A Small Orange Hosting Review & Coupons

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A Small Orange is another up and coming hosting provider mainly because of their affordable hosting plans perfect for those just getting started. They offer a wide range of products like: shared, VPS and dedicated. Other than these typical hosting plans they offer other affordable solutions including awesome website builders and web design services. ASA (A Small Orange) has been praised for their highly-trained support staff that is ready to assist with all issues related to your hosting. They employ a team of knowledgeable and insightful people ready to resolve any issue or answer any questions that you may have.

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A Small Orange Hosting Plans

As mentioned, ASA has some very cool plans which we’ll be discussing now.

Shared Hosting

They have “4” types of plans which are truly affordable: Tiny, Small, Medium and Large. The lowest priced is roughly $2.92/mo with the highest approx $20.00/mo. These plans come with the basic features like storage, bandwidth, 24 x 7 support and domain. The higher you go you’ll be rewarded with higher resources, but each plan also has some other cool features. Here are just a few:

  • cPanel included
  • Guaranteed 99% uptime
  • Weebly website builder
  • Top-notch software

ASA plans are truly reliable and you can depend on them to host almost any type of website.

screenshot-asmallorange.com 2015-10-08 20-50-15

A Small Orange Business Plans

If your a medium or large website with high traffic than these business plans will be perfect for you. There are “3” plans you can select from ranging $20.00 to $60.00 a month. All business plans include: Free SSL Certificate ($39 value), Regularly-Scanned, PCI Compliant Servers, Lower Customer Densities and PostgreSQL Database Support.

With these plans you have everything the shared hosting have, but faster servers which can handle a higher load. You’ll have more resources at your disposal when needed.

A Small Orange Reseller Hosting

The goal of these reseller plans is to give you control so you can create your own business. As a reseller you’ll be able to set your own prices, and decide what features are included or not. You’ll have the control to manage hosting accounts offering your customers service packages. Each plan will allow you to host a certain number of websites and give you more than enough resources to do so. Reseller plans are split into “3” different kinds: Small ($15.00/mo), Medium ($25.00/mo), and Large ($35.00/mo).

  • Minimum number of sites are 30 up to 100
  • 250GB to 1.5 TB bandwidth
  • 20Gb to 50GB storage
  • Email
  • Custom access
  • And much more

Cloud VPS Hosting

A Small Orange offers some of the best VPS hosting plans which give you semi-control of the entire server. This means you have the flexibility to make advanced changes on your own and the security to protect your growing website. ASA uses cloud VPS which means you’ll get the ultimate hosting experience. You get full root access with your requirements completely customized to your exact demands. We setup, secure, maintain, and add in basic monitoring to your server so that you can concentrate on running your site. ASA offers a handful of awesome cloud VPS plans perfect for everyone. They have “8” plans to choose from affordability priced $20.00/mo to $150.00/mo.

  • 30GB – 150GB storage
  • 1-8 Core
  • 500GB-5TB RAM

To top it off, they have a secure infrastructure, hassle FREE cancellation policy and FREE cPanel. Contact them to find out more about their plans and to find a plan perfect for you.

screenshot-asmallorange.com 2015-10-08 20-50-44

Clementine Managed

This is a completely new concept which I haven’t seen anywhere or NOT as visible within the main menu. A Small Orange will take set-up the server within their fleet and take care of the entire management process. This means you have less work to handle when it comes to your servers and can focus on growing your business. Here are some cool features of the Clementine Managed Hosting:

  • All updates, security issues and patches are handled by ASA
  • Simple website management for you through cPanel
  • Affordable
  • $45.00/mo
  • 2 cores
  • 1TB monthly bandwidth
  • 1 cPanel user account

You can also upgrade the basic account to Clementine Plus which gives you more resources like:

  • Extra reliability with RAID 1 for data protection
  • Higher performance with a completely dedicated environment
  • Plenty of bandwidth for even popular websites
  • Higher priced at $145.00/mo

Dedicated Hosting

With so many cool plans offered by A Small Orange, you have the option to pick dedicated too. These servers provide the ultimate hosting experience because you can customize as per required. You have full root access to your hosting environment giving you full-insight into your website, security updates and more. ASA will take charge by setting up, securing, maintaining, and add in basic monitoring to your server.

You have “6” plans to choose from all offering higher resources. The plans start at $99.00/mo and go as high as $175.00/mo.

Click here to view all hosting plans and pricing.

Weebly Website Builder

These plans are perfect for those with little coding experience and need resources at the same time. ASA has partnered with Weebly.com to provide the ultimate web building experience. These plans are actually hosting plans with a drag & drop builder for faster publishing. There are “2” plans: $11.00/mo and $29.00/mo.

Main Features:

  • Unlimited email address
  • Drag & drop builder
  • Audio player
  • Contact form integration
  • Quickly publish posts
  • eCommerce integration
  • Payment solution integration

Website Design

A Small Orange offers complete web design services which means you won’t have to do anything except run your business. Sometimes you want to focus on the bigger picture and have the resources to get the design element done for you. Contact ASA to find out more about their design services and more.

Affiliate Program

If your a serious blogger with loyal followers then we NOT recommend A Small Orange to them. You`ll earn $50.00 per referred customer. The cool thing is it doesn`t matter what plan or billing cycle they`ve signed up for because you`ll earn $50.00 either way. It`s a win-win situation so get started now by joining their affiliate program.

Final Thoughts

A Small Orange definitely offers an all-one-one hosting solution with several plans to choose from. It`s perfect for those starting out or growing which is why I give them two thumbs up. If you have NO coding experience, ASA will take care of everything for a small fee. With their hosting and other products, you`ll be able to get started and grow with no problem at all.

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You can also watch the short video below for a walkthrough of how to signup and use these coupons.

What Others Are Saying?

A great way to judge a web hosting company, is by reviewing what other people are saying about them online. The following reviews were provided through BestHostNews.com, which rates the A Small Orange service a 9.2 out of 10.

screenshot-www.besthostnews.com 2015-10-08 20-54-40 screenshot-www.besthostnews.com 2015-10-08 20-54-19

Now that you’ve seen what A Small Orange has to offer, click here to walk through the process of registering a domain name and setting up your hosting account.

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