It really wasn’t all that long ago that “the cloud” was this esoteric buzzword that had to be explained to average Joes and Janes, but now “the cloud” has become an integral part of modern, everyday life. If you check your email by logging into a web-based service, you’re in the cloud. If you’re accessing a web-based tool for word processing, photo editing, or task management, you’re in the cloud. It’s just an understood facet of what it means to function in the world today.

But this isn’t just from the perspective of you as a consumer either, because the barriers to entry have been significantly reduced if you actually want to use the cloud too. To that end, one of the more compelling and more flexible options you might consider are the managed cloud services offered by Skysilk, currently in beta.

Get a Free VPS for Life?

Let’s start with what might be the biggest draw here. Perhaps you’re interested in working with some managed cloud services, but you’re feeling intimidated by the potential cost or complexity, so you’re not quite prepared to invest too much into it. Well, you’re in luck.

If you sign up for the SkySilk cloud platform while it’s still in beta, you will be offered early access to free cloud resources. The free plan will be available even after the beta ends, and any beta machines on a paid plan will start charging once the beta ends. And when you sign up for the beta, you earn a bonus 500 SkyPoints which can then be redeemed for all sorts of rewards.

So, what’s included in the free account?

  • Free VPS
  • 25GB SSD Storage
  • 1 vCPU
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 12 Mb/s bandwidth speeds
  • Access to major Linux distros and apps such as WordPress

Linux the Way You Want It

The SkySilk Cloud Platform is perfect for beginners and more advanced users alike. For beginners and novices, the free VPS provides an exceptional training and testing ground to “learn the ropes.” Think of it like a playground for your technical imagination, because we all know that the best way to learn something is from doing and not simply from reading or watching. You need to get elbow deep in there and SkySilk provides the resources for you to test out the cloud platform in a myriad of ways.

And that’s also why it’s such a compelling option to consider for more advanced users too. The SkySilk Cloud Platform is incredibly flexible, leaving you with the ability to utilize those cloud resources in a myriad of different ways. And as a beta user, you can work directly with the SkySilk team to help them develop and build better products that are tailored for you. This sandbox environment is perfect for development and testing.

At this time, SkySilk offers over 40 Linux OS and open source app templates. These include such popular options as CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora, WordPress, Preshop, Magento, Debian, Gentoo Base, Redmine, DokuWiki, Django, Ruby on Rails, CakePHP, Apache Tomcat, Ansible and more.

The SkySilk platform, then, can be a great way to power your mobile app, for example, providing those key cloud resources so that your app can offer a terrific user experience. The platform can also be used to run a blog, power a web app, offer an online service, or perform any number of other useful possibilities.

Upgrading to Standard and Premium Plans

There are several advantages and benefits to upgrading beyond the free account to subscribing to a standard or premium plan instead. SkySilk is a very cost effective offering and they aim to provie all-in-one solutions that can work for a variety of individuals and businesses.

Perhaps one of the most notable differences is that the free VPS does not support backups and snapshots at all. You’ll need to figure out that aspect of it on your own. However, if you upgrade to a standard VPS, you can take manual snapshots and backups for free at any time. Scheduled backups come in at 10% of your total VPS cost, while scheduled snapshots cost $0.02/GB of SSD storage. With a premium VPS, both scheduled backups and scheduled snapshots are included at no additional cost.

Premium plans also get premium support, higher transfer limits, higher bandwidth limits, larger VPS resource limits, and 10X the SkyPoints for the SkyRewards program.

As far as the technical specs for the VPS itself, for those of you who are more technically inclined, here’s what you can expect:

  • Container-based Linux VPS powered by ProxMox VE
  • Triple replicated SSD cloud storage
  • Ceph architeched pre-distributed file system
  • 56Gb Ethernet and 200Gbps Infiniband dual network backbone
  • Enterprise level hardward and data center security

The Importance of Security

That last point in the technical specifications is worth expanding on. SkySilk takes security very seriously. Above all else, they work to ensure they can provide secure cloud hosting in an environment where customer data integrity is highly valued and maintained. None of the technical support staff even have access to backend hypervisors.

Even when you decide to pay for a standard of premium VPS account with SkySilk, your credit card information is never actually accessible on their servers directly. Instead, all of the credit card processing is handled through, a leading payment processing provider. By utilizing their Customer Information Manager (CIM), SkySilk can stay on top of customer profiles without actually accessing or storing the payment information directly.

In addition to the high levels of security on the virtual servers themselves with SSH and SSL, as well as Fail2Ban to protect against brute force and DDOS attacks on each VPS, the physical on-site security at SkySilk datacenter facilities is equally top notch. There are biometric readers for access and 24/7 onsite security with cameras, and the buildings themselves are as unmarked as possible to avoid drawing unneeded attention from the outside.

Get Started Today

It doesn’t cost you anything to get started with SkySilk. When you sign up during the beta that’s on right now, you get the free Linux VPS to use as you see fit. And when you find out just how much you enjoy what SkySilk has to offer and the remarkable level of professionalism and flexibility you are afforded, you may choose to upgrade to a standard or premium plan. That’s entirely up to you and you are under no obligation. But you should definitely nab that free VPS while it’s still being offered.

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