How To Use Twitter Hand-in-Hand With Your Blog

How To Use Twitter Hand-in-Hand With Your BlogA social network is only as good as the following you’ve built up. On the flip side, a massive following on Twitter is useless if those followers don’t engage with you. The objective of this post is to teach you how to use twitter hand in hand with your blog.

1. Customize Your Twitter

There are a number of ways you can customize your Twitter page. They are:

  • Custom background (Helps people know you’re the real deal)
  • Describe yourself and what you’re about in your Bio
  • Take advantage of the website section. You have a few different options here. You can continue the social engagement by including your facebook URL/fan page, G+ profile, youtube, your best converting capture page, or your personal blog/website. You choose, but please take advantage of it.

 2. Engage, Engage, and Engage

The primary way to do this is: Once you’ve arrived at Twitter’s search engine, enter a keyword that you want to see being used in the network. For example: you enter Blogging and it will return you everyone that has used that search term in a tweet.

Now that you’ve got a list of people that are using your search term, it’s time to engage with them. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Ask questions
  • Add to the ‘existing’ conversation
  • Follow
  • RT their tweets

3. Update Frequently

Your tweets often get buried in the millions of tweets that other users have showing up in their feed. Your twitter ‘newsfeed’ only shows about 15 entries until you scroll down and it shows more. Knowing that, you should be tweeting throughout the day; especially if you have a post that you want people to click and open.

4. Apply Some Copywriting to Your Tweets

When you sit down to write any post, you should be doing a little copywriting to create titles that people want to click on. Since twitter is a micro-blog network, you only have a few characters to get your post across and get people to click any link you have in your tweets.

To get some title ideas that people want to click, I take pictures of titles that stand out to me when I’m grocery shopping, visit Cosmopolitan magazine, and read the the National Enquirer. Those magazines know human psychology so well that they know what gets you to pick up the magazine, read it, and want to buy it. To learn additional twitter tips and strategies, I recommend you reading this interview I did with a Twitter expert.

5. Sharing Your Blog Posts

With the new Google Penguin update, Google’s algorithm is placing more emphasis on Social Media. They value links that come from Social media sites. This means that you need to be sharing your blog posts on the big social media sites. Since there are so many, I recommend you master the 4 largest ones: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and G+.

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