How to Install WordPress on HostGator

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Now it’s time to walk through the simple process of how to install WordPress on HostGator (our recommended web host). This is a fairly easy process and we’ve created this simple walk through tutorial with detailed screenshots to help you along the way.

Again, feel free to contact me with any questions, as I want to make sure you get setup and running as soon and easy as possible!

Step 1 – Choose a Quality Web Host

(This is a recap for why you should choose HostGator as your web hosting service.)

Before going live with your new web site or blog, you are going to need a quality web host to store your data online so everyone in the world can access it. Web hosting comes in many different shapes and forms, but HostGator is the perfect solution for anyone just getting started or looking to move their existing hosting to a new provider. I’ve been hosting my sites with HostGator for several years now.

I’ve also outlined some of the others reasons why millions of bloggers trust their sites and hosting to HostGator:

Excellent Support – With over 10 million sites being hosted at HostGator, they need to have the best support around, which includes 24/7 chat support, email (tickets) and phone support as well. I personally like their chat support, as it pops up in a new window and you can get most issues solved right away.

Affordable Pricing – In comparison to other hosting services, HostGator is extremely competitive in their pricing. The majority of shared hosting services across the internet will start out around $10 per month, but you can get setup with HostGator for around $3-$6 a month.

And if you use this coupon, (BLOGGINGDOTORG), you’ll instantly save 30%!

Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth – A big frustration when choosing a quality web hosting service is having to look at their bandwidth and disk space allowed per user. Since HostGator offers unlimited for both, this simply isn’t an issue and it’s one less headache for you to deal with. Depending on your hosting package, you can also add as many domains and sites as you want, all for one low price.

Monthly Payment System Available – When it comes to finding a great host, payment methods are also very important to all customers. With HostGator you can decide whether you want to setup your payments on a monthly or annual basis. Low monthly rates start at $6.27 a month and if you pay for a full year in advance you are looking at crazy low rates of only $3.47 per month!

The last thing I will mention with HostGator is that you can always upgrade your account at a later time. So if you want to start out with a month to month hosting package to try them out — go for it! Then you can upgrade to an annual plan later on and save a few bucks.

Step 2 – Signing Up with HostGator

To make this dead simple, I’m going to walk you through the complete process from start to finish. To get started, we can head over to HostGator and setup your hosting account.

HostGator Blogging Promotion

Once you hit the HostGator page, you will see that your 30% off coupon is already activated. Now you just need to click on the Sign Up Now! button.

On the next page you will start to fill out your information and select a web hosting package, but first you will need to enter your domain name. If you are registering a new domain name, simply leave it checked as “Register a new domain”. If you already have a domain name, simply fill in the box and check off “I already own this domain”.

HostGator Domain Name

Next we are going to fill out the hosting package you would like to setup, along with some of your personal information. I recommend that you go with the “Hatching” plan, as it allows you to setup unlimited domains and sites on your server. You can also choose the type of billing you want as well (monthly, six months or annually).

HostGator WordPress Package

The rest of the order form process is mostly your personal information and different account settings. There is also a section called “Hosting Addons”, which will have pre-checked options for “Secure and Accelerate Your Site” and “Site Backup: Daily website backups to the cloud”. These are additional upgrades if you are interested, but most site and blog owners don’t need them. So you can uncheck them if you would like to save some money.

HostGator Hosting Addons

As mentioned earlier, using the HostGator link we provided for you, you will already be receiving 30% off your hosting package. You will see the coupon code “BLOGGINGDOTORG” at the bottom of your checkout process.

HostGator Blogging Coupon

Now that you’ve completed your web hosting signup, we can start focusing on setting up WordPress on your site.

Step 3 – How to Install WordPress on HostGator

Once you’ve received your web hosting details from HostGator, you can install WordPress on your server. Don’t worry, it’s very simple!

Inside of your HostGator welcome email you’ll see a username, password and link to access your Control Panel. Click on the link and put in your details to login to the his area.

HostGator Hosting Cpanel

After you’ve logged into your control panel you will see a bunch of different options to choose from. You will need to scroll down to the area that says “Software/Services” and click on the “QuickInstall” button. IEnter your name and password which is contained within that same email, and you’ll be in. Once there, scroll down till you see the software/services section and click on “QuickInstall.” (the one with the red arrow pointing to it)

HostGator Hosting Quick InstallOnce clicked, you will be sent over to the WordPress installation script page. You will see the image below on the left side of your screen, click where it says “Wordpress”.

HostGator Hosting WHMCS

After you click on “Wordpress”, the following form will appear. This is where you will put in the necessary information to install WordPress on your server. (details below)

HostGator Hosting One Click WordPress

Most of these fields are self explanatory.

You will select the domain name that you want to set WordPress up on (for your blog), and you can leave the second form after the domain name blank.

For Admin Email you would put your main email. Blog Title would be the title for your blog. Admin User can be your username or the word “admin”.

Once finished, click “Install Now” — you will then see a confirmation message like the one below.

HostGator Hosting Congrats WordPress

In addition to the confirmation message, you will also be given a username, password and the URL to access your WordPress dashboard on your site/server.  You can usually access WordPress on your server through the URL

HostGator Hosting WordPress Login

If you see the form above and are able to login, you are good to go!

Congrats! You’re WordPress Blog is Now Live!

You’ve completed second part of our series, which was how to install wordpress on Hostgator. I’m sure you are quite excited to see that your blog is now live and now that you’ve walked through the process once, it will be much easier for you to setup additional blogs in the future. If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email.

Click here to get started with HostGator!

In the next part of the “How to Start a Blog” series, I’ll show you how to modify some of the default settings within WordPress so you can easily optimize your content to rank higher in the search results and improve your user experience.

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