How to Run a Site Audit to Rank Your Site Higher

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If you want to have a successful web site or blog, you will need to rank at the top of the search results. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by staying in good terms with Google and also making sure your site follows their guidelines at all times. While most people will say Google ranks sites based off their content, it actually comes down to a number of factors (content, backlinks, site speed and more).

To help with this process (and more), it’s highly recommended that you run a Site Audit for your website or blog. There are many options to choose from when trying to analyze and improve your site, but in this example we are going to use, which provides an all-in-one solution for everything you need to monitor and management site rankings, social media and improving many different areas of your site.

How to Run a Site Audit with Mondovo

The first thing you are going to need to create a free account with Mondovo. Once inside the members area (seen below) you will be able to add as many web sites as you like. At the same time you will also see the many different features, tools and reports you can run through their site. The first one we are going to focus on, is the SEO Audit Tool.

On the left side area of the dashboard area you will see the navigation menu where you can navigate through the site. For this tutorial, we are going to click on the “Website Audit” option.


After clicking on the “Website Audit” feature, you will then be sent over to a form like the one below where you can start running an in-depth site audit. You will need to provide the following:

  • Domain – The site you want to run an audit on.
  • Pages to Crawl – How many pages you want the report to analyze.
  • Optional Add-ons – Social Metrics, Google Page Speed and Broken Link checks.

If you have a massively large site, I would crawl as many pages as possible (matching how many pages or posts you have live.) I would also recommend you check off these add-ons, as these are great things to know about your site when trying to improve any errors or problems that could be affecting your site.

You will also notice there is a price associated with this as well. Mondovo is awesome with their rates, as you only need to pay for the services or reports you are interested in. As you can see in the image below, this 100+ page report with all of the add-ons, is only going to cost 68 cents. I will go into more detail on this later on.


After filling out the required information, you would then click the “Crawl” button. Depending on the size of your site and how many pages you are crawling, the amount of time it takes to complete a full site audit will vary.

Once completed, you will see a report like the one below. The website audit report is broken down into a number of categories, including meta issues, linking details, content, HTML optimization, internal links, external links and social metrics. Clicking on any of these tabs will provide a detailed report of issues, which need to be fixed and how to fix them.


You can also see an example of the Meta Issues report below. This will give you a quick overview of missing meta tags, descriptions, duplication issues and if your titles are too long — all important issues when considering how Google will rank websites based off their content structure and settings.

Clicking on any of the gray boxes will load all of the results and reasons for why each issue was triggered as one that needs to be fixed.


To see all of the reporting available through a full site audit, be sure to run your site through Mondovo today.

Run a SEO On-Page Analysis Report

In addition to a full site audit, you can also use the On-Page SEO Tool to analyze individual pages on your site. This tool is perfect if you have a site that you want to rank higher in the search result, and want to make sure it’s as clean and optimized as much as possible.

You can see an example below of how this report looks for the end user.


Monodovo will run your site through a number on On-Page SEO tests, then provide you with a report like the one below on what different areas where your site may have passed or failed. You will also see the Page Size, Page Speed, Word Count and an overall Page Score as well.

Taking the time to fix some of your best individual pages can prove very rewarding, as the more you work to improve your own site and content, the more likely you are to move past the competition in the search results. Best of all, all reports will be stored within your account for future reference and to track progress made.

Why Mondovo is a Perfect SEO Tool for Site Owners

Mondovo was created with one simple goal in mind — providing clients with the necessary SEO and social media management tools, while saving time and limiting excess costs. The mission was simple for the company, and the end result is that clients have the opportunity to save up to 80% on their month-to-month SEO and social media management.

At the same time, it’s important to not let Mondovo fall into the mix with other SEO and social media management tools on the internet today. Mondovo is a pay-as-you-go platform, which means you aren’t going to get locked into any longterm payment plans or agreements. Another area where they are clearly different, is in their pricing models.

As you can see in the screenshot below, clients can actually pick and choose how many keywords they want to track on a monthly basis, website audits they want to run, analysis reports and much more. The end result is no wasted money being left on the table month-after-month.


Since there is no monthly billing in place, and the client decides how much they want to pay (based off reports), it’s one of the best ROI tracking solutions out there for it’s dollar investment.

Start Ranking Higher by Analyzing and Improving Your Site Today

When it comes to creating a website or blog, many people will focus solely on the site’s content and backlinks. These are both important, but if you don’t have a fast loading site or Google is having a hard time crawling your site… you simply aren’t going to rank as high as you could.

It’s also important to think about how many sites there are in the world today — which is over a billion! We all know that the majority of them aren’t doing anything to improve how their site looks on the backend. This means it’s a huge opportunity and advantage for a site to move up in the search rankings when these areas are focused on.

Take the time to run a site audit on your site, which also checking for improvement after each change made to your site. If you spend just an hour a day cleaning up your site, it could make the world of a different after just a few days.

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