Social Media Marketing Myths that You Can Safely Ignore

Have you ever attended any long and boring social media marketing conference? If yes, (with due respect) you know how bored and frustrated you feel when you start realizing the truth that you are not learning anything new. This sucks. However, it is interesting to note that you will find people around you are blissfully ignorant of the basics of social media marketing and therefore appreciating whatever coming their way. So, based on my previous encounters with social media marketing conferences, I would like to bust five myths that can cripple you of achieving something great in the social media sphere:

Yawn!! It takes year to attain success in social media: Probably, you have been taught thousands of time that you cannot have great fan base within a short span of six months or so. This makes me remind those people who used to tell me time and again that blogging is a tough job and it takes years to succeed as a reputed blogger. But the reality is completely different. The bottom-line is you need to have the right marketing strategy, otherwise you will never be able to make it big, be it social media or blogging. Sketch out a precise social media marketing plan. However, do not be a smartass and try to do all the social media activities all by yourselves by using some cool automated tools. The secret of attaining success in social media marketing is to figure out the fine line of difference between what can be automated and what you should not automate.

Your Competitors are too big to beat: This is exactly what my fellow marketers were telling when I was about to take on a competitor in facebook whose fan base was quite impressive. But you know what, I have beaten him a hollow. And I do not possess any magic wand. I just followed a simple marketing strategy which was nothing but producing great and sharable content and that is. No matter how big your competitor is, they are beatable. All you need to do is to follow a marketing strategy that pays off at the end. If you are adventurous enough, you can always use some cool and innovative tools like – Pay with a Tweet, facebook Like Gate and their likes. These tools can help you increase the number of fans significantly.

Social Media Sucks – It Does Not Contribute To Sales: I hope you simply do not expect that when you are telecasting your ads on TV or radio, people will call you straight away? Obviously not. What we all expect is that the ad will create brand awareness and the ad telecasted on TV and radio or in another platforms will influence people’s buying decision in one-way or the other. Social media works in the same way but the problem is that people fail to see this. They believe that investment in social media is a complete waste as people are less likely to be influenced by the brand presence of a company in social media websites. But the reality is starkly different. Constant interaction with the targeted audience will for sure influence their buying decision. Coca Cola, Pepsi etc are doing great job by keeping in touch with people by coming up with great content and making them aware whenever new product is about to launch in the market. They have already got positive response from their social media marketing campaigns and I do not see any reason why other marketers should not be following them.

Too Much Noise: A girl wishes “Good Night” and then fifty comments and thirty Likes follow. This is quite common in Facebook and this is what makes some marketer believe that social media is not for serious marketing guys. Somewhat true. If you believe that you are going to use social media just for the sake of promoting your product or service, you are completely mistaken. Social media is all about building relationship and chilling out and that means, you have to play it cool. Behave like a normal human being and do not play by the rulebook always otherwise you will find it really hard to cut an ice with the targeted audience. Rather than avoiding the noise, I would rather suggest you join. Forget the famous quote – “When you cannot beat them, join them”. Be a part of the hullaballoo and try to drive as much traffic to your website as possible.

Clients Do Not Know The power of social media: This is what exactly marketers believe or at least love to believe. They feel that they are the Jack of all trades and their clients are not even aware of the immense power of social media marketing. Of course they are aware of this otherwise, LinkedIn would not have made it to the Wall Street. It is a networking site for professionals and as far my knowledge is concerned, companies are using it to find out eligible candidate. What they lack is time and expertise.

These are the top 5 marketing myths that I want to bust.

Michael Evans is a familiar name in the field of blogging and he is a regular contributor to WebArts.

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