Ecommerce on the internet is growing at a rapid pace. Not just for people who are looking to buy online, but also for bloggers, brands, and affiliate marketers that are looking to sell online as well.

Through the use of easy-to-use ecommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, millions of ecommerce sites are going live every year. The sad truth, however, is that it’s easy to go live with an online store — but not so easy to find online sales success and have a winning ecommerce marketing plan in place to keep your business and ecommerce store alive and flourishing.

With all of this in mind, having a good email list and utilizing email marketing has continued to be one of the most stable and effective ways to communicate with shoppers, web visitors, and increase online sales in the process. It has been dependable and efficient in connecting people to their present and future customers, but in recent times, those specific objectives offered may no longer be suitable for your budding online business.

An excellent way you can improve your ecommerce business is by using Omnisend; an easy to use online marketing platform that will assist you in getting the subscribers quickly, send newsletters at a very fast rate, and generate more sales and improve customer conversion rate with marketing automation. Some of the amazing features Omnisend offers include:

Omnisend Automation and Workflow Builder

Automation workflow helps you get the right messages across to customers at the right time to increase conversion rates and make online sales. You will have a better understanding of the customer’s conduct, why they refuse to purchase a product through cart abandonment and try to get those customers to buy those products. When setting up the automation workflow, you will find four parts of the customer’s journey; the subscriber – customers that signed up but did not purchase anything, shopper – customers that clicked the buy button, abandoned cart, and has not purchased anything, buyer – customers that have purchased from you, and repeat buyer – existing customers that have purchased on multiple occasions and thus exhibit customer loyalty.

For new customers in the shopper and cart recovery series in the automation workflow, there is an enter and exit. Customers enter when they have abandoned cart, and exit when they have purchased something or completed the sequence of e-mails. The three parts of the Automation workflow is the trigger, delay and e-mail. The trigger is the abandoned cart, the delay determines how long to wait before sending an e-mail; you can edit the delay and adjust it at any time, the e-mail sends the right messages to the customers at the right time, and this helps to improve conversations, increase conversions,  and boost sales.

Creating Segments is Easy with Omnisend

You cannot have the same class or type of paying customers and your customer base cannot want the same thing. You need to be able to group the customers differently and accordingly based on your customer data. Omnisend, through Omnichannel, allows the personalization of integrated ecommerce for better conversations with the customers. The segmentation page offers four criteria under the rules; shopping behavior – based on the orders placed by the subscribers or profile data – biographic data on subscribers, e-mail activity – opens, clicks, marketing strategies and campaigns sent, and the list the subscriber already belongs to.

To find subscribers that have placed orders after the campaign is sent, click on place order at least once after the date it was sent. Click on “add filter” to find not only the subscriber who placed the order after the campaign was sent but also those that used a specific discount. You can use OR/AND to create additional rules. Use OR to tell Omnisend to find subscribers that match one segmentation rule but not the other. Use AND to tell Omnisend to find subscribers that match both segmentation rules.

After creating Segments, the loading time depends on the number of subscribers you have and the complexity of the rules you created. You can create your own segments based on products, purchases, profile data, subscriber activity, and lists they each belong to.

  • Easily Import and Collect New Subscribers

You can automatically import subscribers on Omnisend. You can also import contacts manually from other sources such as Excel. You just have to select the files you want to import and it starts to import them. You can watch the progress as well. All subscribers are automatically imported every 24 hours.

  • Create Newsletters with Omnisend

It is 10 times faster to create newsletters with Omnisend, and send interactive and professional newsletters in minutes. Just go to the Newsletter editor and start picking to improve your marketing strategy. Go to the product’s page, click finish after the selection of the products, and the products will appear in the Newsletter with the image, product information, price, and more.

  • Easy to Use for any size of customers

Omnisend is very easy to use, and is also available to access at any time for both big and small sized customers. By using Omnisend, your customers are easy to reach and access and the communication between you and them improves and you can easily figure out what they need in simple steps. You can categorize your customers as well depending on what they like, and make your first-time viewers buy from your e-commerce page with automation as you improve the sales process.

Free Trial, Pricing and Reviews

Omnisend offers a free store demo and trial period where you can test the platform and learn how to work with it before actually purchasing it. Best of all, this free trial requires no credit card and has no hidden transaction fees.

It comes with everything it would as if you bought it, and answers all questions relating to Omnisend, including the breakdown of how it works. The pricing is based on the amount of subscribers you have per month. You pay minimum amount for a smaller amount of subscribers. Omnisend creates features like compelling text messages, and lets you check e-mails that have been sent to customers who did not click through and purchase products. It also sends automated emails to remind customers to buy the products in their carts.


Omnisend is easy to use, very fast and reliable. The features it offers are good enough to get the job done swiftly for online retailers. It also helps to increase sales, number of conversions, customer service, calls to action, and interaction. You can also determine how to categorize your customers and build newsletters. Also, you can track the movements of viewers on your page, their buying cycle,  and see what they are interested in, which makes it easier to communicate with them, make them buy the product, and improve their overall shopping experience with online shopping.

How to Improve Your Business and Sales with Omnisend

With Omnisend, your e-commerce is simplified. You also gain more from it, more customers, and more sales. You have a better knowledge of what your customer wants, you can categorize your customer’s preference, personalize your page, separate your customers easily through their preferences, and send beautiful newsletters. You can also get more subscribers and interact with customers more. You can encourage the viewers and subscribers on your page to become repeated buyers that purchase your products on multiple occasions. With Omnisend, E-mail marketing becomes very smart for marketers and customers.

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