.

That was the one Tommy Walker used to pitch Chris Brogan for his guest post: 106 Excuses That Prevent You From Ever Becoming Great.

Here is why this pitch works:

  1. The opening shows that he knows that Chris is busy and that he respects his time.
  2. He went straight to the point, because he knows that Chris is busy.
  3. He gave him a headline that is attractive and showed to him that it can really work for his audience.
  4. He closed the email on a friendly note. Bloggers are still humans after all. Remember this whenever you pitch them.

I used this pitch earlier in my guest blogging career. I was able to get some of my guest posts on top blogs like Problogger. You must really try it.

2nd pitch:


I only recently discovered your blog, but as you know, I really like your stuff! [ALTERNATIVELY, I’VE BEEN READING FOR A WHILE, ETC.]

I’ve been thinking about writing a post about [SUBJECT], and it occurred to me that it would be a great fit for your audience. Here are a couple of ideas for the headline (which can be changed, of course):


To get a sense of my writing, you can check out, or my recent guest post on Copyblogger – it got over 200 comments and 900 tweets.

What do you think? Shall I write up a draft?


That was what Danny Iny used to be the Freddy Krueger of Blogging. He used this template to get on Copyblogger, Kikolani and most of the top blogs out there.

I also used this pitch to land my guest post on Pro Blogger: 7 Old Post Revival Techniques You Won’t Believe You’re Overlooking.


Thanks, Danny, for this great pitch!

Now, let’s see how this pitch is great and how you can get the most out of it:

  • The opening shows that you’re one of their readers. You can also change this and tell them that you liked their recent post, or that you have downloaded their ebook and show them the best part in that ebook. But make all this brief.
  • It’s straight to the point.
  • After that, give them a social proof that you’re a great writer. If you don’t have any guest posts, then remove this part or add one of your popular posts in your blog.
  • Then you end by it asking whether to send the post or not.

This pitch really works and you must try and check it if you haven’t got any guest posts accepted yet.

But don’t send your whole post!

Remember that they are busy. Sending your whole post will make them archive the email to check later, which means never. You must try to evoke their curiosity using great headlines and make them eager for your post.

If they didn’t reply to you, don’t take it personally.

As I said, they get a lot of great proposals and most of them are garbage. That’s why they might not even see your pitch. So don’t take it personally.

Give them a full week and then pitch the same pitch, but show that you had waited for a full week.

If they don’t respond again, then check another blog.

The World is Waiting for Your Post

You now know what it takes to pitch your ideas for popular bloggers and getting them to notice you.

Yes, it may need more time from you, but it’s worth it.

You spend dozens of hours writing the best post out there, so it won’t matter if you spend an hour or two trying to get it on the right place that it deserves.

Besides, your relationship with the blogger will be better after you publish the post. Publish more awesome posts and you can ask him to do you a favor.

You’ve already given them a lot.

So what are you waiting for?

Start building relationships so that they notice your email. After that, create a magnetic headline and pitch them your idea as it’s shown up.

The world is waiting for your great post.

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