Blogging is truly an experience that has changed the lives of many through their ability to adequately create content and turn it into dollars. If you think that Google Adsense is the only way to make money with a blog, you’re mistaken. There are tons of ways to authentically monetize and control the revenue streams of your blog. Try these seven ways to get started.

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a dynamic way to get a strong passive stream of income going. At the core, affiliate marketing involves partnering with retailers who have affiliate programs to earn money. When you’re an affiliate for a specific retailer or company, they give you an individualized code to use on your page. This code is a website link that you can use on your page and it connects you to the company’s website. When it’s time to create the actual blog post, make sure to add information on why that particular product is awesome and include the affiliate link. Your positive review of the product will make a huge difference in whether or not consumers will purchase from you. To see affiliate marketing in action, view any of the articles on Wahaadventures and you will likely see relevant advertising for different affiliate programs or offers built right within their content.

If blog visitors click on the code and purchase anything from the retailer, you get a percentage of the profit. Some affiliate programs offer 2-5%. Other affiliates might receive 50%. It all depends on the rules of the particular company. Furthermore, you can use this link on your blog, social media platforms and within emails to your list. If you tend to get a consistent flow of traffic and income from affiliate marketing, retailers will often increase the percentage of profit you receive.

2. Donation Button

The donation button is fairly simple. You can use it in the context of writing a blog with a lot of op-ed pieces. You can also use it for a blog where you do a lot of research on a specific topic. If people are really interested in what you have to say and they feel like you deliver lots of value, they’ll usually donate. Many bloggers and YouTube personalities that discuss controversial topics often struggle with getting Adsense because of their subject matters. In this case, the donation button is really helpful because the viewers and readers are the ones that keep the content alive. When a blogger is compensated directly through donations, they get a clear understanding that their readers appreciate their content and want more. Some donation programs like Patreon allow readers to automate their donations on a consistent basis.

If you are still sitting on the sidelines and don’t think there is any money to be made with Patreon, be sure to run through this list of top bloggers, social media users, and influencers who are earning thousands of dollars per month through the platform. If you have something of value to offer, Patreon might just be the answer!

3. Sponsored Posts

As a blogger, if you’d like to do sponsored posts, there are a few channels to consider. First, you can go through companies that connect bloggers to major retailers. You can also cut out the middleman and reach out to the retailers yourself. In order to do sponsored posts, you typically need a certain amount of followers or subscribers to get a certain amount of money. Companies tend to ask for analytics including page visits, number of hits and other types of marketing data before they decide to invest. Once you get the green light to do a sponsored post, it’s important to make sure the brand lines up with your own. If it seems inauthentic or too random, your readers will be able to tell and it’ll turn them off. For example, if you’re a natural hair blogger, but decide to do a food service post that promotes a specific company, your readers will be turned off because the content doesn’t align with what you normally do at all.

4. Product Sales

Are you someone who has an Etsy shop? Do you like to make your own products, books or merchandise? If so, it’s a great idea to use a blog to sell your products. Use the blog as a portal to show the behind-the-scenes action. Share more about the process involved in making the product. Write about the new products in your shop. Interview people who have used your products in the past and loved them. When you post on a consistent basis about the products you sell, more people will become enamored with the process and they’ll also feel like they know more about what you do. Selling products through a blog will be extremely beneficial for helping you to brand your content in a more authentic way as well.

5. Events and Online Webinars

After you’ve developed a strong following on your blog, consider hosting live, in-person events. People love to feel connected to a cause and will travel to be a part of something they’re passionate about. If you’re a relationship blogger with a large following, take a poll of your readers and find out what cities they’re in. Once you get a good understanding of where your readers are, plan a tour. On your tour, you can visit select cities and host seminars or online webinars where you go deeper into the conversation on relationships. Consider inviting another major blogger who’s in the same field and you two can draw an even larger crowd. Partnerships and collaborations are always beneficial for people who are looking to increase their fanbase.

At the events, you can invite vendors to sell their products. Make sure to sell tickets to cover the costs of travel, the venue, food and other details. If planning isn’t your strong suit, consider hiring an event planner to help you flesh out the details of the tour. To bring all of this together even further, be sure to check out this webinar guide from Teachable, that shows how making five-figures with an online webinar is quite possible!

6. Services

Depending on the topic your blog surrounds, you could potentially offer services. A fashionista or Instagram influencer with an incredible blog could consider making it a service-based blog. If they’d like to offer local, private lessons, they could advertise this service on the blog. A vegan chef might want to offer food preparation and delivery services through their blog. Many people want to eat healthier and be conscious of what they’re consuming. However, there’s still the desire to lay on the couch and eat potato chips because that’s ten times easier. A vegan chef/blogger can make the process easier by preparing the food and delivering it to readers within a ten-mile radius.

7. Community

Many people love the idea of feeling like they play a role in a bigger community. Many stay-at-home mothers may feel as though they’re on their own and don’t have the support of others. If one mommy blogger started to galvanize a community with other stay-at-home mommies, they could build a really strong support system for one another. Galvanize women through the blog and then redirect them to a membership site. To maintain the integrity and consistency of the membership site, ask members to pay anywhere from $5 to $20 every month. This is the perfect way to maintain a community of like-minded people, solve a problem and earn income at the same time.

How to Start Making More Money on Your Blog

These seven ways might seem like they’re too difficult. However, there are so many examples of everyday people who have significantly changed their lives through one of these options. One of the really cool components is that you can do all of these tasks from the comfort of your own home. As long as you have a working laptop, a WiFi connection, and patience, you can make it happen. Consider taking a course and becoming educated on how to improve and make these tips more feasible for your life.

For example, building a strong audience on a blog involves a few steps. You have to create the blog, implement a strong search engine optimization strategy, create an editorial schedule and more. If this sounds overwhelming to you, that’s okay and totally normal. However, it’s important to really get into a strong rhythm with these tasks before you begin looking to really monetize the blog in a palpable way. Once you get the hang of it all, the sky is truly the limit in terms of what you can earn and how many lives you can truly impact your work. So, don’t be afraid to jump into the blogger world and get your feet wet. It can change your entire life.

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