For anyone getting started with their first web site or blog, you may notice that things can be a bit more dramatic than they might appear. With so many options and hosting packages out there, understanding the reasons for choosing a hosting package can take a lot of time and experimentation on your part. However, one hosting site that we recommend checking out is called SiteGround, and it’s becoming massive.

What is SiteGround?

SiteGround has been around for quite some time, and has quickly become one of the most reliable websites out there to use when it comes to getting the best experience possible from a web hosting company. Whilst many more typical names will probably be suggested to you, we recommend going a bit further and looking at SiteGround as an alternative to choose from.

They offer you a wide range of web hosting packages to pick from that feel far more tailored and prepared for your needs. Whilst many web hosting packages can be fairly rigid and hard to get the most out of, when it comes to using SiteGround you can find that things will speed up a whole last faster. Whilst they make many of the same claims that you will be used to hearing – 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime, bespoke packages – the difference is that when you are using SiteGround they actually mean it.

When making a choice for what hosting package to take on you will find it becomes much easier to go with a service that is perhaps less mainstream, like SiteGround. The reason for this is the service is more dedicated, and services are more varied.

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Powerful WordPress Hosting

For many web users today, getting WordPress to work is something that they absolutely need to do – there’s just so much to think about in terms of how to go about doing it. WordPress can be installed in a variety of ways and many of them require a specific level of technical knowledge to do effectively and to get it right without any real hassle. However, the benefits of using something like SiteGround is that they make the installation of WordPress – and the hosting – easier than ever before.

Tutorial: How to create a blog and install WordPress on SiteGround.

By removing all of the typical problems that you might face such as manual installation or trouble getting things to work, with this you have access to genuine 1-click WordPress installation features. You’ll have things sown up in no time at all, and this can mean that you can get that WordPress blog you wanted to start up as soon as possible. By making it easy to start hosting WordPress pages and packages as you always intended, you will find that using the CMS itself becomes a lot easier. Without all of the doubts about hosting security and authenticity, you can deliver your website without any lingering doubts about perhaps moving hosting companies.

With the help of WordPress hosting being made so easy, you’ll find that creating websites using SiteGround as your hosting package will become easier than ever before. You can even transfer your old website to this domain with ease, making sure that the SiteGround WordPress team deal with it for you. This means that all data and databases will be carried over with you having to lift a finger, and without your website experiencing any downtime whilst the migration takes place.

With SiteGround, it becomes a whole lot easier to finally embrace the massive power that comes with WordPress.

The Key Advantages of SiteGround

There are many key advantages that can come from using SiteGround as your primary hosting solution, and they vary in terms of what you will be using the website for. It’s safe to say, though, that SiteGround gives you all the help that you could possibly need in keeping your website safe and secure as well as offering you assistance with things such as the reliability, strength, speed and overall performance of your website. However, the list of main benefits that you will see by using SiteGround will typically include;

High reliability

One thing that is very important when using something like a web hosting solution is reliability – if the hosting team lose their connectivity or their security, then your site could be down. This will be costing you a significant amount of money in the long run, making it almost impossible to get sales put through and therefore harming the prospects of your business. To provide the maximum performance for all SiteGround clients, there are three data centers located through out the world too, which the user can select based on where the majority of their traffic is coming from.

All of the locations chosen are strategically chosen, too, so that there can be a consistent and strong level of connectivity across the globe for all of their clients. If you need quality hosting that is reliable, start here.

Thanks to the quality of the physical security that are used by SiteGround, too, you can be sure that your servers are safe thanks to the 24/7 manned security that watches over the building. Every precaution is taken to make sure SiteGround can stay safe for the clients long-term benefit.

Automated & Effective

Another hugely useful aspect of using this service, though, is the fact that just about everything is managed for you. Many hosting companies assume that since you bought the package you must know everything about setting up a website; well, you won’t be left with this problem when you start using SiteGround. They make sure that their hardware is always up to date and they have the most reliable members of staff working around the clock on ensuring your site is in the best hands possible. As far as customer care goes, very few companies can come up against SiteGround and do well – as a hosting solution they are one of the finest around, that’s for sure.

Another key aspect to remember about the progress and growth of this business is that they have also had a huge hand to play in the way that customers are treated. Got a problem that you don’t have a clue how to fix? Then the techies can get to work for you and solve the problem right away. No more waiting around, and no more hoping for the best when you just know that the problems must be dealt with!

By using reliable experts who know the right way to get around building a web hosting system that is safe and efficient, you can rely on the SiteGround staff to keep you up-to-date with any changes that may have been made to the service that is provided, providing consistent results.


Reliability is a vital aspect of using any service online, and the fact that they always update their software and keep the server management tools secure at all times means that you can really benefit from the hosting solution being just about as careful as they possibly can be!

Authentic Uptime

Over the course of 365 days, you are liable to receive an average of 99.996% uptime; as far as the course of the year goes, this is one of the most impressive rates around. Many sites will lie and say that they have 99.9% all the time, but it’s not really possible; not after a certain point. After all, problems can occur “further up the chain” from internet service providers in the first place and this can be the cause of the problems rather than anything to do with the actual site itself. This is why you can rely upon SiteGround so much, though, they don’t mess around with the facts.

They make sure that your server is managed directly and with the right instructions constantly, whilst also ensuring that your service is capable of maintaining its performance throughout the year. Whilst problems cannot be stopped entirely, not yet, you will find hat using SiteGround as a hosting platform can give you one of the most reliable websites on the web. With website speed and other important aspects becoming more vital as time goes on, it’s important that you pay close attention to this for the sake of SEO and other marketing campaigns that you might start running.

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Quality Support Available Online, Chat and Phone

Like any good website should, you will be provided with respectful and friendly support on a 24/7 basis thanks to the team of experts who run things behind the scenes at SiteGround. You aren’t getting put through to some sales rep or someone with no idea of what the problem might be; having extensively used the support feature in the past it’s easy to see that the people who support your website are some of the friendliest and intelligent people in web hosting support. They know the problem, they know the solution and they are extremely friendly and easy to understand.

Many hosting companies either have friendly people with little expertise or the other way around entirely, so it’s very hard to find that perfect balance in a support team. However, having had so many queries dealt with ourselves from SiteGround you can find that their support are, without a doubt, some of the most friendly and accessible people out there in terms of what they can teach you an what they can help you correct with your website. Whether it’s running slow, isn’t appearing or has been compromised you’ll find that a solution will be relatively easy to locate.

It all comes down the quality of the support with something like web hosting, and SiteGround quit easily pass this part of the test. In fact, they pass with flying colors as it’s the best support we’ve used.

If you would like to see what others think of the support team that work with SiteGround, we’d highly recommend checking them out HERE for more information as the main website itself is loaded with live updates and testimonial about the quality of service that users of SiteGround have received.

Who Runs SiteGround?

Despite the fact that the site is managed by a pretty significant team of people, you will find that three names will be heard more often than not when you look into the foundations and the face of the company. They are;

Tenko Nikolov – “Mastermind” Having joined SiteGround as a technical support agent in 2004, he has spent the last decade and beyond trying to improve the hosting world. He has ascended the ranks and his progressive ideas and practices are put in place all the time to help the users of SiteGround get the best performance and experience possible from using the site.

Reneta Tsankova – “Soul Giver”Described by the SiteGround website as someone who can “humanize” technologies, she is one of the most important members of the SiteGround team and uses her expertise to create a friendly and engrossing interface and style of website for users to enjoy. The company image, the presence they emit on a regular basis and the actual performance of SiteGround itself are all aspects of the job that Reneta works with. Given her lack of technical expertise, she makes a huge difference in an office mostly comprised of technical experts and web gurus.

Nikolay Todorov – “Magician” Arguably the technical genius behind it all, he has been involved in creating flawless technology that ensures the business can run as successfully and smoothly as possible when clients use the official website. A bastion of technical knowledge and power, he has been one of the most prominent additions to the team and has helped to put SiteGround ahead of the chasing pack in many respects thanks to his expertise and knowledge of things that make hosting so powerful.

Many other people work for SiteGround, of course, but the three above are seen as the “key” members.

SiteGround Hosting Packages

Like any good hosting company, they provide you with a variety of different options to pick from; this can make getting the decision right easier than ever before;

StartUp – This is one of the most popular packages, and is seen as the “Beginner” package. Starting at prices as low as $3.95/month, you can find that using the StartUp package is going to be the best choice for those who are novices at the online thing and isn’t sure where to start. You’ll be able to upload one website at a time, and be able to receive 10,000 monthly visits to your site as well as have the essentials provided for you.

GrowBig – This is the next step up in the ladder and improves on everything above, allowing you to have multiple website and 20GB of space, with 25,000 visits per month allowed. Additionally, premium features are enabled and you can get access to more advanced parts of using the SiteGround interface such as the way that your websites will be loaded as well as one year free for an SSL certification. Starting at just $7.(5/month, this can be excellent value.

GoGeek – This is “the” package to go for if you need the full armada, giving you 30GB of space and allowing 100,000 monthly visits. Likewise, you can have multiple visitors at any one time and get access to everything above as well as extras such as free PCI compliance. Starting at just $14.95/month, you can get a true bargain here.

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SiteGround Review Summary

As you can see, the variety of reasons to use SiteGround are quite varied and robust. There are so many different reasons to turn up here, as you’ll be able to see a significant difference in the way that your websites are managed and prepared. If you need to make sure that you have the kind of clout and protection that you need online to get the most out of your service, you need only move towards using SiteGround. It’s a brilliant solution for those who need a simple and effective hosting plan that can – if they want – be ramped up and improved.

This becomes far more important as time goes on, as you’ll need to make sure that your service can be scaled up as you continue to grow and develop on your own. To do this you need to have a service that can support you – and SiteGround can do just that.

If you need to find a new hosting partner and aren’t sure where to start, and you’ve used up all of the usual options like GoDaddy, we’d really recommend giving this a try. You’ll see a big difference in terms of the quality and persistence of the service; you won’t feel like just one in a line of thousands here. Despite the fact the company is growing all the time, their quality and consistency of service has only got stronger as time goes on – so, if you want to get a reliable service for the long-term, start here.

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