3 More Hacks to Skyrocket Your Subscribers Count (Without Going Mad With The Traffic Part)

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So you want more and more subscribers?

In the previous post, I shared 2 hacks that could help you build your email list.

Today, I share with you 3 more hacks, to get even more subscribers.

You don’t need to get more traffic to get more subscribers. If you have a small steady amount of traffic, you could focus on the conversion part to gain more from that traffic.

After that, you could focus on getting more traffic knowing that you’ve a conversion machine already built, so you’ll get more ROI for your time.

Are you ready to learn more about the hacks? Let’s start building your conversion machine.

Make sure to check the previous post for 2 more hacks to convert more subscribers.

Use the power of thank you pages

Very few amount of people use this hack, but the amount of people using it is increasing every day.

The “thank you” pages is an opportunity most people ignore.

If you don’t know it, it’s the page people land on after entering their email address. You’re thanking them for taking that action, and that’s why it’s called “thank you” pages.

Here are 3 things you could do that will help you have more subscribers on your list:

  • Give them instructions on how to confirm their email address. You need to know that few, if not many, of the people who will enter their email won’t bother taking that extra step to confirm it. If you don’t mention it here again, you may lose them, and all you did will be lost in vain.
  • Ask them to refer more people on your way. Imagine if every 1 subscriber could bring you 1 more subscriber. You’ll end up with more people on your list every day. People will be happy to share your stuff if it’s worth it, and if you ask them to do so, gently.
  • Ask them to subscribe for a webinar… to sell them your product and make more money.

Here are 3 images to explain how people are doing this.

To get people to confirm: This is the page you land on after subscribing to Ramit’s list. Don’t make him sad and confirm your email address 😉

Asking them to invite a friend: Leadpages did a great job here

Asking them to signup for a webinar: Leadpages didn’t stop doing this webinar thing since they first tried it. That’s a sign that is working for them.

Add a locked bonus

Did you offer your readers something when they signed up?

If yes, then you can offer them something more, but they’ll need to pay for it. They got the first because they subscribed.

Here, they’ll get the bonus when they share a page that you want. You can ask them to share any of your landing pages.

This is another situation where for every 1 subscriber you get, you can get 2 or more subscribers, and those will get you more subscribers and so on.

I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

Use weird CTAs

People are all accustomed to the submit button. If your CTA is “submit”, you’re losing subscribers, and it’s proven BTW, check out this post, Don’t “Submit” To Landing Page Button Text

So what should you do, use compelling weird CTAS.

And for your info, CTA is the short of call to action. It could be your button where you call people to take action and subscriber to your list.

By Weird I mean, “yeah, please let me on”, “Get me my freebie” or things like that. It’s up to you. You may even need to split test things.

But here is a little tip, talk in the way your readers would talk. I mean, would you say sign me up, or sign your account? Of course, you’ll say the first.

Let them state the action in their mind.

Unbounce got a 90% increase in conversions when they changed the CTA in their homepage from you to me. The winner CTA was “Start my free 30-day trial.”

This proves you’re serious

If you read the previous post, and you’re reading this, then you’re 100% serious about your business.

So first, I want to congratulate you on this.

If you’re really that focused on building your email list and want to benefit more from the traffic you have, you could build your business.

Of course, that is only one part of the equation but the rest is easier to be done when you’ve your list.

All you need is to take action and implement the hacks and start seeing results.


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