Bloggers around the world write an enormous numbers of product reviews every day. In fact, product reviews are a blogger’s bread and butter – they’re one of the main reasons that people read blogs. However, many of these reviews are dull, uninformative versions of information that’s already out there. If you write this sort of review, you’re just wasting your time – and turning your readers off.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like this. Great bloggers write great product reviews, and you can too. If you invest the time and follow a few proven strategies, you’ll produce product reviews that keep your readers coming back for more.

Know The Product Inside Out

First of all, if you’re going to write a great product review, then you have to be an expert on the product. After all, that’s what your readers expect. This may sound obvious, but it’s amazing how many bloggers are lazy when they write product reviews. They throw out a couple of product features and that’s it. Not only is this completely useless, it makes them lose credibility with their readers.

If you want to see a great example of a well-written review, refer to my hostgator review that goes into every detail about the company, what type of hosting they offer and how they can provide value to your audience. To make the review and offer even sweeter, I was able to package in a 60% off discount that you won’t find on other sites.


Before you start to write a product review, take the time to understand the product features in detail – and know what these mean. Here’s an example. Let’s assume that you’re going to write a review of a computer video card, and that you’re talking to gamers. The card has DDR5 memory instead of DDR3. You can tell them this, but they could get the same information by reading the card’s specifications on the manufacturer’s site. However, if you tell your readers that DDR5 memory lets the card produce more detailed images at higher frame rates, giving smoother, more realistic graphics, then you’ve told your readers something much more useful.

Talk To The Manufacturer

There’s no substitute for getting your hands on a product when you’re reviewing it – your personal experience with the product shows through in your writing. But going out and buying products can be very expensive – and when a new product comes out, you may not be able to get your hands on it right away anyway. Because of this, you need to get in contact with the manufacturer when you are writing a product review.

To provide you with another example, you can refer to my hotjar review, which I am currently using across nearly all of my sites. Many services that offer online tracking solutions offer free trial versions that you could join, even if to just try them out so you can write a better review for your blog audience.

HotJar Heatmap

The good news is that both manufacturers and online marketing companies want to talk to bloggers about their products. In fact, they are increasingly doing something known as “influencer marketing”, which is basically about advertising their products through word of mouth. This is one of the most effective ways for manufacturers to market products, since people trust influencers – in other words, bloggers like you. Because of this, they are often willing to give you product samples, along with more detailed information about the product, and even behind-the-scenes news.

You can try to get in touch with manufacturers directly, but it’s often very difficult to find the right person to talk to. It can also be incredibly time-consuming if you do lots of product reviews. A good alternative is to use a blogger introduction site such as Tomoson, where you’ll find thousands of products to review on the site, and lots of manufacturers who want to talk to you and send you samples.


With thousands of products listed on Tomoson, they make it easy for brands and businesses to connect with 20,000+ influential people who blog and share content socially. It’s definitely a service and business model that is gaining more traction and bloggers and social media continues to dominate mainstream advertising.

Don’t Regurgitate Marketing Material

When you do talk to manufacturers, don’t take what they say for granted. Remember that it’s their job to make the product look as good as possible – while your job is to write an honest, well-informed review. If you just say what manufacturers tell you or regurgitate their marketing materials, then you’re not doing your job properly. Your readers will spot this a mile away – there’s no bigger turnoff. It’s perfectly OK to write a glowing product review if it’s appropriate, but this has to be your own opinion based on your real experience with the product.

Put Yourself In Your Readers’ Shoes

When you write a product review, it’s important to come at it from your own perspective. But it’s equally important to think about your readership. Your readers are not all the same – they have lots of different points of view. You need to take this into account when you write about a product, so that your review really resonates with your diverse audience.

To give you another example, in my SEMrush review I cover the basics of what they service offers to site owners and bloggers. However, as an actual user of their site, I can attest to the value of their service as it greatly helped in the removal of many negative backlinks to my sites.

SEMRush Review

Here’s a simple example. It’s a good bet that your audience consists of a mix of newbies and experienced readers. When you talk about a product, you have to pay attention to both groups. At the start of the review, provide clear, basic information that lets novices know what you’re talking about. Don’t just include product information, but also explain concepts they may not understand. Then, work your way into more detailed information that is useful to readers who already understand the basics. This way, you’ll educate your new readers while keeping your regular readers happy.

Talk About How To Use The Product

We’ve already talked about how you need to become a product expert if you’re going to write a great review. However, just knowing the product inside out isn’t enough. Your review will be a lot more meaningful if you also tell people how they can use the product – and why.

Let’s assume you’re going to write a review of athletic shoes. You’ll want to talk about the features and benefits of the shoes, but that’s just the starting point. For instance, the shoe could come with a high ankle – a feature – that gives great ankle support – a benefit. Sometimes you want good ankle support, and other times it’s less important. It’s incredibly important if you are likely to twist an ankle – for example, when you’re running over rough terrain. You’re less likely to need ankle support if you’re running on a track – in this case it’s more important to have a light shoe with good traction. By telling your readers this, you’re giving them information they really can use – and that’s what writing awesome product reviews is all about.

All of this ties right back into what it takes to create a profitable blog and how to become the authority within your niche. The next time you plan on posting a “review” article on your site, make sure it provides the right type of value and follows the guidance laid out in this article.

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