Integrate Pinterest to Your Blog to See Better Engagement

Pinterest has truly taken the world by storm and is considered to be the fastest growing social networking site. So, rather than concentrating solely on Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to your blog, you need to think about how to make the most of this promising platform, as it can drive huge traffic to your blog if integrated properly with your blog marketing mix. Though Pinterest is mainly dominated by female folks, a growing number of men are showing their ever growing interest in this amazing and visually appealing platform and thus offering zillions of opportunities for the bloggers to tap into.  So, if you are finding it interesting and would not mind exploring new opportunities, continue reading Pinterest integration tips that I am going to cover here –

Add A ‘Pin It’ Button
This is a sweet and simple task that you can do in a jiffy. And the benefits are obvious. This small and sweet ‘Pin It’ button will make it easier for visitors to share image features on your blog to their boards directly. You may never know a single Pin might help your blog post go viral and this could result in driving huge visitors to your blog. Besides driving traffic to your website and helping it gain exposure, your blog will get a valuable link back from Pinterest and since the link is naturally acquired, it may help your blog SEO wise. However, in case, if you do not know the beans about where to get this ‘Pin It’ button on your blog, here is the guide –

Login to Pinterest > Go To ‘Goodies’ section and then copy the code > Add that code in the HTML section of your blog. And you are done with.

Use Pinterest Plugin
There is in fact zillions of Plugins available to facilitate your attempt to integrate Pinterest to your WordPress blog. And probably this could be the reason why an increasing number of bloggers who are using WordPress as their blogging platforms are adding ‘Pin It’ button even when their blogs are not clearly Pinterest friendly [I am going to explain that term later on]. Now as there are innumerable of Pinterest plugins available, it will be really tough for anyone to make a prudent choice. Personally I like these – Pinterst Follow Button, Pinterest Galleries, Pinterest Plugin etc.

Try to Make Your Website Pinterest Friendly
Just adding ‘Pin It’ button is not going to encourage your visitors to share boring stuff with their friends circle in Pinterest. Therefore, in an attempt to make people feel encouraged to share interesting images, you need to add some nice, funny and interesting images on your website. Just keep in mind that you are not adding videos and giving images a missing because if that happens, you are not going to see any success on this platform. Pinterest is all about images and therefore, you have to use at least one image against a post.

Do not forget about networking
Ok I accept the fact that Pinterest is a new platform and you know little about how to network with other members. But Pinterest is just another social media site with images dominating the platform; and therefore, the basics of networking remain almost the same. You need to follow members, repin their images, comments on their Pins and there you go. It is that simple. Just do not spam the platform and believe me, you are gonna be alright. When you will be repining their images, interacting with them in the form making comments on the images and all that, I am sure that they will be going to reciprocate the love as well and this will definitely augur well for your blog.

Last but not the least; you should not forget to track your Pinterest marketing activities. If you are not tracking the outcome, you will not be able to tell whether you are doing it right or wrong.  Google Analytics is a great way to track visitors coming from Pinterest and their activities on our website. However, you can also try this – JetPack for WordPress.