Pokémon has long reached global and multi-generation fame. Whether it’s a kid or a kid at heart, Pokémon will not sound new to them. There are many YouTube channels dedicated to Pokemon, that one can subscribe to get the latest news and updates on everything about Pokémon be it a the series, the different games, or other things such as conventions or merchandise!

List of the Top Pokemon YouTube Channels and Online Videos

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own Pokémon vlog, you can check the channels on this list. You’ll get to observe the different vlogging styles, audience approach, video length, and even the usual video uploading interval.


The Official Pokémon Channel

The Official Pokémon Channel has all the games and animation trailers, episodes of Pokémon Generations, special features, and event highlights. You can also watch full-length episodes of the Pokémon TV show, online games, and get the latest information about Pokémon video games and Trading Card Game.

Follow this channel to get the latest Pokémon news straight from the source. The channel has an audience of over 2 Million subscribers and over 582 Million views.



YouTuber, Eriel Rivera, owner of MunchingOrange is known for his Pokémon Let’s Plays and for playing Pokémon fan games, rom hacks, and licensed Pokémon games.  Eriel will occasionally play other games by Nintendo, but mainly focuses on the Pokémon universe.

His channel currently has over 1.1 Million subscribers, and over 432 Million views. He uploads mostly Pokémon content. His “MunchingOrange Show” is a vlogging series that occurs on average bi-weekly, but doesn’t necessarily have a schedule. This show is also on its second season. Eriel has played more than 20 Pokémon games.



UnlistedLeaf (also known as Ando) is a popular Australian PokeTuber who is well known for his TCG content. He first started uploading videos to YouTube in 2012. Ando is the guy behind the YouTube channel called UnlistedLeaf. He is a gamer on YouTube posting videos of playing games like Pokemon Go and other Pokemon games.

UnlistedLeaf has over 1.6 Million subscribers and has accumulated over 551 million views. The videos in the channel collectively get around 200,000 views per day from different sources. On this channel, you will find Pokémon Updates, Let’s Plays, Gameplay Walk-throughs, Guides, Top 10’s and more.



YouTuber, Josh, is the owner of the channel, JWittz. He makes videos about all things within the Nintendo universe, including Facts, Reviews, News, Top 10s, Collectibles and more. Josh started his YouTube debut after starting a series known as “Prof-it.” The series was mainly about the Pokémon trading card game. This mainly consisted of facts and skits about the trading card game. In January 2011 he decided to expand his channel from mainly “Prof-It” episodes to a new series, known as “Fact Of The Day”

JWittz is your source for information and multimedia for the Pokémon games. JWittz is a community dedicated to creative Pokémon fans from all over the world. The channel is followed by over 1.5 Million subscribers and has over 309 Million views.



Shofu is a YouTuber who makes Pokemon and Smash videos. He said that he learned a lot about the metagame when he watched his Pokemon Black and White wifi battles. He’s very funny and entertaining and he even makes Pokeraps. This YouTube channel, has videos on various Pokemon TV series and battle game.

This channel features the world’s most accurate Pokemon Go battle and raid analysis, featuring raid guides, infographics and more. The channel has an audience of over 661 Thousand subscribers and has over 229 Million views.



MandJTV Pokevids is a YouTube channel that contains Pokemon videos, Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon content, Top 10 and Top 5 Pokemon videos and so much more. YouTuber and channel owner, Michael, makes what he believes to be the best Pokemon videos on the internet.

His signature look in his videos is his cap worn backwards, and his signature statement at the start of most, if not all his Pokemon videos is “Greetings Pokefans! Michael here.” Some of his videos include, top 10s or top 5s, predictions or hopes for future games, and some videos are just completely random stuff, but still fun to watch. The channel is followed by over 703 Thousand subscribers and has over 180 Million views.



This channel focuses around Pokemon. aDrive, more commonly known as Dan, is a Pokémon Let’s Player, full-time Twitch streamer, and the official “Know de wae King” of the Pokémon Community. Dan uploads all his stream Shinies, my Let’s Plays, tutorials and so on.

Dan first started his YouTube channel with Call of Booty videos with the occasional personal vlog. His first Pokémon Let’s Play was Pokémon Leaf Green, uploaded in April 2012. Eventually losing interest in Call of Oh shit I need a bathroom to duty in, Dan turned to uploading solely Pokémon content, much of it coming direct from his Twitch streaming. The channel is followed by over 377 Thousand subscribers and has over 103 Million views.


Derium’s Pokemon

On this channel, you will find the team opening all sorts of Pokemon TCG product. You can find things like: Massive Pack Openings where they open several hundreds of Pokemon TCG booster packs in one video. They open a Pokemon Booster Box, Elite Trainer Box, Prerelease Kit, Mythical collection, Collection Box or a Three Booster Blister. Better Know a Pokemon: Where we go through all the Pokemon, new and old in Pokedex order. Giving you basic Pokemon information, Pokemon lore, just a bunch of facts about Pokemon and more.

Follow this channel to get Derium’s thoughts on the newest sets in the Pokemon TCG, find strategies for competitive play, as well as tips for collecting and much more. The channel is followed by over 395 Thousand subscribers and over 94 Million views.



MaxmoefoePokemon is unique to Pokémon and here you will find videos of tops, analysis, news, trivia, tips and much more about the Pokémon franchise. The channel owner, Max Joeseph Stanley, better known online as maxmoefoe, is an Australian YouTuber. He makes a lot of real life videos and challenges with his partners, Filthy Frank, HowToBasic and iDubbbz.

This channel is an ultimate Pokemon fans blog. It shares information on Pokemon trailers, Pokemon Go, Pokemon Go T-shirts, caps and much more. The channel has an audience of over 747 Thousand subscribers and has over 82 Million views.


The Pokémon Evolutionaries

The Pokémon Evolutionaries is a YouTube channel created in 2014 by Professor K (Kris) and N (Noel) with the sole purpose of having fun and providing viewers with an online resource for Pokémon trading card game information, pack openings, deck profiles, matches and much more.

The Evolutionaries team works around the clock to produce daily content that is fun to make and fun to watch. The channel has over 174 Thousand subscribers and over 34 Million views.

How to Get Started with Your Own Pokemon Vlog

Now that you’ve seen the best Pokemon vlogs, we know you’re definitely ready to start your own themed blog or vlog!

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