Across the globe, the LGBTQIA+ community is winning battles every day, from inclusivity, anti-discrimination, and rights to equality. We all know that the “L” in the LGBTQIA+ is for “lesbian”. But how much do we know and understand about being a lesbian? For peers of the gay community and lesbians themselves, there are lesbian blogs that may be able to answer the lingering questions or simply contribute new knowledge that they had no idea of before.

List of the Top Lesbian Video Channels on YouTube

Reading blog posts or watching video blogs are great ways to learn about a new topic. The vlogs on our list of the Top Lesbian Youtube Channels offer different perspectives and insights on issues of importance to the gay and lesbian community as well as common day-to-day struggles. If they inspire you enough to start your own blog, we can help you out through our blogging tutorial at the end of the article.



MyHarto is mostly known by the internet as “The Girl with the Drunk Kitchen.” Hannah Hart, who is based in the USA is an aspiring entertainer of many forms. This YouTube channel is for fans of both Hart and her other works as they come to be, and mainly just her advice for dealing with swamp back when on the dance floor. This channel has existed since June 2009, with YouTube Followers of over 2.5 Million, Views Count of over 294 Million and Video Count of over 500. Follow this channel to get the latest update on “The Girl with the Drunk Kitchen”.


Arielle Scarcella

Arielle Scarcella is a United States based YouTuber calling all gays and straights alike. Arielle is a lesbian who loves LGBT culture. This YouTube channel is all about dating, gender, love, relationships and life. This YouTube channel has been in existence since April 2009, with YouTube Followers of over 538,681, Views Counts of over 112,417,237 with Video Count of 292. Follow Arielle Scarcella channel to get the latest update.



RoseEllenDix is a United Kingdom based YouTube channel owned by Rose and Ellen. They are married, British YouTubers who release weekly entertainment videos in improvisational comedy. On this channel there are lots of updates about challenges, LGBTQ issues and relationship advice, reactions and reviews, and a nonsensical stream of consciousness. They post about 3 videos per month. Since its existence on September 2010 it has gained over 756,037 YouTube Followers, 155,930,268 Counts of Views and Video Count of 333. Follow the RoseEllenDix channel to get the latest update.


Ambers Closet

Ambers Closet is a United States YouTube channel. Amber’s channel was a cloth swap challenge between Amber with her girlfriend, Ava. She felt Amber’s pain at wearing fake eyelashes. They are such a cute couple that she then went through all of the videos of both of them and every single one is amazing. They upload about 4 videos per month since its existence on October 2012 with 639,127 YouTube Followers, 122,418,217 Views Count and Video Count of 433. Follow Ambers Closet channel to get the latest update.


Ash Hardell

Ash Hardell Minneapolis is a YouTube channel that is very popular.  The majority of Ash’s channel focuses on LGBT issues featuring interviews and collaborations with other queer YouTubers to get a diverse range of ideas on different issues. Ash’s even has written a book on the ABCs of LGBT. Since its existence on November 2009, it has gained over 424 Thousand Youtube Followers, 34 Miliion Views Count and Video Count of over 300. Follow Ash Hardell Minneapolis channel to get the latest update.



Team2Moms is owned by 2 YouTubers Ebony and Denise, a two-mom family with three kids; Olivia, Jayden & Lucas. Denise and Ebony have been together for 11 years and married for 7 years. They love recording family-friendly videos and sharing their lives with the world. Since the existence of this channel in November 2012, it has attained 140,610 YouTube Followers, 21,096,779 Views Count and Video Count of 482. Follow the Team2Moms channel to get the latest update.



The Sam&Alyssa YouTube channel is owned by Alyssa Pacheco and her girlfriend Sam Darling. They are weird and they don’t care. This YouTube channel is based on Alyssa and Sam’s journey of life.  They post about 4 videos per month. Since its existence in June 2009 they are able to gain 152,499 YouTube Followers, View Count of 19,105,284 and 229 Video Count. Follow Sam&Alyssa on this channel to get the latest update.


Lesbian Love

Lesbian Love is a Los Angeles, CA based YouTube channel owned by BriaAndChrissy. They are the singing Lesbian real life couple, fighting for equality using humor and heart strings. This channel is where you will find advice and vlogs of their daily life. Since its existence in November 2013 it able to gain 196,813 YouTube Followers, 55,561,924 Views Count and 734 Video Count. Follow Lesbian Love is on this channel to get the latest update on their daily life.



The Stevie YouTube channel is owned by Stevie. This channel is where he interacts with his internet friends and tell stories, make a fool of himself, and give advice. He also does YouTube channel consulting, sponsorship videos, and host web shows.  Since its existence in May 2010, this channel has gained 594,353 YouTube Followers, Views Count of 40,808,755 and 109 Video Count.



BriaAndChrissy is a YouTube channel based in Los Angeles, California, United States. These YouTubers are singing duo/lesbian couple with original music, making videos that inspire. They use music and comedy to entertain, share, and promote equality. Since the existence of this channel in August 2012 they have been able to gain 757,548 YouTube Followers, 324,564,216 Views Count, and  264 Video Count.

How to Get Started with Your Own Lesbian Blog

There are many wonders having your own blog can bring. It can be a great way to share your wisdom and daily discoveries. It can also be your own personal growth or journey blog. If you’ve only been used to writing, perhaps you can gain a new skill by giving vlogging a try. A variety of written content and video blog inputs can further help your own blog reach its potential.

What are the basic requirements? Well, all you need is a domain name, a hosting plan, and a strategy to create content.

After choosing a domain name, decide on a cost-effective and reliable hosting plan. For this, we highly recommend Bluehost. We have a great relationship with them, so they offer our readers a 60% discount on hosting and a free domain with their hosting plan.

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